Havana Stripe Baskets

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We firmly believe that you can never have enough baskets in your home.  Functional, beautiful and meticulously crafted, they earn their keep as unique storage solutions as well as decor pieces.  Now more than ever, as people increasingly favour handcrafted good, baskets are having their moment.  We think its well deserved.  

Pay attention to the unique design details of these baskets. The base of the basket is square and the top is round, lending it a unique and interesting overlapping shape. Combined with the stripe pattern and rope handles, these baskets very artfully crafted.

Fun Fact: Highly skilled traditional crafts are deeply embedded in Vietnam's culture. Our artisan made baskets are representative of the artistic talent and technical skill of the region. This collaboration helps sustain heritage craft and provide ethical employment, education and pride to the weavers.

  • Made in Vietnam
  • Avoid exposure to water
  • Made from SEAGRASS & ROPE 


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