How to get Creative with your Elf on the Shelf!

Happy December!  This month is when our household goes into full-on Christmas mode frenzy!  And December 1st is when Crystal, our Elf on the Shelf makes her official Christmas appearance. This is how Crystal appeared this morning to the delight of my two daughters.

 Excuse the messy counter but it was early morning school rush when I took the photo this morning! Last year was our first Christmas with an Elf on the Shelf and I went crazy trying to be creative as to where she would appear in the morning for the girls.  Here are some of Crystal's adventures at our house last Christmas.

 As you can see, Crystal loved to hang out with my daughter's toys!

 She also had a knack of appearing with our Christmas decorations and ornaments.....oh and once, she got into my pearls on my dressing table.  Crystal is definitely a diva elf! ;-)

 I will probably repeat a few of these ideas this month, but I definitely want some more creative adventures for Crystal to get into....and of course, amuse my daughters throughout December.  So I created a Pinterest board called Elf on the Shelf Ideas, and I definitely want to use some  of these clever ideas.  You can find the individual pictures with the link/sources on my board.  There are so many wonderful creative ideas out there!  I really can't wait!!  I'm just a big kid when it comes to Christmas and all the excitement! :-)

 So, have you started getting ready for the holidays? Do you have an elf on the shelf for your family?  If so, please share some of your creative ideas as to how your Elf shows up every morning!

Glamorously yours,