How to Choose the Best Rug Size for your Room

Do you know how to choose the best rug size for your room? One of the biggest “decorating mistakes” ?that I see when I visit a new client for a design consultation are area rugs that are too small for the room. They are like tiny islands floating in the middle of the room. It truly hurts me when I see this this.
and inside my head I am doing this
So let’s talk about how to choose the best rug size for your room!
A rug is a decorating element you should never take for granted. It anchors a room, pulling together all of the pieces so that your living room or bedroom furniture doesn’t feel like it’s floating in the space. And listen, I really don’t advocate following a rule book for decorating most of the time……but there are “rules” you should abide by when it comes to area rugs!
This is too SMALL Option

This is a BETTER Option

And……..This is the BEST Option


And is case you were wondering, the same kind of “rules” apply for a rug in a bedroom.

Below are a few examples of client rooms that demonstrate the correct / better way to place rugs under furniture.



I recently finished this living room for a client…..and all I want to highlight here is the size of the rug (as all the styling/accessories/art have not been installed). The living room is connected to the dining room to form one long room, so its not a huge space. We probably could have gone with a slightly smaller rug in here where the front legs were just on the rug. But once I completed the design plan and choses the larger rug, there was no doubt this was the way to go. I’m so glad my client listened to my advice because now the furniture is nicely grounded on the rug in this beautiful new living room.

So in summary, please reference this chart when looking to buy an area rug for your living room.

And if you need any design assistance with your living room or any room in your home, then please contact me by clicking here! I’d be happy to help you find that perfect rug size for your room! Stay Safe!