What happened to the Roaring 20’s

Hello my friends,

Well, I did not think this is how 2020 would go!!! Isn’t this supposed to be the “Roaring 20’s?”  Can you believe it’s been a month since life changed forever?!?! I know that when we made our last minute decision to cancel our March Break trip to Florida (which included a cruise!) and then the schools got closed and then with non-essential businesses needing to close that meant my renovation projects were on put on hold — I started to freak out. I sat paralyzed for 14 days watching the news desperate for some answers but most of all HOPE!

I wanted to personally check in and see how you’re doing as we weather the storm that the coronavirus pandemic has brought upon all of us locally and globally. How are you holding up? Life is feeling rather surreal, isn’t it? I hope that you are keeping yourself and your loved ones safe and healthy, and that you’re reaching out if you need help or support.

In the meantime, there are a few things we can do as we navigate through these rough waters.

Focus on SELF-CARE

This means many different things and they often shift from day to day. A few that I am including in my day are:
Rest – Sleep or rest when your body tells you it’s tired | Staying in touch with our support circle of friends and loved ones (I’ve had quite a few virtual cocktail hangouts with girlfriends) | Eating healthy | Allow our feelings to flow | Include things that bring us happiness each day without fail (tulips are doing this for me right now) | Exercise even if it’s just stretching or dancing around to music (dance parties are a must!) | Stick to a daily routine
Center ourselves in LOVE and GRATITUDE. It will ebb and flow, of course, but if we can focus our energy on loving ourselves and our loved ones more intensely than ever and pay attention to all the little blessings this time is offering us, we will maintain a better sense of well-being.


A few ideas I have been gradually incorporating are:

1. Hanging out with my daughters when they’re not in e-learning mode. Really getting into it, with no time limits or distractions. Board games, dance battles, making things together etc — things we normally don’t have a lot of time to do together with hectic schedules
2. Tell people you love them often and let them know the things you appreciate about them
3. Sending out note cards or texts or video messages to people that matter to you
4. Indulge in Goddess Bath time – bubbles, bath salts, music, and of course wine! (Anyone who knows me well is not surprised! lol!)
5. Doing a little at home online workout program. (Full disclosure, I haven’t quite been doing my daily workout, but I have started a 5km walk)


We are all in this together and as such I’ve been working to provide you with as much support as I can to help you during these troubled and uncertain times. I’m currently creating a few e-design packages that you may find useful during this quarantine.


But in the meantime, I am doing online design consultations via Zoom. If you would like to set one up, please email me at christine@decorbychristine.com

God Bless (from a distance).

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