The Best Pool Floats You Need Right Now!

The Best Pool Floats You Need Right Now!

Happy July! Summer has finally arrived and I’m so excited to finally be able to relax in my pool. And you know that if you want your swimming pool to be the social hub of the summer, than you need some cool pool floaties to soak up the sun, amuse your guests and or course, get that perfect instagram shot.  So below are the best pool floats you need right now!  And where to buy them!



Extra Large Peacock

Sure you can have the typical white swan or pink flamingo….but why not be different and go for this beautiful Peacock.  I bought this one at Walmart for $49.00


Peacock floatie
Best Pool Floatie: The Preening Peacock


Mega Unicorn

Unicorns are still a hot trend this season so I had to get this large unicorn for my youngest daughter.  The good thing is that I can fit on it too! 😉  Also purchased at Walmart for $49.00  And thats a good deal…..there are some on Amazon that go for over $79.00


Unicorn floatie
Best Pool Floatie: The Magical Unicorn


Pizza Anyone?

One of our pool rules is no eating in the pool but I can’t resist this fun pizza slice for lounging.  And its very large – 6′ x 5′.  You can also attach 2 or more slices together with bungee connectors to make your very own pizza.  Available on Amazon Prime for $59.54


Pizza Floatie
Best Pool Floatie: Pizza


Instagram-worthy Floaties

I absolutely love these next 2 floaties.  And if my pool was bigger then I would be floating on these all summer.  The rainbow on a cloud and clam shell floaties are so pretty and perfect for taking that instagram-worthy picture to garner over 1000s of <3 likes!  Both are available from Amazon Prime and are priced at $63.99 & $213.70 respectively.


Giant Rainbow Cloud Floatie
Best Pool Float: Floating on a Cloud



Giant Clam Shell Floatie
Best Pool Floatie: ClamShell with a pearl


Floats for the Game of Thrones Fans

These final 2 floats are magical on their own as they bring a fantasy aspect to your swimming pool.  This pegasus floatie ($59.99) is very glamorous with its gold wings and tail.  And whoever has dreamed about being Khaleesi, Mother of Dragons can live out their fantasy floating around on this fire breathing dragon ($41.78) Both are available on Amazon Prime.

Giant Pegasus Pool Floatie
Best Pool Floatie: Glamorous Pegasus
Dragon Pool Floatie
Best Pool Floatie: Mother of Dragons



Lessons I’ve Learned:

This will be our second summer with our new pool and we learned some valuable lessons.  Last summer we went through 2 large white swans and 1 pink flamingo and these large floats are not cheap.  Here’s what we learned:

  • Don’t allow kids to jump on the floaties… me — they will get ruined with continuous horseplay.
  • Don’t allow kids or adults to pull on the tails or wings trying to get on the floatie from the water.  Wings and tails will get ripped off through continuos pulling.  By the end of the summer our swan had no wings left….it was pretty sad.
  • Put away pool toys every night after use.  When it gets windy, these inflatables like to fly.  Many a time we would find our lighter floaties in neigbours backyards because some one didn’t take them out of the pool.
  • Keep them well inflated through out the summer.
  • And last, have fun with your large floaties.  They make quite the impression when guests walk outside into our backyard oasis and see a beautiful large unicorn floating in the pool.

Cheers to a happy, lazy summer!

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