How to create an exterior art wall

Who said that art walls are only for rooms inside your house?  With summer in full swing, you are probably hanging outside in the backyard, at the cottage or in my case, at the Glamper!   I just created a fabulous exterior art wall with Posterjack.  Keep reading to find out how to create an exterior art wall.

At the glamper, I have an outside living room with a hard roof above that keeps us sheltered from the rain or hot sun.  I can sit outside comfortably in the shade with a glass of wine and still see the girls playing outside or wave to the neighbours.  The exterior wall of the camper is flat and plain white… was just screaming for some decoration.

How to create an exterior art wall: Peel & Stick Art

When I was on the Posterjack website looking for inspiration for my next monthly #12PrintsProject blog post, I saw their Peel & Stick art.   They can stick to concrete, glass, metal, wood, and pretty much any other smooth surface. What’s more, they can stick to ceilings, go around corners, wrap around posts, or just about anywhere else you can imagine.  Perfection!   Now I wouldn’t have to worry about framing artwork and figuring out how to hang the art without using nails.

I chose a variety of pictures I have taken with my iPhone — some of the girls playing on the water toys at Emerald Lake, in different sizes and even added a few special effects to some images.

How to create an exterior art wall:  The result!

This is how my exterior art wall turned out.

Camper to Glamper Outside Art Wall

Two chairs sit against the exterior wall of the camper and was the perfect spot for the art wall.  As you climb the stairs onto the deck it is the first thing you will see.

Art Wall on Glamper 2

I added a blue border around the peel and stick prints to mimic a frame and keep with my blue & white colour scheme theme in the outside living room.  Here’s a close-up of my exterior art wall.  I even included an adorable picture of the late great Marilyn Monroe having a nap on a wicker chair in our glamper.

Art Wall at Glamper

Hope you enjoyed my latest #12PrintsProject post on how to create an exterior art wall.  How would you use Posterjack’s Peel and Stick prints?

Enjoy the rest of your summer! xo





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This post has been sponsored by Posterjack.  All opinions expressed are my own naturally! xo




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