Home Depot’s DreamBook & Match the Look Contest!!!


Happy Friday Everyone,

Home Depot launched their latest DreamBook this past week and is having a “Match the Look” contest to promote it.  Home Depot invited 6 Canadian Design Bloggers (including me) to choose one of their favourite looks or finds from the interactive DreamBook online.


And all YOU have to do is guess which look I chose and you could win a $200 gift card to buy all the fabulous spring & summer home decor products they have featured in the DreamBook.



You will need to enter the contest through Facebook using Facebook Connect.  Once you are there you can tag the look that you think I chose. Below is what the page will look like when you click on it.


Fullscreen capture 30032012 121317 PM-001

Oh look, there I am……click here and tag one of these fabulous finds that you think I chose on this page!!!image

And just a little hint:  it may not be as obvious as you think! Tee Hee!  So my lovely glamorous readers, how well do you think you know me????

Here are some more great images from The Home Depot DreamBook!  It definitely is designed to inspire!!






You have till next Friday to “Match the look” to me and hopefully win a $200 gift card.  Then it will be onto another design blogger’s pick for the next 5 weeks.

So please enter this fun, interactive contest!!  Hope you win!!!  And don’t forget to come back here and let me know what you tagged as my pick!!!

Have a fabulous weekend!!

Glamorously yours,

Christine xoxo

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