Dabble Magazine, Cityline and ME!!

What are you doing tomorrow at 9am – that would be Tuesday, July 12th at 9am or if you prefer afternoons…than how about 2:00pm?

Why you ask?  Because one of my career aspirations is coming true tomorrow!!  I’m appearing in a design segment with other fabulous Food & Design contributors from Dabble Magazine on Cityline.

It’s an action packed hour with Kimberley Seldon  and her daughter Raleigh on stilts!!  yes, that’s right – stilts!!  Dabble Chef Corey James Burgan  prepares a Caesar Salad to die for and great tips for having a great picnic!


In this photo: , Corey James Burgan, Raleigh Gilliam Seldon, Nicholas Rosaci (photos), Christine Da Costa (Erin Mercer


Dabble’s DIY guy AKA Mr. Chic-ster Nicolas shows everyone how to create a funky étagère


And I get to provide tips on styling a modern informal étagère versus a formal more traditional étagère.


Do not ask me what Tracy and I were laughing about after my segment….I swear to god it is all a blur to me right now.  When I watch the episode tomorrow it is going to be totally new to me also!!


In this segment Nicholas and I were teamed against Kimberley and Tracy and Corey and Raleigh to see who could set up a picnic table the fastest.



I won’t tell you which team won!!


Then we showed Tracy what each of our favourite item was to bring to a picnic!!


A great pic of Dabble contributors, Kimberley and Tracy


End of the show Kimberley and I were all smiles!!


Thanks so much to Kimberley for this great opportunity and to everyone at Cityline for making my first time on Cityline so much fun!

Hope you will be watching tomorrow!!

Christine xoxo

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