Christine’s Rewind: Life thru Instagram

I must be losing time because I can’t believe the month of May is behind us and we are now in the 1st week of June.  Thankfully there is Instagram to help me remeber what happened in the previous month.  So let’s recap some of the fun that happened in my world of design in the month of May:

One of my most favourite home furnishings store, West Elm invited me to their Toronto store in Liberty Village for a summer preview of their furnishings & home decor.  I absolutely loved all the watermelon pink that was prevalent throughout their store — it’s such a refreshing summer colour.  I also fell in love with their gorgeous blue Seascape Vases — must get me 3 or 5 of these before they are sold out!

 I am obsessed with that Montauk Nest Chair — it’s the perfect chair to  curl up & read a book outdoors in the sun!  These are just a few of the Instagram photos I took….there is so much more instore…so you must go in and check it out yourselves.  There is also a West Elm in Vancouver and one is opening soon in Montreal, Quebec.  Fantastique!!

Then I was invited to a DIY101 event hosted by the lovely people over at Home Depot Canada and Blogger extroadinaire Jennifer Flores from Rambling Reno.  There are many things I am good at and many things I am not good at — and 2 of those things is gardening and working with hand tools.  Normally I just yell my husband’s name and ask him to plant the flowers or screw a nail in the wall.  So I was super excited to get my hands dirty at this DIY seminar.

Look at me in action using that drill gun to drill a hole in the planter.  I know what you are thinking…..she’s so lame.  But I super excited after I got my hands on that cordless drill and drilled a hole without killing myself.  And look:  I planted a tiny herb garden.  It’s outside on my patio as I write this blog post…..and it is still alive!!  I just may get into this gardening stuff….speak to me in a month…and we’ll see! 😆

After that there was no stopping me.  I had to try every tool possible.  I used the Rigid Impact driver to drive home those nails and it felt really good…..then I carefully used the Ryobi Cordless nail gun to gracefully nail that trim onto the faux wall — I want one of these for myself — so handy for so many different DIY projects.  But I was really excited to use the Ryobi 10″ Compound Mitre Saw — I foresee a lot of frames in the future being built.  Oh and look, I didn’t even saw off my hand!  One quick tip:  Always be sure to wear safety glasses to protect your eyes from flying debris!  So now, all I have to say to my Handy Man husband is “You’re FIRED!!!”  😆 😛

On a personal level my hubby and I went to go see the Rolling Stones in concert.  I have never seen Mick in action and he did not disapoint.  After 50 years together, they can still compete with the bands from today.

This is how I know time is flying by too quickly for my liking.  My youngest daughter, Mya turned 6 years old!!  I can still remember the day she was born like it was yesterday.  She had a birthday party up at our summer home at Emerald Lake and a Glamour Girl birthday party with her friends from school.  She loves dress up and is a total fashionista!

And to end the month, Mya had her year-end Dance recital for Pre-primary Ballet and Jazz.  She’s loves wearing make-up and had a thrill choosing the perfect shade of pink lipstick to wear.  If I let her, she would wear make-up everyday 😮   Oh well, I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree — is that the saying?

 Anyway, these were some of the key events through Instagram that happened in May…….oh, besides signing on a new client and getting professional photos taken of another client project — but that’s for another blog post.  Hope you are all doing great as well and let’s keep our fingers crossed that the month of June will be sunny & hot with little rain.  Until next time…stay glamorous!!

Glamorously Yours,

Christine xoxo

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