April Showers…..

You know that old saying “April Showers bring May Flowers” — well I keep repeating that to myself on a daily basis to survive this gloomy rainy weather.  Which is pretty much what is happening outside on my side of the world.

So to cheer me/you up and make sure that all of us look fashionable while walking in the rain I’m posting some gorgeous umbrellas we should all have, including some beautiful umbrella stands to make your home look utterly fashionable too!

How cute is this houndstooth umbrella & matching hat from Zhush.

Houndstooth umbrella from Zhush

Love this black & white striped umbrella with a shot of my favourite pink from Kate Spade available through Indigo stores.

kate spade striped umbrella indigo

The iconic Zebra wallpaper from Scalamandre was translated into a very stylish umbrella which I love.  On a side note, my mouse pad is identical to this pattern. So chic!

scalamandre UMBRELLA2-001

These next 2 umbrellas are from a Toronto shop called RainDrops. I love the black bows on this one – she’s called Lolita….it is so very Chanel or even Kate Spade-like — two fashions designers I adore!

lolita_from RaindopsTO

How stunning is this one – dahlia inspired!

adult-pasotti-silver-dahlia-umbrella rainsdropsTO

This pretty Jonathan Adler umbrella just screams spring-time, doesn’t it?

adler umbrella

A few years ago when I was in Portugal I brought back this one-of-a-kind umbrella stand made from a cork tree.  I love it because no one else has anything like it.

Cork umbrella stand

And all pretty umbrellas need a special spot to stand upright when not being used.  Here are some of my favourite umbrella stands you may just need to get!

How glam is this one – love all that gold!!  It’s available from Overstock and so are the next two umbrella stands.



This blue & white porcelain style is so popular now….I would get this one in a heartbeat.


I like these vintage inspired umbrella stands — looks like something you would find at an antique market but its from Overstock…..oh and Overstock now ships to Canada! YAY!


Head on over to your local Urban Barn and add some personality to your front foyer with this cute owl umbrella stand.

owl stand from Urban Barn

Or what about this cute rainboot from Z Gallerie — yea….they ship to Canada now too! #fistpump


With all this chic and glamorous rain wear and accessories, I kind of don’t mind that’s it raining right now.  Well Kinda!!  Bring on the May Flowers please!!!  Have a super day!

Glamorously yours,







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24 Responses

    • Isn’t it adorable Cynthia….there is only 1 left on the Zhush.com site. I want the white one with the black bows!

  • Such a great collection. I almost want it to rain (almost)! Love that blue and white porcelain stand and bows umbrella is calling my name!

  • What a *FUN* post – thanks for sharing this – I am looking out at a rainy, grey day, too, and this totally cheered me up! I think I like the white-with-black-bows best…and I feel inspired to invest in an umbrella stand now! 🙂

    • Me too Randa…..how many umbrella stands can a home have…..I want them all!!! 🙂 thanks for dropping by!

    • Thanks Dani…..might as well be cheerful while sloshing in the rain. Now for some chic rainboots! 😉

  • Love that zebra umbrella! I got a new Hudson’s bay umbrella this spring; so cheery, even when it’s raining.

    • Hi Heather, yes I am very happy that I bought the cork tree umbrella holder the last time I was in Portugal…it’s gorgeous and unique!

  • There is just something about umbrellas, I love them… it’s a strange thing to be attracted to isn’t it? I gotta be me, I love umbrellas! 😉 That hollowed out stump made my knees weak! Thanks for sharing!

    • Umbrellas should be fun Laurie right? I love my cork umbrella stand….it’s definitely a conversation starter! thanks for dropping by!

  • I love that Dahlia umbrella. It seems completely impractical…but who cares. She’s pretty!
    That umbrella rack you have is the coolest! I’m also partial to the gold!

  • I finally got an umbrella stand in my apartment this year – and love it! Now, I need some of those pretty umbrellas you shared here to put in it!

  • Hi Christine … I trust you’re starting to see some of those May flowers in Toronto?
    I’m writing to say hi and introduce myself after seeing your name in Vanessa Sicotte’s tweet recently to both of us. I’m a Montreal-based artist painter and, like you, wrote a post called “April Showers bring May Flowers” but mine is about my floral paintings! Thought you’d enjoy it, and wanted to show you what I do, in case some of your clients might be interested in big bold cheerful florals. Drop me a line or call if you think they might. I’d love to keep you informed about what I’m up to in the studio.

    All the best, Susan

    • Hi Susan, thanks for dropping by. I will definitely visit your website to see your artwork. Have a great day!

      • Super, Christine. Enjoy and if you have a moment … let me know if this kind of painting/art appeals to you. Cheers, Susan p.s. just uploaded some brand new florals on the site.

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