A Glam Slam Or a Total Sham? Cher’s Bedroom

Monday’s regular feature “Decorate As You Dress” will return next week.  Today I couldn’t resist sharing this bedroom with you and asking – Is it a total GLAM SLAM OR is it a total SHAM!??



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Now you certainly wouldn’t expect anything less from Cher – whatever she does always makes an impact….and so does this bedroom

Her bedroom was designed by Martyn Lawrence Bullard, designer to many celebrities.  For Cher, he added Moroccan flair to her bedroom through this majestic headboard from the early 18th century and carried this theme throughout the rest of the room’s furnishing and decorative accessories. 

So, is it a diva-worthy bedroom? You tell me…Glam Slam or Total Sham??

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Glamorously yours,

Christine xo

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2 Responses

  • Not diggin’ it. It’s way overdone. For glam to work for me, it has to be in smaller doses and combined with unexpected and/or fun elements. This is just too much. I think if you took just the headboard or bed frame or side table and put it in a room with lots of wood or other natural elements, that would create a beautiful space with just the right amount of glam.

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