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Decorate as You Dress — Flower Power!!

I am way overdue for a Decorate as You Dress blog post and the recent purchase of these fabulous floral wedge heels inspired me.  Aren’t they absolutely gorgeous for spring/summer.  And what an easy look to incorporate into your home decor this season.  Love the feminine chintz pattern on these seat cushions (image from Style at Home magazine)


pretty florals

Here are a few more images from the same home featured in the April Colour issue of Style at Home Magazine. 




And of course, you can never go wrong with having fresh flowers in every room!!


In the latest spring issue of Dabble Magazine I wrote how Florals in home decor are a constant trend during the spring/summer season.  You can read my latest column here.

Spring issue - florals

So, will you incorporate something flowery into your closet and home decor this season.  Let me know by leaving a comment below!! 

Happy Victoria Day long weekend to my fellow Canadian friends!!

Glamorously yours,

Christine xoxo

Christmas Inspiration Day 6: Shopping at West Elm

Wednesday night was the annual shopping event held at West Elm and  sponsored by Style at Home Magazine.  And once again, it was a fabulous night of shopping and networking with other design bloggers.  I brought a client/friend of mine and trust me we shopped till we dropped!!

Unfortunately I didn’t get to take any pictures because one hand was holding a glass of wine while the other was juggling an assortment of amazing home accessories from West Elm!!

So instead I thought I would show you some of the items we purchased yesterday along with some cool Christmas decorations you can purchase at the store or online.  Thankfully they ship right across Canada!!


Adorable nutcrackers and elves.


Love these double glass ornaments!!


If I wasn’t going all glitz and glamour this year again, I would definitely go with this natural, woodsy theme!


I have a bird fetish which you will see when I reveal my all white glamour Christmas tree….sadly I missed these yesterday or I would have picked up a few of these beautiful white feathered birds.


I bought some of these  above and these below for client gifts


And you can’t forget about their iconic white lacquered trays!!  Or in any other colour you desire!!


Under my guidance my client purchased the following:


Tall Butler tray stand with the large lacquered metallic silver tray for her dining room.  It will look stunning!!


She also purchased this adorable silver hexagon side table for her family room.  She has one lone occasional chair that is screaming for a small table where guests can set a drink on. This one is perfect!!

So it will look something like this in the end:


We both also bought some of these fun bowls…..just because they were so cheerful looking!  They can be used in the kitchen or in an office to hold paperclips, etc. 


West Elm is one of my most favourite decor stores to pick up affordable home accessories for clients and for myself!!  If you haven’t been on their website  or store, then you must do so STAT!! 

Happy Shopping!!

Glamorously yours,

Christine xoxo

Decorate As You Dress!! My Summer White Toy Watch!


Wow……it’s certainly been a while since I posted a Decorate as you dress blog posting.  My sister was visiting from British Columbia so we spent some quality time together and I’ve been crazy busy with decorating projects for clients – which I can’t wait to share with you. 

But now let’s get to my most favourite fashion accessory of the moment:  my gorgeous white Toy Watch!!  It’s such a fun accessory and every time I look at that huge white face I just think of beautiful layers of white drapery billowing in the wind.


So when I saw this all white home in Style at Home Magazine designed by design editor Ann Marie Favot , it so reminded me of my Toy Watch!! 


(all photography by Stacey van Berkel-Haines)

So crisp and clean….like my watch!!


Love this vignette!! And the hit of colour through pretty flowers in a small vase!


What a pretty mudroom.


I’m so in love with all white kitchens…I can’t wait to reveal Lee Ann’s Kitchen reno to you all!!


How gorgeous is that hanging light fixture……a perfect example of mid-century modern lighting.


How glam is this bedroom???  Ohhh yes, it’s a GLAM SLAM!!!  This room almost makes me want to switch my bedroom over to an all-white colour scheme.


Love her creative use of IKEA chests placed together at different heights. What a lovely dressing/vanity area.

Hope my White Toy Watch inspired you as much as it inspired me!!

If your home is craving some all-white glamour, then contact me online or in person! I’d love to help!

Glamorously yours,

Christine xo

Glamour Good Friday: How to Create the Hollywood Regency Look in Your Home!

Erin McLaughlin, Editor-in-Chief of Style at Home has named three of the big design trends that are popping up in the industry this spring and Style at Home has been kind enough to share them with me. 

Trend 1:  Hollywood Regency

Trend 2:  Bold 80’s Colour

Trend 3:  Diminutive Plants

And now I want to share my most favourite of the 3 trends mentioned in Erin’s Style at Home Spring Trend Report:  “Hollywood Regency.”  If you’ve been reading my blog for a while or follow me on Twitter than you know that was a pretty obvious choice!Winking smile

The photo below of a very glamorous boudoir from Style at Home’s very popular High/Low feature highlights glamour in all its glory!! Oh yes….it is a GLAM SLAM!!


So here are some key ingredients to creating Hollywood Regency glamour in your home:

  • Elaborate chandeliers
  • Mirrored surfaces
  • Lots of Lacquer
  • Luxurious velvets


I’m also crushing on the panelled walls…..what an economical approach to add architectural detail to any plain square room! 

Oh, and one last item that is a big MUST in any glamorous room!!  Books – Fashion books in particular are also a stylish source of inspiration and you know how I truly believe that you should decorate as you dress.


Room Design by Samantha Pynn Photography by Virginia Macdonald


Have a wonderful Good Friday and I hope the Easter Bunny brings you lots of glam-filled chocolate eggs!!  Happy Weekend!!

If your home is craving some glamour, then contact me online or in person! I’d love to help!

Glamorously yours,

Christine xo

Fashionably Late: IDS11 Opening Night Gala!

I always like to be just a little fashionably late for any social event I attend, and apparently that also applies to writing blog posts about social events! Although the IDS Opening Night Party was a week ago, it still feels like it just happened yesterday.   Time flies when you’re having FUN!!!

Quick warning:  It’s a ‘pose-fest’ of pics below.  No design pics, just a lot of posers!! Embarrassed smile


Vanessa, Christine, Arren Williams, Sarah, and me enjoying some wine!

The evening began with a pre-gala Tweet-up dinner at Nota Bene organized by 2 lovely ladies: Meredith Heron and Sonya Kincaid.  It was wonderful to finally meet some great ladies that I tweet with, but have never met in real life!  Women came as far as Alberta, Ottawa and Montreal.   It was definitely a schmooze fest of Design professionals who love to tweet on Twitter.

Me and Kelly

Me with Kelly from Ottawa


Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault, Sarah, me, and Lindsay Brewda

Tracy Moore and Patrick from Cityline also attended the Tweet-up dinner and filmed us crazy ladies for a segment that will hopefully air on Cityline soon!  Too much fun!!!


Oh yea……..work it ladies!!!


Working it some more!

It never stops!

 LA and I

 The gang with Arren

Michelle and Vanessa 

Lisa, Vie  and Sarah

Style at Home Magazine also attended the dinner with some fabulous prizes for some lucky winners — including Sarah!  That’s Margot Austin and Lauren McPhillips from Style at Home.  Lauren also wrote a blog post about the evening with lots of great pics — you can read it here.

After dinner it was off to the IDS Opening Night Gala…a party I definitely will attend from here on in!  A schmooze fest of who’s who in the Interior Design World.  Unfortunately my purse was too small to carry my lipstick, phone AND camera….thankfully my ‘co-horts’ in FUN had cameras and took some sassy pictures of us in action!!

Vamping it up for the camera!!

Catching up on some light reading.

Glamorous Ladies!

And of course, the  last pic of the night was with Mr. Dimples himself, Scott McGillivray from Income Property.  Can you tell I was feeling absolutely no pain by the end of the night!

Hope you enjoyed this post, although I do apologize that it was heavily skewed toward ME 🙂 and my design buddies.  But if you want to see more pics from the IDS show, than head over to either Vanessa or Ana’s Blog where they posted about the show on Trade Day.

Hope to see you  back here real soon!

Christine xo

Thanks Ana for letting me use so many of your pictures in my post!  xo

Happy November!!!

I can’t believe it’s November already…..the days are definitely starting to get chillier — my daughters wore their winter coats to school today – Yikes!!  But you know what that means…….it’s time to start thinking of  Christmas and the holiday season!!!  🙂

This week I will be sharing with you my Santa list of my 5 most favourite Glam Slam decor items I want from the jolly old man in the red suit!!!  But tomorrow I will be guest blogging on Vanessa Francis’ blog Decor Happy talking about one of my client projects:  “The Glamorous Kitchen” for her new series on Wednesdays entitled Work in Progress.  So be sure to pop by there tomorrow to read by blog posting!!


In the meantime, to get you into the Holiday spirit, here is the cover of Style at Home’s December issue!!!  Can’t Wait!!

If your home is craving some glamour, then contact me online or in person!  I’d love to help!

I’d also love to hear what you will be putting on your Santa’s list this year!!  Please share!!