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Highlighting the 5th Wall with Metrie

The 5th Wall?  What the heck are you talking about Christine, you may be asking yourself.  In designer speak, the 5th Wall pertains to the ceiling in your room.  And it is often a forgotten room element, but it’s a surface with so much design potential.  When your room is just not speaking to you, an excellent way to add interest and drama to the room is just by adding moulding and trim elements to your ceiling.   

While I was at the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) in Orlando Florida earlier this month on my second trip with BlogtourKBIS,  my jaw dropped when I entered the Metrie Booth, one of the sponsors for this years Blogtour.  There were 4 different vignettes that showcased the visual power that moulding and trim can add to your ceiling.  Get ready to start drooling……


Vignette 1: The Socialites Dressing Room

This one was my absolute favourite….a dressing room for a stylish socialite or a fashionista…..or a GlamaMama.  My motto is go bold or go home!  Why not highlight a gorgeous chandelier by adding crown moulding and wallpaper that makes a statement on the ceiling.

Photos from IBS 2016

In this vignette, Metrie’s Fashion Forward collection was used.  With a tongue-in-cheek nod to Art Deco style, this glamorous boudoir space is feminine with a distinctly bold edge. Vibrant pink accents pop against contrasting black and white hues, only to be accessorized, like in fashion, with classic hits of gold. 

Metrie_Product_19 (800x533)

Photos from IBS 2016


Photos from IBS 2016

Seriously…..no words!

Photos from IBS 2016


Vignette 2: The Weekender’s Retreat Foyer

If you’re drawn to sculptural curves and glamour, or you’re inspired by the classic forms of the Baroque and Empire periods, then you’ll love the French Curves Collection™ that was used in this vignette.

Metrie_Product_08 (505x800)

This chandelier is to die for but if it was just hanging from a plain white ceiling, it definitely would not have the oomph that it gets with this moulding and trim detail.  

Photos from IBS 2016


Invoking a masculine vibe

As feminine as the first 2 vignettes were, these last 2 ceilings definitely invoke a masculine vibe through the use of colour and lines in the mouldings.  Here in The Author’s Library, the Pretty Simple Collection was used.

Photos from IBS 2016

For the Wine Sommelier’s Wine Cellar vignette, the Very Square Collection was used.  If you’re drawn to strong, crisp lines and precise geometry, this collection is a great place to start.

Photos from IBS 2016


So are you are tired of a particular room in your home and not sure what to do?  If you have added colour to the walls and purchased new furniture and it still doesn’t seem enough.
Then maybe its time to make your home runway worthy with the latest interior finishing trends that will have you rethinking casings, baseboards and crown mouldings. 

Stay tuned for my next KBIS blog update! xo


#BlogTourVegas Sponsors

Hey Blog Friends,

The month of February just flew by and unfortunately I really haven’t had a chance to introduce you to ALL the incredible Modenus BlogtourVegas Sponsors I met while in Las Vegas last month.  Those pesky design clients just keep getting in the way of blogging — just kidding…..really I’m kidding ;-)!  However, I do promise to share all the wonderful products and companies I was introduced to during my incredible time with the team of #BlogTourVegas after March Break.

In the meantime, my latest What’s Trending column in the current Dabble Magazine issue has highlights of some of the trends and pretty new products that I saw coming out of the Kitchen & Bath Show  (KBIS) in kitchen and bathroom design with a few of the #BlogtourVegas sponsors.

What's Trending - KBIS

I’m off on a Disney Cruise with the family for March break. (yippee!!)  So upon my return, I will share with you more information about the following companies:

PoggenenPohl, Blanco, Top Knobs, Wood Mode, Formica, Deckton by Cosentino, Mr. Steam, Walker Zanger and last, but not least, SubZero-Wolf.

Hope you all have a wonderful March Break — in Canada it officially starts March 10th and I can’t wait to get away from all this snow!

Glamorously yours,





When is a toilet not just a toilet?

Hey Blog Friends, I’ve back from BlogTourVegas and fully recovered….it took a while as you may have noticed.  And something else you may have noticed is my brand new shiny website & blog! I will take you on a tour at another date.  Now I want to take you into the world of #blogtourvegas and one of its sponsors that helped bring this tour to fruition.  Oh, and if you stick around till the end, there`s a great giveaway worth $1700.00!!!

So…..What do you use first thing in the morning and last at night? If you guessed your bathroom toilet – you are correct!  For the amount of time we spend on that porcelain throne, you`d think we`d spend a bit more time thinking about the perfect toilet.

And I found the perfect toilet for me while at the Kitchen & Bath Show (KBIS).  It`s called the NEOREST 750H by TOTO.  It`s so new, that it won`t be available to the pubic until later this year, so you are all getting a sneak peek at this very high-tech toilet.

The Neorest 700H series is engineered to provide the user with an unrivaled level of comfort. The ewater+ technology keeps the bowl clean and hygienic, — yes, the toilet bowl is self-cleaning! Fist-pump!  While the Wonderwave Spray and warm-air dryer keep you feeling refreshed AND clean.  It’s basically having a toilet & bidet all in one!  I love this!

Without getting too technical, here are some more of the functional & luxurious features that come with the NeoRest.

  • Cyclone® siphon jet flushing system, ultra-high efficiency (1.0GPF/3.8LPF and 0.8GPF/3.0LPF)
  • SanaGloss® ceramic glaze – SanaGloss glaze reduces debris, and mold from sticking to ceramic surfaces, leading to fewer chemicals and less water in cleaning
  • Skirted design
  • Gentle, aerated water spray with accommodating oscillating and pulsating features
  • Comfort spray settings with adjustable volume and temperature
  • Automatic Open and Close Lid
  • ewater+ technology
  • Hands-Free Automatic Flush
  • Convenient remote control
  • Heated seat with temperature control
  • Programmable energy saver system
  • Built-in air purifying system
  • Night light
  • Universal height
  • ADA compliant
  • 12″ rough-in
  • Meets WaterSense efficiency and performance standards

So now, let’s get to the Giveaway!  You have a chance at winning a TOTO Washlet S350e valued at US$1700.00.  What is a Washlet? TOTO’s Washlet is a remarkable toilet seat that’s easily installed on virtually any toilet. It uses pure, clean water – and a lot of innovative technology – to make you cleaner and more refreshed than you ever felt after a bathroom break.   I love that this can be installed on any toilet!  This is a fabulous giveaway…so please click HERE   to enter for a chance to win it!!  You have until 11:59PM March 8th, 2014 to enter!

Best of Luck!!!

Glamorously yours,






 Photo credits from TOTO & my Iphone.




By the time you read this post tomorrow I will be on a plane heading to Las Vegas as part of #BlogTourVegas with Modenus!  And believe it or not, I am a Las Vegas virgin…..I have never been, and so I am really excited about seeing what everyone is talking about.  However, this trip is not about hitting up the casinos….it’s all about discovering all the fabulous Kitchen & Bath Design Trends that will be shown at the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS).  And a few cocktails here and there!

All of the attendees for #BlogtourVegas 2014 will be staying at the super sexy Cosmopolitan Hotel.  My husband has stayed there and he says it is fabulous and you can almost see the entire Vegas strip from its location!  I’m thinking cocktails by the pool is a for-sure thing!!

I am there from Feb 2 – 6th and it is a jam-packed itinerary.  And to kick it off we will be participating in the first ever Modenus Talks — A series of talks and fun challenges around subjects like business of design, design trends, technology in design and design that makes a difference.  I am looking forward t hearing and learning from other design experts during this interactive afternoon of talking.

We will of course be meeting with all the wonderful sponsors of #BlogTourVegas and getting a sneak peek into whats new within the kitchen and bath industry.

Here’s just a sneak peek at some of the fabulous products from a few of the sponsors:

From BLANCO – cutting edge sinks & faucets

From Formica who make laminate counter tops.  Who knew that laminate could look this sexy – WOW!

TOTO  has luxury bathroom fixtures and fittings

These are just a few of the many sponsors I will be blogging about in the next couple of weeks.  Oh and did I mention that there would be a lot of cocktail parties to attend.  Can’t go to Vegas and NOT have a cocktail or two.  😆

I’m sure my feet will be killing  me by Thursday when I arrive back home but it will have been all worth it….I can predict that right now.  So stay tuned for some short & sweet blog posts in the next few days highlighting what I’ve seen so far in pictures!!   And follow me on instagram where you can see my #blogtourvegas pics in real time!!

See you soon!!

Glamorously yours,

Christine xoxo