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From Drab to Fab: Part 1 – Before & After Living Room Reveal

Do you have a drab living room in your house?  Is it in need of a drastic make-over?  Well, today I am starting a new feature on The Glam Blog called “From Drab to Fab.”  In this series I will show you a “before” drab room and how through the help of an interior designer the room was completely changed  — hence,  the “Fab.”

I’m starting this series with the Drab to Fab reveal of my client’s main level in her house…..and today it’s all about her drab living room.

As you can see the living room was what I called – beige hell….I almost fell asleep just looking at it.  Do you think that’s mean of me?  Well, my client didn’t think so…she totally agreed and that’s why she have called me in to help her with this room and the rest of her main level.  It had absolutely no colour….the walls were beige, the sofa was beige, the end tables were wood, the drapery was brown….I could go on and on….but I think you get the point.  There was no visual interest, no focal point to rest your eye and because it was so drab she barely used the room and avoided entertaining guests.  How sad is that!

On the opposite side of the drab sofa was this rocking chair and a teeny tiny bookshelf that looked totally non-descript against the half-wall.  The living room didn’t even have a coffee table except for the small ottoman that matched the sofa.  It was all just so matchy-matchy and totally DRAB!!!

This living room was just screaming for colour as it had a big window with lots of light coming through….so that was the plan…turn this living room from drab to fab!!!

And that’s exactly what we did!!! (Drum roll please!!!!)

I still gasp from sheer joy every time I see these after photos of the living room.  What do you think of the transformation?  I think its fresh and clean….and wow….love the blue and green colour palette with creamy white accents.

Now when you walk into the living, your eye is automatically drawn to  a focal point –  this stunning  tufted back gorgeous blue sofa!  Here’s another shot of this fabulous custom blue velvet sofa — it is sooooo glamorous!

And because the living room wasn’t very wide we chose to go with a glass coffee table which helps give the illusion of more space.  We also replaced the large mirror she originally had over the sofa with some canvas art.  I always recommend to clients that they place a mirror where they will appreciate the reflection they will be looking at.  If the mirror is just reflecting a plain wall (as in this case) then a picture would be a much better utilization of that wall space — and definitely much prettier to look at.

On the opposite side of the sofa we added 2 custom club chairs in this Polygon inspired patterned fabric to offset the blue velvet sofa.

One of the big changes I recommended to my client was adding in a custom built window seat for a reading nook for her daughters or just a place for her 2 cats to look out the front window.  The cushion was also custom made for the window seat in a blue/green woven fabric.  The great thing about the window seat is that it allows for extra storage with 3 pull-out drawers for my client to store extra throws, pillows or kids’ games.  And I just love the white tripod floor lamp and the custom  faux roman shade in a striped  blue and green fabric.  We added Hunter Douglas Pirouette Shades to the window to allow for privacy in the evening.

 Here`s a close-up of the window seat with its seat cushion and that adorable Owl ceramic stool from Urban Barn.

I always use fresh flowers as one of my go-to styling props for client projects.  It always injects a burst of colour and tulips are one of my favourite flowers to use next to hydrangeas.

So voila, this is how I turned my client’s living room from Drab to totally FAB!!!! 😀

These stunning photos were taken by the very talented Stephani Buchman of Buchman Photo.

And here are my Furniture Sources:

Sofa & Chairs: Custom furniture through Gresham House Furniture — via Designers only

Fabric on window coverings, sofa, chairs and seat cushion all through Kravet — via Designers only

Custom Cabinetry via Dunnrite Interiors

Glass Coffee table & floor lamp – Structube

White side table & table lamp- Crate & Barrel

Area Rug — EQ3

Ceramic Owl Stool – Urban Barn

White tray — West Elm

Hope you enjoyed this first Drab to Fab series.  The next blog post will feature my client’s before and after dining room….so stay tuned.  And if you are wanting to turn your living room from Drab to Fab, then please contact me here and let’s chat….I’d love to help!

Glamorously yours,

Christine xoxo


Cityline and the Blogger-Fest!!

A couple of weeks ago I received an email from Kate Moore at Cityline asking me if I wanted to be an audience member for a ‘mystery’ show.  Well of course I said Yes.  One, I love a good mystery but most of all, I love the folks over at Cityline and have attended many show tapings in the past…like here.

The mystery was finally solved when we were told that the show was going to focus on Bloggers –a group of Decor, Beauty, Food and Mommy Bloggers! AND..the show officially aired today..so if you missed it, you’ll have to catch it online at Cityline’s website!

The Blogger guests included my decor BFF, Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault from Benjamin Moore, Eric Ehm – Founder, Yummy Mummy Club, Claire Tansey – Food Editor, Chatelaine, and Tracy PeartMakeup Artist to the lovely Tracy Moore



I absolutely love the sofa from Barrymore Furniture – the tufting and gorgeous blue colour is so very glamorous!!  And Leigh Ann’s DIY silhouette artwork is so adorable…I want to do this with my family at home!! 

BTW: Thanks for the shout-out today Tracy…and yes, I absolutely loved that chandelier floor lamp!! (unfortunately I cannot find a picture of it…but it’s gorgeous!!)

My usual gang hanging out in the audience, Leigh Ann, Sarah, Christine, Meredith Heron, Ana, Vitania (her head is hidden) Vanessa and myself tweeting away about the show.

And the lovely Sarah Gunn is Cityline’s first Blogger of the month – check it out here!  Congrats Sarah!

After the show, Cityline hosted their very first Tweet-Up at the very swanky and ultra glam Ritz Carlton


Just hanging at the Ritz: Me, Leigh Ann, Ana,Sarah, Kate, Jennifer Brouwer, a blogger’s names I forget (sorry.…tell me your name and I will revise this post) and Vanessa

Cityline Pics


Cityline Pics1


Cityline Pics2


Thanks Cityline for a great show and wonderful tweet-up….can’t wait for the next one!!!

Glamorously yours,

Christine xoxo





Photo Credits:

1 – 3: Cityline Website

Decor by Christine Collages

Last Pic – http://www.cherishtoronto.blogspot.com/

Happy Glamorous Halloween!!!

Out of the 4 seasons, Fall is my most favourite for many reasons!!!  Cooler but still warm weather, gorgeous new fall fashions — meaning I can wear boots again — and of course, Halloween!!!!  And I love decorating my house for Halloween!!

But Halloween decor for me does not mean orange pumpkins….nooooooo!!  My Halloween decor is all about Black, Silver and all out  GLAMOUR!!!

This is Halloween decorating at my house!!!

But of course, I have to pick my pumpkins first!!

And than the GLAM begins!!!


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Hope you all have a glamorous Halloween!!!


If your home is craving some glamour, then contact me online or in person!  I’d love to help!

Today I’m a guest over at Staci Edwards Blog!!

I’m so excited to be guest blogging today on Staci Edward’s blog for her new feature called “Favourite Interior Tuesdays.”  And I can’t wait to share with you my favourite interior designed by Melissa Warner from Massucco Warner Miller, a design trio of friends. 

Her West Hollywood apartment was featured in House Beautiful magazine earlier this year and I absolutely love it because it is so GLAM….or as I like to say, it is a “Glam Slam” in interior design.  If I was single and living on my own this is just the style – modern and glamorous – that I would want for my apartment. 

So please go take a look at:  Staci Edwards’ Blog

From Runway to Home: Going Wild for Leopard Print

Hurray…the fashion gods are telling us that Leopard Print is back for Fall 2010!!!   Well, guess what….in my book, leopard print never left!!!!   I love animal prints, especially leopard print in clothing and I have quite a few pieces in my closet to prove it!!  For me, it’s a classic style that will never just be a “trend” for one season….just like purple (but that is an entirely different future blog).   For interior design & decor, the leopard print is a bold pattern that is eye catching and both classic and contemporary depending on how you use it. It can be added to any room for a bit of animalistic style.  But just as you wouldn’t over-do it in clothing…the same rule applies for interior decor.

So let’s play a game and look at a few gorgeous pieces of leopard clothing hot off the designer runways for Fall 2010 and see how we can transpose it into home decor!

One stunning leopard coat = 4 unforgettable dining chairs…love the eclectic look of this dining room with the area rug and the funky artwork. I would definitely wear that coat to a dinner party in that dining room!!  J

no images were found

Both images from Trendey.com

I sooo, sooo, soooo want this little leopard bootie from Christian Louboutin, but that little leopard vessel sink takes my breath away.  Imagine putting this in a small chic powder room…I swear your guests would never leave!! 

no images were found

Booties from Christian Louboutin via Elle Decor / Vessel Sink from Vitruvit via KB trends

The 1950’s sweater look paired with this stunning leopard coat is simple but yet so sexy.  But so is this simple brown velvet settee accented with sexy leopard print cushions!!  Va-Va-Voom!!!  What a way to make a statement!

no images were found

Both images via The Decorista Blog

The right accessory can make or break an outfit or the look of a room.  These 2 accessories can do no wrong.  Gucci and Philippe Starck are gods in the design world.  So yes, I will take one of each please!!!

no images were found

 Purse by Gucci via Elle / Mademoiselle Chair by Philippe Starck

Below are a few more creative ways to make your home Glam-tastic with leopard print – all at different price points!!

no images were found

Clockwise:  1) image via Design Sponge blog 2) source unknown 3) Wild Thing Daktari luxury design tile from Steuler Fliesen via KB Trends

But before I leave you, let’s quickly talk about the Big NO-NO when wearing or using Leopard print in your home decor….and that is OVERKILL!!        It’s ok to mix leopard with other patterns and textures…just puh-lease DON’T dress yourself or your room from head-to-toe leopard.  It’s just sooooo gauche!!

no images were found

Clockwise:  1) Roberto Cavelli 2010 Campaign 2&3) Pics via James Swan from 101 things I hate about your house Blog 4) Flare Magazine

Until next time…..don’t be afraid to show your WILD side!!!  xoxo

My date with Nate…and 200 design bloggers!! Part 1

Tomorrow I will be flying into New York City to be one of the approximately 200 design bloggers that were invited to attend a taping of the new Nate Berkus show on Tuesday September 21, 2010…AND I CAN’T WAIT!!!! 

no images were found

This is what I expect to see when I arrive early Tuesday morning from Toronto:

no images were found

And then a few hours later I expect to be walking into a building with these 3 big letters on it!!!

no images were found

And then after schmoozing with a gorgeous crowd of design bloggers in the Green/blue or red room…we will be escorted to our seats….and this will be the next image that I will silkscreen into my brain…never to be forgotten…

no images were found

Part 2 of my date with Nate and 200 Design Bloggers will follow late Wednesday!!!  🙂


Photo Credits: theweightinggame.ivillage.com , Google Earth, CBS Studios, Nate Berkus Show

The Flying Mansion

If I had all the money in the world I would buy myself a private jet to fly me all over the world on a whim!!  Shopping…well I’m off to Paris for Fashion Week…in the front row naturally!  Italian craving — I guess it’s Milan for dinner tonight!!  Ahhhh, lifestyles of the rich and famous.  Well, let’s imagine we are part of that exclusive group and take a peek at some fabulous interior decor inside some exclusive private jets.  Now of course, the majority of these jets are most likely owned by Middle East Ga-zillionaires…but to make this little game more fun, let’s take a guess at what celebrity would own these flying mansions just based on the decor!!

Who is the DIVA that always demands an all-white dressing room and now expects it in her private jet??   

no images were found

This next one may not be big enough for a Monster Ball..but it goes with her slick, gaga-licious  image — which is quite futuristic…so why shouldn’t her private jet be too!!

no images were found

The next image is a toss-up between between tacky and sheer indulgence with all that shiny gold — it reminds me of something this entertainer would wear on stage during one of her shows.  But I could also imagine another entertainer who can barely walk in her 7 inch heels and demands that her husband or bodyguards carry her around lounging on one of those looooong sofas while her dutiful hubby runs around catering to her every desire.  Who would you guess???

no images were found

This young Hollywood actor who is known to date many a supermodel (and is currently involved with one now) still enjoys heading out on the town with his posse of friends and sitting at a private table ogling all the swarming frenetic girls around him.  This private jet’s decor would easily allow him to add another point on his mile-high club card!

no images were found

no images were found


no images were found

Based on the boring decor of these next 2 pics, I’m going to guess this jet belongs to the most boring couple in Hollywood.  I mean really, why would you want a brown and beige master bedroom and bath unless you were utterly as dull and mind-numbing as this couple!!  You guessed it! Tom and Katie …with a close runner up being Ben and Jennifer!

Oooohhh, the cattiness is just so delicious!! MEOW!

OK…one more guessing game, and then we are going to look at 2 interior designers that work in aviation and create the most glamorous private jet interiors!!

 The interior design of this next jet was designed by the one and only Versace..so the owner of this jet only wants the best….however she is a bit of a tight-wad with her money so her private jet isn’t over the top huge or extravagant…but it has just enough room for her ever growing family of children (blood or not) OR one of her many boy-toys!  Guess away in the comment section….which shouldn’t be too hard since I have been soooo obvious!!!

Well, that was fun…but now let’s look at a gorgeous interior of a private jet designed by Wendy Ulve Designs & Associates who specializes in the interior design of private, corporate and executive class aircraft.

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no images were found


no images were found

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no images were found


no images were found

This private jet is over-the-top glamorous and totally outrageous…..it’s got a gold toilet and a hallway for god’s sake…How big is this jet????  But I love it…it’s perfect for entertaining 30 guests or more!!  🙂

The last two images are from the design company Edese Doret.  This bathroom is stunning!!!  I love everything about it — the sleek contemporary sinks, the mosaic tile design on the walls and floors and that stunning mirror leaning against the wall….and then that door….that gorgeous intricate trellis like design on the door which allows us a peek into the spectacular master bedroom.  Now this is a Glam-Slam!!

no images were found

Well, I hope you enjoyed my little “guess who owns this flying mansion” game.  And if you are rich enough to buy a personal jet, you might want to use some of these gorgeous pictures as your inspiration to make your jet a flying five star palace!!

Don’t forget to leave your guesses in the comments section!!  xoxo

**All Images for Guessing Game sourced from Trendhunter.com

Late for Nate!

Well, the party don’t start till I walk in!!!!

Yea, I know….I’m over a month late in honouring Nate Berkus for his #NateDay organized by the lovely Moggit Girls over at www.moggit.com on Twitter.  But hey, better late then never, and frankly I’m just getting into the swing of this whole blogging phenomenon thingy!  I’ve decided to highlight 5 of his rooms that I consider to be Interior Design “Glam Slams.”  

  So anyway, here is my homage to that sweet looking interior designer Nate Berkus intermingled with a few of my Nate fantasies.

This stunning living room has all the ingredients of a glamorous room: a tufted sofa, leopard print and animal skin….ohh and a gorgeous lucite coffee table.  I can imagine having fabulous cocktails parties with Nate in this room, as all our guests whisper that we are the “It couple.”

no images were found

After all our guests leave, Nate and I would head into the library for a quick nightcap.  This room is so cozy with its dark walls, piles of books and gorgeous sofa and chair to snuggle in with Nate.  The Art Wall is my favourite…love the look of mismatched frames…it gives the room personality versus looking so formal.

This ulta glamorous bedroom is one of my favourite rooms by Nate.  The colour scheme is calming & soothing and the entire feel of this room is pure luxury — the white uphostered headboard, the slipper chairs, the mirror top brass table, the vintage chandelier and the modern lucite bench!!!  Swoon, swoon!!  And of course, Nate would bring me breakfast in bed and then we — the super couple — would lounge in bed for the entire morning!!!  (the rest of this fantasy is NSFW)

no images were found

Nate would then run a bath for me in this beautiful marble bath and hand me a glass of champagne…that gorgeous Venitician mirror above the bath was a gift from Nate to me…..what a lucky girl I am!!!

no images were found

I just love the dressing room Nate designed especially for me…with its vintage Baguès chandelier and my custom built dresing table with vintage ostrich-egg lamps…all my clothes are within easy reach!   But now, I must get ready for another fun-filled evening with my sweetie-pie Nate!  Ciao xoxo!

If you’re looking to dial up the glam quotient in your home then contact me  via my website for an online or in-person consultation.

*All photos courtesy of Elle Decor and of course, all rooms designed by Nate Berkus & Anne Coyle.