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Glamour Friday: Hayden Panettiere’s Home

Happy Friday!  I kind of let my Glamour Friday series fall off my blogging schedule this year, but I am bringing it back for the fall.  YAY!  As I was “flipping” through Next Issue – yes, that is how I read/view all my magazines now — I downloaded the Fall issue of Domino Magazine and fell in love with Hayden Panettiere’s home in this issue.

Hayden is one of the stars of the soapy night-time drama called “Nashville.”  Since they film the bulk of the series in Nashville, she has recently purchased a new home with her new husband, world-champ boxer Wladimir Klitschko, and their baby daughter Kaya.

I love that despite having a young family, she wasn’t afraid to bring in tons of glamour through a mixture of different textures, pattern and colour — thanks of course to her Designer Benjamin Vandiver.  Now let`s take a peek into Hayden`s home.

Look at this foyer…..now this is the way to make a dramatic entrance.  Love those stools! Totally swoon-worthy and so glam!

Domino - Hayden panettiere foyer

Yup…..grey kitchens are still a hot trend.  I want those counter stools!

Domino - Hayden panettiere Kitchen

I`m seeing a lot of chocolate brown rooms right now.  A chocolate brown wall really makes a room look rich and glamorous.  Mix gold accents like the 2 matching etegeres, animal print and bold art — and you have a room that your guests will never want to leave.

Domino - Hayden panettiere LR

Look at this shelf in the study! Forget books — just add stacks of wood and WOW!!!  What a statement!

Domino - Hayden panettiere study

I am a huge fan of wallpaper – for myself and clients – and this metallic wallpaper is swoon-worthy in her dining room.  The juxtaposition of the traditional wood table keeps the room  from being over the top.  A good design lesson right there.

Domino - Hayden panettiere DR

Her bedroom is totally girly glam which I love.  However, I question the size of the bed.  From this angle, the bed looks like a queen, which I find hard to believe.  Her husband is a boxer, well over 6` ft tall, so you would think they would have a king sized bed.  How does he sleep comfortably?  Oh well, I love the headboard and I am coveting those pink lamps.

Domino - Hayden panettiere Master BR

Since the master bedroom is so girly, Hayden was sweet enough to create a vintage inspired music room above the garage where her husband can escape to play the drums as loudly as he wants.   Given that Hayden is a singer also, I can imagine her hanging out here as well. Oh and apparently the vintage-style sofa boasts arms that open into insulated beer coolers. Score!

Domino - Hayden panettiere Music Room

Happy Glamour Friday…..and have a super weekend!

Glamorously yours xoxo



Glamour Friday: How to create a Glamorous Dressing Area under $1000.00

Do you have one of these?  A blank wall in your bedroom?


This blank space once hosted a playpen.  I’m embarrassed to say that the playpen was there for over 3 1/2 years….and my youngest is now 5 years old.  It’s not like I put her in it still….I just ended up using it as a dumping ground to hang my clothes on each night.  And since I didn’t quite know what I wanted to do with this blank wall, the playpen became a fixture of my bedroom.  See, even interior decorators struggle with what to do in their own homes!

Over the summer I donated the playpen and while shopping at Homesense one afternoon I found this absolutely fabulous mirror!!  I love the ornateness of this mirror.  I have been looking for a rococo style mirror for the longest time (but wasn’t willing to spend over $1000 for one) and when I saw this one, I had to snap it up…..and of course the price was right!!!!


So now I had a vision for my blank wall.  I was going to create my own little glamorous dressing room area. And this mirror was going to be the focal point!

I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on this area since I already have a vanity in the master bedroom which I use to apply my makeup every morning.  Therefore, the objective of this dressing area was more to display pretty accessories and jewellery.

My hubby hung up the mirror & picture frames for me this week so its finally finished.  Voila, below is my fabulous and oh so glam dressing table!!!!  High style for a fashionista on a frugelista budget!


Another angle…..


I am soooo in love with my dressing table vignette. It is exactly how I envisioned it and to me, it is utterly glamorous….and totally finishes this last bit of naked space in the master bedroom.  And guess what!  It cost under $1000.00 to put this little space together. It’s a mixture of hi & low pieces.  Here is a breakdown of how I put it together.

The dressing table is from Ikea.  It’s the Malm Dressing Table and costs only $129.00!! The furry little stool to the right is from Homesense and was a steal at only $49.99.  The sheepskin fur rug on my Victoria Ghost chair is only $39.99 at Ikea.  The only piece that was over $300.00 was my Philippe Starck Victoria Ghost chair which cost approximately $365.00 4 years ago.


If a authentic Ghost Chair is still beyond your budget, luckily many stores now sell similar or`fake`ghost chairs for under $150.00.


This chic little stool is the perfect spot to display the Chanel purse my husband bought me 2 years ago in San Francisco.  Isn’t it gorgeous?? And yes, my purse is an investment piece that will one day be passed down to one of my daughters.

A dressing table is the perfect place to showcase all your pretty accessories and jewellery, and displaying them in little bowls and trays is key to keeping the table neat and tidy.


I wear Allure by Chanel perfume everyday.  So be sure to surround yourself by beautiful things that make you happy. Open-mouthed smile


I love these Kvill frames I found at Ikea also and how they continue my rococo theme on the wall beside the mirror.  And they were only $6.99 each.  I bought 8 for a really simple DIY project.


Two of my fashion icons are Coco Chanel and Marilyn Monroe!




I cut out pictures from these 2 coffee table books that I display on my ottoman in the family room.  Two of my favourite fashion designers are Louis Vuitton and of course, Coco Chanel.  photo (2)

Fashion is one of my passions that I adore so why not display something you love (other than your family) in picture frames, especially if it is going to be in your private space.

So let`s take a look at what I spent on my glamorous dressing table vignette:


A stunning look for under $800.00!! Now that`s a Glam Slam budget!!  Of course, this doesn’t include the price of all my costume jewellery and accessories….because all of that is priceless! Send a kiss

But now I have a little dilemma…and I need your input.  My good friend and fellow designer Ana from Second Wind Interiors had a bench with Lucite legs that a client changed her mind about.  If you know me well, then you know that I absolutely love anything in Lucite.  So I bought it from her today because I thought it would look fabulous in front of the dressing table.  What do you think?

photo (3)

I placed the ghost chair to the left and it actually fills that space nicely.

photo (4)

Should I keep the bench as my primary seating area as in this picture or keep my Ghost chair.  Hit the comment button below and give me your point of view!!  And this my dear readers is my glamorous dressing area on a very chic budget!!

If you are looking to give yourself a little glamorous space on a chic budget this fall, then call me at (416) 859-5082 or send me an email here so I can help!!

Have a fabulous weekend!!

Glamorously yours,

Christine xoxo

Glamour Friday: Wallpaper Obsessed!

Hi Everyone,

Hope you all had a fantastic March break last week.  As you know, I was down at Walt Disney World with my hubby and my two girls so this last week has been major catch up on some client projects that I am finishing up.

Today I was at Crown Wallpaper & Fabrics with a client looking at wallpaper for her powder room (one of the last rooms I am decorating for her) and so I couldn’t resist showing you some beautiful wallpapers that can make a huge difference in the look of your home!

I’m a bit biased towards Candice Olsen’s line of wallpapers since she adorns the walls of my dining room and my eldest daughter’s bedroom.  Now get ready for some wallpaper porn!!


This is the wallpaper my client chose for her powder room. It’s called Shadow Flowers and has the most amazing texture.  I can’t wait to show you the powder room once it if finished.image

Wallpaper are available in lovely neutral colours….where you go bold is with the pattern…but when it is tone on tone, a very glamorous, elegant look is achieved.  image


Or you can go wild with colour….and you know how much I love purple!!  Paired with neutral grey chairs, this living room truly becomes unforgettable!


So fabulous and what an easy way to create impact in your dining or living room!


Want to create oomph when your guests walk into your home?  Than wallpaper your foyer or entryway with dramatic wallpaper.



Of course, the bedroom is an obvious choice for wallpaper and you can go as subtle, glam or over – the-top as the pictures below show.





I’m a huge advocate of wallpapering a child’s room.  My only advice is do NOT go juvenile.  Your child is going to grow out of child-like designs…so keep that in mind when choosing the design. 

This wallpaper is very pretty with the little pink bunnies….but when the little girl becomes a teenager she just may get sick of those bunnies.


As you may recall from this previous post, I am updating both my daughters’ bedrooms. I chose Candice Olson’s Dark Pink Mini Daisy Spot (image below) for my daughter’s bedroom when she was 6 years old.  She is now turning 10 in a few months and this wallpaper will grow with her into her teens.  Her room is almost complete and I can’t wait to show it to you here.


If wallpaper still intimidates you, but you are dying to try it in a room in your home, then the powder room is the perfect place to start.  It’s a small room so the investment will be minimal, you’re not in there a lot (I hope) so you won’t get sick of it and your guests will enjoy the scenery while they use the amenities.




This is my powder room.  I wanted high impact with lots of glam!  And I wanted my guests to feel like they were being wrapped in black velvet every time they stepped into this room.  Almost 4 years later, and it is still one of my favourite rooms that I have decorated.


I’m also in the midst of redecorating my office and these photos definitely inspire me.


I’m thinking of using this pattern but in blue versus the pinky-red.  I will let you know what I decide.


Well,  I hope you stayed to the end of this very long post and I hope I was able to convince you to wallpaper at least one room in your home this year!  Let me know what you decide.

If you want to know how to decorate your home for 2012, then contact me online or via twitter…I’d love to help!

Glamorously yours,

Christine xoxo

Purple Passion Wednesday: Glamorous Living Room

Wow, what’s not to love in this glamorous & gorgeous  living room!



It’s got all the elements required to make it a Glam Slam!!

– High ceilings painted in aubergine

– Tall windows with purple drapery

– A grandiose ornate mirror over the fireplace

– My favourite: the over scale lilac tufted ottoman

– Velvet sofa in a plum fabric

– A variety of toss cushions in varying shades of purple!

Stunning!!  What do you think?

If you are looking to create a glamorous living room in your home, then call or email me.

Glamorously yours,

Christine xoxo

Camera Ready!! CHCH TV Decor Segment

Hi Everyone, So last week I had an opportunity literally fall into my lap via Twitter. An assignment editor for CHCH News in Hamilton tweeted that she needed someone to talk about Christmas decorating Trends – STAT!!

I raised my hand on Twitter and the next day I was filming at Sheridan Nurseries with Lisa Hepfner, a CHCH News Reporter.

You can watch the short segment at this link:  Christmas-decor-red-green-and-aubergine.

Fullscreen capture 07112011 112226 PM

Fullscreen capture 07112011 112234 PM

Black and silver is hot this season for Christmas tree decorating.  Lots of Glitz and Glamour!!

Fullscreen capture 07112011 112246 PM

Aubergine and chartreuse are still very popular this year.

Fullscreen capture 07112011 113903 PM

Fullscreen capture 07112011 113906 PM


And one tree is not enough!!  Many families are having 2 to 3 trees in their home.  One for the family room, one “adult” tree and one tree for the kids (i.e.: in their bedroom or playroom)

How adorable are these decorations for a child’s tree.

Fullscreen capture 07112011 113857 PM

Fullscreen capture 07112011 113916 PM

And forget about tree toppers….they are so passé!!!  Just add extra fullness at the top of the tree.

Fullscreen capture 07112011 112248 PM

Christmas is my most favourite season….and I am so looking forward to beginning my holiday decorating.  What about you?

Glamorously yours,

Christine xoxo

Fullscreen capture 07112011 112250 PM

Special thanks to Christine and Lisa from CHCH News and Sheridan Nurseries for letting us tape inside their Mississauga/Oakville location on such short notice.

Glamour Friday: Creating a Glamorous Bedroom Retreat with mirrored furniture

As you know, I love all things GLAM – especially a glamorous bedroom.  And one of the easiest ways to create a glamorous bedroom is to add a piece of mirrored furniture into the room.

And it doesn’t have to be over the top.  This Master bedroom belongs to Nancy Corzine may be a bit much for you with all the mirrored furniture….but for me it is a total GLAM SLAM!!

Nancy also wrote a beautiful book called “Glamour at Home” – it’s on my coffee table at home.

This mirrored four-poster bed was inspired by the Chrysler Building.  Wow!!



Really, all you need is one piece of mirrored furniture to add some glam to your bedroom….and these pieces are easily accessible and affordable from West Elm

Parsons Mirror End Table

How about this mirrored end table  at $349.00

Parsons Mirror Console

This gorgeous console table ($549.00) also is going to end up in my client’s living room once I’m finished decorating the main floor of her house.

Faceted Mirror Side Table

This little stool or side table is stunning also….and so is the price at $199.00.

So as you can see, creating a glamorous bedroom is as easy as  saying “mirror, mirror, on the wall – who has the most glamorous room of all?” Flirt female

Hope you all have a glamorous weekend!!

If your home is craving some glamour, then contact me online or in person! I’d love to help!

Glamorously yours,

Christine xo

Decorate as You Dress! Overcast Grey!

The weather has been so dreary lately that I decided to wear a grey dress to a social function yesterday to match the weather.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love the colour grey and love using it in home decor….I just wish that in the middle of May I wasn’t wearing grey.  Oh well.

So here is the grey dress I wore yesterday…..so let’s find some gorgeous grey interiors to match my dress…..(my 8 yr. old daughter took this picture so it’s a bit blurry Girl)



I bought this dress at Zara in Barcelona, Spain when I was there in February



The walls of this eating nook speak overcast skies, while the silvery grey chairs shout glam!! Add some animal skin and grey hardwood floors and I would definitely hang out here on a rainy day!!


This grey living room also draws me in – it’s very chic and modern but still has a warmth to it.  I absolutely love that glamorous mirror above the fire place.  (Although I will admit the scale is all wrong with the fireplace – but that is another post) Yes, I would definitely enjoy entertaining friends on a rainy evening in this glamorous living room!


And I adore the grey wallpaper with its metallic sheen in this bedroom -  it raises the glam quotient to high alert!! And adding a touch of purple is always so perfect!!

Well I can’t make the gloomy days filled with rain go away…..but hopefully I have cheered you up just a little. 

If your home is craving some glamour, then contact me online or in person! I’d love to help!

Glamorously yours,

Christine xo

Lee Ann’s Kitchen Reno: Part 2 — The Design

Well, it’s time for another update on Lee Ann’s 80’s kitchen reno.  If you missed seeing what it looks like than click here for the recap.

Here’s a list of the priorities for Lee Ann’s kitchen:

Lee Ann's Kitchen reno list of requirements-1Now

While creating the design I had to keep these priorities in mind. So here is the design plan I created that Lee Ann approved!!  Since the kitchen is small we couldn’t really change the footprint of the space so placement of appliances were staying put.  However we did centre the stove in between 2 pot drawers that Lee Ann badly needed.

Lee Ann Stranges4

I also added in a full height pantry for extra storage, a chef’s desk and a small bar area with wine fridge and glass enclosed cupboards for wine glasses, etc.  By utilizing the eat-in area, I was able to provide Lee Ann with lots more storage and a wonderful area where she can check her email or pay bills.

Below are some 3D and elevation drawings (supplied by my kitchen cabinet supplier) for you to get a better perspective of what the kitchen will look like after the renovation!!  I’m so excited!!

Lee Ann Stranges-1

Things are in full swing now.  Stay tuned for my next posting where I will share with you all the materials chosen for Lee Ann’s kitchen.

If your kitchen is craving a glamorous makeover, then contact me online or in person! I’d love to help!

Glamorously yours,

Christine xo

Decorate As You Dress — My Coral Coach Purse!!

Happy Monday!!  Hope you all had a super weekend now that Spring weather has finally arrived.  Today I’m launching a new feature on The Glam Blog…..it’s called “Decorate As You Dress.”

It’s really quite simple….every Monday I will feature an article of clothing or accessory that I own and then talk about how I would decorate a room inspired by it’s colour, shape or texture.  And voila…you have ‘Decorate as You Dress!!”

The first “Decorate as You Dress” post is all about my brand new Coral Coach purse I purchased over March break.


Isn’t it a gorgeous, fresh colour…..it’s so punchy and look how fabulous it looks with leopard print.  Coral/orange and anything leopard print is a definite GLAM SLAM!!


And look how glorious it looks matched with a Victoria Ghost Chair by Philippe Starck for Kartell.

Now this is how I would decorate a room  based on my coral Coach purse!!

living rooms - woven blinds striped rugs coral upholstery floral print drapes  courtesy of house of turquoise. Aqua blue accents with coral/orange

Photo Source:  House of Turquoise

If you love coral, why not go for slip-covered comfy chairs and drapery in a coral & white print offset by turquoise blue.  Now that’s a fantastic colour combination!!

living rooms - blue floral drapes turquoise blue lamp orange turquoise blue pillow tan walls white table  Tobi Fairley  blue & coral living room

Room Designed by Tobi Fairley

Here`s the same colour combination n a room designed by Tobi Fairley.  Love the hits of coral in the ottoman and sofa cushions…and of course, we can`t forget about the orange book on the end table!!

bathrooms - coral white natural wood  WSH   bright cheery bathroom

Photo source:  DecorPad, WSH Decor

How about shots of coral on the walls and and flooring through wallpaper and and a great patterned rug….this bathroom leaves me in a happy mood  — it`s a happy room!!

bedrooms - burlap headboard bed nailhead trim tan lamps tan Moroccan tables nightstands orange pink persimmon duvet pillows  Phoebe Howard.

Photo source;  Decorpad, Design by Phoebe Howard

One of the quickest ways to update your home for spring is to add a jolt of colour, like this coral bedding to this bedroom.

dens/libraries/offices - Arabesque Rug-Coral taupe gray walls modern chic polished nickel bookshelves towers glass-top desk linen roman shades orange ribbon trim

Photo source; Decorpad,  Design by Studio Ten 25


I adore this office with its orange arabesque rug, glass-top desk, and natural linen roman shades with orange ribbon trim.  So very chic.  And what about the living room below.  Greys and corals are magnificent together.  The artwork and area rug are both absolutely beautiful and give this room so much personality.

Design by Studio Ten 25


Well, I hope you enjoyed my first “Decorate As You Dress“ post…and I hope my coral coach purse has inspired you to add some lovely coral accents into your home this spring!!

Now if you want to join in on the fun, then you too can be featured in a Decorate as you Dress weekly post.  Just send me a photo of something you love in your closet and (if you are brave)pictures of similar inspired decor OR I will find the decor inspiration for you and blog about it and you in the upcoming weeks.

Have a fabulously glamorous week!!

Christine xoxo

If your home is craving some glamour, then contact me online or in person!  I’d love to help!

Glamour Friday: Creating the Perfect Tablescape

One of the things that I most love as an interior decorator is creating tablescapes or vignettes for my clients whether it’s for their foyer, living room or bedroom. (FYI: I will be using the terms vignette & tablescapes interchangeably throughout this blog posting). Vignettes tell a little story about the person who lives there – whether it’s where they have travelled, hobbies they love, their favourite flower or book or just a personal item they love dearly.

However, creating a tablescape does not give you free rein to display all the knick knacks you’ve collected throughout the years at different weddings you may have attended.  As with everything in life….there are rules…well maybe “rules” is too harsh a word…so let’s use “guidelines’ in creating the “perfect” tablescape or vignette.

According to one of my favourite designers, David Jimenez, the king of tablescapes – he suggests the following:

1) Layer and lean framed photographs against the wall.

2) Keep your palette simple–black and white with one hit of color.

3) A tray makes everything richer.

4) Use a vase with a strong silhouette.

As a rule of thumb, these are the items that I like to use when creating a vignette or story for my clients: fresh flowers, books, a tray and a few ( 3 max) decorative items/accessories that mean something to the client.

So to give you an idea of what the “perfect” tablescape should look like…. feast your eyes on these vignettes created by some of my favourite interior designers David Jimenez, Jeffrey Bilhuber, and Miles Redd.

David Jimenez is not only dreamily handsome but he has a gorgeous house to boot. Look at the amazing tablescapes he created in almost every room in his house.


Love that huge tray on the ottoman…it helps keep all items self-contained and neat!!



Your bedside table shouldn’t be ignored either…trays keep everything neat and within reach!



Don’t count out your bathroom or dressing room for creating a beautiful vignette as the ones above!


This last picture totally summarizes David Jimenez’s guidelines for creating the perfect tablescape!!

And now let’s see Jeffrey Bilhuber’s gorgeous tablescapes – I’ve got one of his books “Defining Luxury” in a tablescape inside my own home.

clip_image016[4] clip_image018[4]

Please tell me you are noticing a common theme here — Fresh flowers, stacked books AND NO knick knacks!!!

clip_image019[4] clip_image021[4]

Whether your home is ultra glamorous or farmhouse chic….the same guidelines apply!!!

These next 2 tablescapes are from Miles Redd who creates stunning and oh-so glam interior designs. Below are 2 of my favourite tablescapes: so simple, yet very impactful!

clip_image023[4] clip_image025[4]

And last but not least here is one of my all time favourite foyer tablescapes that I have mimicked in my own home….and yes, it’s by the one and only Kimberley Seldon!! It just screams pure luxury and glamour to me every time I see this picture!!


Well, I think I have hammered home what the perfect tablescape looks like! If I could, I would give you all a quiz right now on what items create the “perfect” tablescape…but since I can’t…here is your homework assignment: using the guidelines discussed…create your own tablescape/vignette/story and then post it in the comment section for all of us to see!!!

Good luck!! xoxo

If your home is craving some glamour, then contact me online or in person!  I’d love to help!

Glamorously yours,

Christine  xo