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Glamour Friday: Fashion Offices of WhoWhatWear

I’m in the middle of re-doing my home office and designing my own personal Glam Cave off of my bedroom, so lately I have been inspired by glamorous offices.

The ever stylish ladies over at The Coveteur recently started a new collaboration with the equally stylish ladies from Who What Wear called Fashion Office .  They give you a a behind-the-scenes peek into the offices of some of the fashion world’s most exciting companies.

First up… WWW’s very own (and very new) headquarters!


Love this shelf for my office.  I’m looking for something similar to hold all my decor magazines, baskets of fabric memo samples, wallpaper samples, etc.  Need 2 and this shelf would work – but in white!



Something like this….love how they styled the shelves.  A clear jar filled with nail polishes…fabulous!!


I want to add a desk in my Glam Cave and am deliberating whether to go glass.  This one gives the room a very chic look.


Or maybe a white parsons desk?


Adore this little side table with the huge white mirror…..a Glam Cave must-have!! Chic purse – check!!


The inspiration board is fabulous….and the orange lacquered boxes are a must-have!!


A statement lamp and trays is key for both rooms!!

Well, I have lots to inspire me.  Enjoy some more pics from the offices of the WWW ladies.  Hope this post inspires you too!











Have a wonderful weekend!

Glamorously yours,

Christine xoxo

All photos sourced from The Coveteur & Who What Wear



Lee Ann’s Kitchen Reno: Part 6 – Adding Femininity via Up-cycling!

I will be revealing Lee Ann’s kitchen reno next week with the granite and backsplash installed, along with the awesome faucet Delta Canada provided for Lee Ann.  In the meantime, I wanted to show you a little up-cycling project I just completed for Lee Ann’s kitchen. 

With all the hard lines of black, white and grey going on in Lee Ann’s kitchen, I really wanted to add some softness and texture to her kitchen.  And the easiest way to achieve softness is through fabric.  But since our budget was practically depleted, I decided to find a used chair in great condition for her small desk area.

If you are in the Toronto area, than you have probably heard of Moveline Hotel Liquidators – their products originate mainly from major hotel chains across North America.  Quality furnishings at fantastic prices.  This is the chair I purchased for Lee Ann.



Lee Ann Stranges-1


This is the fabric we chose to update the chair through Crown Wallpaper & Fabrics.  What do you think??


In addition, the legs of the chair were pretty banged up so I had them sanded down and painted a high gloss black. 

And this is now the $55.00 chair!!!




I adore it and so does my client!!  I think it’s very glam,chic and feminine!  What do you think? 

All that’s left is window treatments for the window by the sink to complete this kitchen reno.  Anyway, stay tuned for a look at the completed kitchen reno next week…..and my dilemma with this chair. 

If your kitchen is craving a glamorous makeover, then contact me online or in person! I’d love to help!

Glamorously yours,

Christine xo

Lee Ann’s Kitchen Reno: Part 5 – The Kitchen begins to take life!!

It’s been a white since I’ve updated you on Lee Ann’s Kitchen reno and lots has been happening!! 

If you recall, Lee Ann donated her kitchen to our local chapter of Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore.  You can read the post here as a refresher.

Once the kitchen was cleared, my contractor came in and started rebuilding the walls and removing useless bulkheads on the ceiling.


Lee Ann also desperately needed proper lighting in her new kitchen so a new lighting plan was created.  We added 10 pot lights to her new kitchen layout.


And a few days later, this naked kitchen slowly started to get clothed with a fabulous new floor!!


The flooring goes out into the hallway all the way to the front door.  I’m so happy the way it turned out.  But that’s not all…..a few days later my  contractor came in and installed all the upper & lower cabinets!!  Soooo exciting!!  Are you ready!!!!


I love how the uppers go all all the way to the ceiling finished with a lovely crown moulding.  Cupboards were painted in Benjamin Moore’s CC-80 Grey Mist.


If you remember from Lee Ann’s old kitchen (click here for a refresher) her stove used to be right by the doorway into the kitchen.  Now we have the stove framed by 2 sets of mini pot drawers.  What a huge difference!!  And so much more functional with lots more storage!!


And I turned Lee Ann’s old eating area into a more functional space by adding in a much needed pantry and a new desk area for Lee Ann to check her email or pay bills.  And how apropos is it that her new desk is adjacent to her new wine fridge. Winking smileSee that box on the floor above – inside is the gorgeous new faucet that the folks at Delta generously supplied to Lee Ann!!



Apparently Lee Ann couldn’t wait for the kitchen to be finished….she went right ahead and started displaying her wine glasses.  My kinda gal!!

You may have noticed that the countertop and backsplash are still missing.  Well, you’ll have to come back next week to see it all installed!! I’m also going to share the fabulous faucet that Delta provided for Lee Ann’s new kitchen and the old chair I “up-cycled” into total feminine kitchen glam!!

If your kitchen is craving a glamorous makeover, then contact me online or in person! I’d love to help!

Glamorously yours,

Christine xo

Decorate as You Dress! Overcast Grey!

The weather has been so dreary lately that I decided to wear a grey dress to a social function yesterday to match the weather.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love the colour grey and love using it in home decor….I just wish that in the middle of May I wasn’t wearing grey.  Oh well.

So here is the grey dress I wore yesterday…..so let’s find some gorgeous grey interiors to match my dress…..(my 8 yr. old daughter took this picture so it’s a bit blurry Girl)



I bought this dress at Zara in Barcelona, Spain when I was there in February



The walls of this eating nook speak overcast skies, while the silvery grey chairs shout glam!! Add some animal skin and grey hardwood floors and I would definitely hang out here on a rainy day!!


This grey living room also draws me in – it’s very chic and modern but still has a warmth to it.  I absolutely love that glamorous mirror above the fire place.  (Although I will admit the scale is all wrong with the fireplace – but that is another post) Yes, I would definitely enjoy entertaining friends on a rainy evening in this glamorous living room!


And I adore the grey wallpaper with its metallic sheen in this bedroom -  it raises the glam quotient to high alert!! And adding a touch of purple is always so perfect!!

Well I can’t make the gloomy days filled with rain go away…..but hopefully I have cheered you up just a little. 

If your home is craving some glamour, then contact me online or in person! I’d love to help!

Glamorously yours,

Christine xo

Glamour Friday: Living the Glamorous Life

Maybe I need to win the lottery because lately I’ve been obsessed with the interior decor of private jets and mega-big yachts. And dahling, if you are using one of these as your mode of transportation, than you ARE definitely living the GLAMOROUS Life!!!

Last year I wrote a post about glam decor in private jets….you can read it here.  For today’s Glamour Friday post, I thought I would take us on a little cruise in the Fortunato.  It’s a gorgeous “little” yacht – just over 200 ft. long and is the perfect size to host 12 BFFs. Princess

Fortunato Mega Yacht Charter

I fell in love with the interior because it was very nicely accessorized with colours I love…..take a look:

Fortunato Mega Yacht Charter

I adore the combined living and dining room.  The coral and sea blue cushions on the sectional is the perfect spot to cozy up with friends over drinks.  And the blue striped velvet chairs in the dining room are to die for!!  And every glamorous room needs a chandelier!! And the cream and brown striped carpet is utter perfection!!Fortunato Mega Yacht Charter

Now this would be my master bedroom.  I love all the honeysuckle cushions on that fabulous bed.  OH, and look at the cranberry chaise built for two!!  And you got to love how my television is hidden at the end of the bed in that beautiful built-in.

Fortunato Mega Yacht Charter

Wouldn’t you want to enjoy a wonderful brunch on this deck, inhaling the sea air while admiring that gorgeous view?  I know I would.  Ahhhhhh….oh well, a girl can only dream BIG dreams!!

Have a great weekend!!  And don’t forget to buy a lottery ticket!! Winking smile

Glamorously yours,

Christine xoxo



Photo Source

Welcome to Glamour Fridays!!!

My apologies for not posting much this week but I have been crazy busy with a new client and starting work on her kitchen renovation.  I’ve also started some new home projects which I will be blogging about for the next few weeks….so I hope you come back often to catch up with what I am working on.

But today I am launching a new series on my Glam blog called “Glamour Fridays.”  Each Friday I will post a room or vignette that I think is ultra glamorous.  Hopefully theses peeks into glamorous rooms will inspire you to add some glamour into your home also.

Today’s Glamour Friday room comes from House to Home – a feminine lilac bedroom! And you know how much I love purple!!



I love how the bold colour and pattern on the wallpaper and drapery is juxtaposed by calmness of the  solid, paler fabrics and accessories.  The sleigh bed’s pale fabric is ideal for most colour schemes, so it wouldn’t need to be re-upholstered if the style of the room was changed. Clear Lucite bedside tables make the room seem more spacious and white, curvy lamps add a glamorous feel.  However, I could also have imagined mirrored end tables in place of the Lucite tables working in this glamorous bedroom.  I think this dreamy bedroom is a GLAM SLAM!


What do you think?  Could you imagine having a bedroom like this?  Leave a comment and tell me how you would add glamour into your bedroom!!  Happy Weekend!!

If your home is craving some glamour, then contact me online or in person!  I’d love to help!
Glamorously yours


I’m Dreaming of South Beach & Big Brother 12

I love a good cat-fight, some back-stabbing, show-mances and overall good strategic play!  That’s why I love reality shows so much, especially ones like Survivor or Big Brother.  One of my summer guilty pleasures is Big Brother – now in its 12th season.  It’s been on for a couple of weeks but the only star of the show that is standing out to me right now is the interior decor of the Big Brother House…and I am loving it!  If you refuse to watch the show, then let me at least take you on a quick tour of this year’s house!

This season the theme of the house is South Beach meets Art Deco that the BB12 producers have affectionately nicknamed “Playground by the Shore.”  And this is one playground I would enjoy playing in.

The Living Room AKA The Beach Room definitely has a beachy feel.  I love the long couches and how the set designers have added a lot of texture and pattern with the cushions and all the beautiful ocean blue accents.  It’s hard to see in these pictures, but if you watch the show, you may have noticed the gorgeous aubergine wallpaper with a metallic sheen on it in this room….love it!!!

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Notice all those mirrors….when you vainly look at yourself —  know you are being captured on camera 24/7 — Yikes!!

The Kitchen is decorated in striking blue and yellow with stainless steel accents — the perfect room to talk about your other housemates while savouring your daily intake of “Slop” — if you have unfortunately been relegated to a “Have-Not” for the week!

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One of the bedrooms is appropriately called The Palm Room….why you ask…cause its covered all in a palm leaf wallpaper..so very South Beach dahlin’!  I do love the colour combination of blue with chartreuse…it’s so fresh looking….and I love the art deco inspired twin beds…would put those in a guest room in a heartbeat! 

What I can’t understand is why each year every house guest is an absolute PIG!!  Didn’t anyone ever teach any of these slobs how to make a bed or put away their clothes!!  Take a good look at these pictures because this is NOT how you will see them on the show.

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But now we’re on to the Sunset Room…and I just love the colours of this bedroom.  It’s no secret that I just adore purple and combined with burnt orange & bronze decor….it’s just oh so glam!!  You’ll notice the walls are lined with curved glass blocks that were custom built for the Big Brother house.  It’s definitely a very different way to apply texture to the walls….and I don’t mind it in this instance.

no images were found

If you love bold stripes, then you’ll love the bathroom which is done up in dramatic black and yellow.  And if you watch the show you’ll notice quite a few pieces from the IKEA Trollsta collection — with the curvy legs — I’m a huge fan of  the Trollsta collection and how you can customize each piece to your decor.

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If I had an extra room in my house then I would re-create the Cabana Room — I love absolutely everything about this beach themed roomThe large day bed is fantastic in blue and white stripes with all the cushions and the faux canopy window dressing over the mirrors.  All I need is a tall fruity drink…and a cabana boy to feed me some grapes! 😉

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Ok…I can’t stop loving all the purple in this year’s BB12 house — the lounge immediately outside the Head of Household (HOH) bedroom is utterly glam with its dark purple velvet curved benches & metal coffee table.  What a great place to just sit and lounge, play a game of chess or plot how you can survive another week in the BB12 house!!

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And then of course, there is the Big Brother HOH bedroom….it’s really quite dreamy, relaxing and totally sophisticated in its colour scheme of warm browns and cool shades of blue and grey — quite the opposite of what goes down in that room — backstabbing, sobbing, heavy petting (for some) and a lot of strategic plotting to oust one unsuspecting houseguest!! 

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I love all the drama!!  But I especially love the interior decor of this year’s BB house.  Hope you enjoyed the tour!

If you’re looking to dial up the glam quotient in your home then contact me for an online or in-person consultation.

*All photos courtesy of CBS.com and Big Brother 12.