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A Mom, two girls and tea!

Yesterday I got to spend the entire day with both my girls at their respective schools which was a perfect lead-in to this Mother’s Day weekend!

First I headed over to my youngest daughter’s Montessori school for their Mother’s Day Tea…with lots of singing and baked goodies.

Look at the pretty tissue-paper flowers that greeted the moms when we arrived!


Then this fabulous group of children sang beautiful songs for their mommies.  Here is a snippet of one of the mother’s day themed songs:

Mya and her friends singing a song to all the mothers.



We then enjoyed iced tea and baked treats that the kids had baked earlier in the week!  That mini carrot cupcake was so delish!!


Mya then presented a drawing she made of the 2 of us.  And you’ll notice that the both of us are wearing crowns on our heads! She is definitely my little princess!


And here is present #2: a stunning DIY art project!  I am absolutely floored by how fabulous this keepsake piece of artwork is.  And it is so easy to do.  Just glue the crayons to the top of a canvas, turn on the blow-dryer at high heat and watch the melted wax drip down the canvas board!!  And voila, you have a piece of original artwork!!


Oh and look how amazing her printing is getting!!

Here we are enjoying some tea and baked goodies together. Look how proud she looks after giving me her precious mother’s day gifts!!


After tea, I rushed down to the Medieval Times Castle in Toronto to volunteer at my oldest daughter’s Grade 4 class field trip!  Mackenzie and I had a great time watching all the cute Knights joust and sword-fight, while wearing our crowns and eating with our fingers!



I am incredibly lucky to be the mom of these 2 precious little girls who I know love their mommy very much!  I’m looking forward to spending this weekend with my family – and getting a ton of kisses and hugs!


My wish is that you too have a wonderful Mother’s day weekend filled with lots of love.  And if you are not a mom, then I hope you get to spend some valuable time with your own mom!!


Happy Mother’s Day!!!


Glamorously yours,

Christine xoxo

Cityline & Dabble Day: Tips on Styling an Étagère

WOW!  What a fantastic week it has been for me professionally and personally! 

1) The Dabble Magazine Day show on Cityline aired on Tuesday, July 12th!!

2) I had a group of great women join me for breakfast that morning with lots of champagne and OJ to watch and celebrate my debut on Cityline!

3)  I’ve had wonderful feedback and comments from many, many people on Facebook and Twitter!.  So thank you very much!

So if you didn’t get a chance to watch it live, then you can click on the link to see it via the Cityline website

Oh, and this really excited me also!!

Fullscreen capture 13072011 15913 PM-1

It may seem insignificant to some but it’s a big deal to me —  especially when you are trying to build up your business –-  my name and company name was on the website as a Guest Expert!!  Whooo Hooo!

Fullscreen capture 15072011 121536 AM

So just to quickly summarize the styling tips I shared in this segment:

· Think in layers when placing items on the bookshelf and in different heights (i.e.: glass bowls layered in front of the picture.)
· When selecting objects, be aware of the scale and color. Objects shouldn’t blend in or get lost on the shelves. Beware of adding too small decorative items that will just end up looking like clutter

Fullscreen capture 15072011 121804 AM

· Books are wonderful home accessories, so showcase the most beautiful ones in your collection.

Fullscreen capture 15072011 122051 AM

· You can arrange the books by size, subject and color. And don’t forget to place books horizontally as well as vertically – it adds a nice rhythmic pattern to the shelf

Fullscreen capture 15072011 122308 AM

· Most people love symmetry when styling their shelves….it provides some structure and balance to the room…especially if the rest of the room has more chaos – like kids toys, etc. – this can be accomplished through matching book ends
· When grouping objects together – just remember the basic rule of threes — objects tend to look better when gathered in odd numbers, like 3s or 5s

Fullscreen capture 15072011 122516 AM

· Adding objects such as shapely ceramics, decorative boxes, small sculptures, family photos and original artwork makes your bookcase more visually appealing and personal.

Fullscreen capture 15072011 122728 AM

And because I was so nervous I totally forgot this last point I wanted to mention which was:

· Don’t forget about the background of your shelf….in this case; the shelves are open so you can see the dramatic painted dark wall…which helps your decorative pieces stand out stand out.
· Or you can paint or wallpaper the back of bookshelves to add a pop of colour and really bring the shelf to life

Fullscreen capture 15072011 124930 AM

Well I hope you enjoyed watching this Cityline/Dabble Mag segment as much as I enjoyed taping it.  Have a lovely weekend!!  Cheers!

Christine  x0x0

A Quick DIY Project: Lampshade + Ribbon = Divine!!

I’ve had these 2 turquoise lamps with very white lampshades for the last year.  I purchased them at Homesense when I started to convert my family room colour scheme into an orange and turquoise palette.

I’ve been thinking about adding orange ribbon to the lampshades for some time and today I just went out and purchased orange ribbon from…….The Dollar Store!!  I know…can you believe it!!!  I’m still in shock!! 

All I used was double sided tape at the ends of the ribbon  to keep it secure at the seam of the lampshade.  I’m so impressed with how they turned out….and what a difference it made to the lamps and the room.  The ribbon accents nicely off the sofa cushions and my two orange occasional chairs.

Listen, I’m not a big DIYer…so I’m pretty proud of myself right now!!  Smile So tell me, do you like my little DIY project??




If your home is craving some glamour, then contact me online or in person! I’d love to help!

Christine xoxo

Cityline and the Blogger-Fest!!

A couple of weeks ago I received an email from Kate Moore at Cityline asking me if I wanted to be an audience member for a ‘mystery’ show.  Well of course I said Yes.  One, I love a good mystery but most of all, I love the folks over at Cityline and have attended many show tapings in the past…like here.

The mystery was finally solved when we were told that the show was going to focus on Bloggers –a group of Decor, Beauty, Food and Mommy Bloggers! AND..the show officially aired today..so if you missed it, you’ll have to catch it online at Cityline’s website!

The Blogger guests included my decor BFF, Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault from Benjamin Moore, Eric Ehm – Founder, Yummy Mummy Club, Claire Tansey – Food Editor, Chatelaine, and Tracy PeartMakeup Artist to the lovely Tracy Moore



I absolutely love the sofa from Barrymore Furniture – the tufting and gorgeous blue colour is so very glamorous!!  And Leigh Ann’s DIY silhouette artwork is so adorable…I want to do this with my family at home!! 

BTW: Thanks for the shout-out today Tracy…and yes, I absolutely loved that chandelier floor lamp!! (unfortunately I cannot find a picture of it…but it’s gorgeous!!)

My usual gang hanging out in the audience, Leigh Ann, Sarah, Christine, Meredith Heron, Ana, Vitania (her head is hidden) Vanessa and myself tweeting away about the show.

And the lovely Sarah Gunn is Cityline’s first Blogger of the month – check it out here!  Congrats Sarah!

After the show, Cityline hosted their very first Tweet-Up at the very swanky and ultra glam Ritz Carlton


Just hanging at the Ritz: Me, Leigh Ann, Ana,Sarah, Kate, Jennifer Brouwer, a blogger’s names I forget (sorry.…tell me your name and I will revise this post) and Vanessa

Cityline Pics


Cityline Pics1


Cityline Pics2


Thanks Cityline for a great show and wonderful tweet-up….can’t wait for the next one!!!

Glamorously yours,

Christine xoxo





Photo Credits:

1 – 3: Cityline Website

Decor by Christine Collages

Last Pic – http://www.cherishtoronto.blogspot.com/

Around the House with Cityline!

I’ve had the great pleasure of attending 3 Cityline show taping in the past and I always have such fun, and tomorrow (January 10th) will be my fourth time being in the audience.  My new great friend Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault invited me and 3 other Design Bloggers to attend the show and cheer her on in the 2 decor segments she was being featured in. 

Cityline gals

That’s Sarah, Me, Christine and Ana in the Green Room before the show

Anyway, there are 3 things that I love about Cityline:

1.  It’s 100% Canadian, taped daily in Toronto, Ontario

2.  It covers everything from Food, Fashion, Interior Design to Parenting and all the “experts” featured are Canadian!

3.  Tracy Moore, the host is gorgeous and so down to earth…she’s makes everyone in the audience feel included and very much part of the show.

Monday shows on Cityline are called “Around the House” and there is always a cooking segment and a home decor segment featured. 

Leigh Ann’s home decor segment was all about how to get the ‘hotel look’ in your home on a budget…and wow, was it ever.  To get the “hotel look for less” Leigh Ann went to Moveline Liquidations – a Hotel & Office Furniture Liquidation Centre where you can find phenomenal deals on chairs, tables, desks, pictures and a whole lot more.

This is what Leigh Ann picked up from Moveline for her segment: a ratty old chair, desk and 4 framed pictures. 

IMG_5203 to crop (2)

(sorry about the anorexic pic…but none of us thought to take a before picture so I had to be creative and crop) Embarrassed smile

But you will forgive me for that picture when you see the after….Voila:



How glam is that!!  It is definitely a GLAM SLAM in my book!!  It never ceases to amaze me what a good coat of paint and reupholstery in gorgeous fabric can do to older furniture with a good foundation!!  I’m not really a DIYer…I much prefer to create the vision and than have someone – an expert in that field – bring my vision to life.  And that is exactly what Leigh Ann did with this great example.  She sent the chair and desk to Paint It Like New in Burlington.  You can find the paint colours she used here!

Then she sent the chair to be reupholstered at Rewrap and voila, she now has 2 glamorous pieces of furniture for her home. 

Wondering what Leigh Ann did with the framed pictures?  Well so was I.


She took just the frames and created panelled mouldings for the wall – how genius is that??!!.  Painted in the same colour as the wall gives the entire vignette a very chic and sophisticated look!!  Love it!!

If your decor budget doesn’t allow for you to go out and buy a funky cowhide rug, than fret no more. That cowhide rug in the pictures above was made by crafty Leigh Ann.  Her second segment is a demo on how to create a faux cowhide rug.  Genius x 2!!!

Also on the show was the one and only Bryan Baeumler, Host of "House of Bryan" and "Disaster DIY taking about.  He talked about how to avoid a Disaster DIY when working on a home reno.  He used Leigh Ann’s bathroom reno as an example of how it should be done!!  Bryan also officially introduced his newborn son Lincoln to everyone on Cityline….so adorable!!

Massimo Capra was also on the show cooking up a storm, along with the ladies from Sweet Potato Chronicles on how to easily add superfoods to your diet.

All in all, it was a fantastic show with lots of good learning and great people.

Now for some fun shots taken at the end of the show!


Leigh Ann being sassy


All the girls being sassy!!!


Massimo surround by his fan club!!

Cityline feb 10

Leigh Ann, Bryan, his newborn Lincoln, and Massimo!

Unfortunately, we didn’t get a picture with Tracy because she had to run out to a Town hall meeting.  So here’s a picture of the 2 of us from a previous taping.

Me & Tracy Moore Nov 2

One last thing:  One of my dreams / goals is to one day actually appear in a decorating segment as part of the show versus the audience….keep your fingers crossed for me!!!  Send a kiss

If your home is craving some glamour, then contact me online or in person!  I’d love to help!
Glamorously yours, 


GlamaMama hangin’ with Steven & Chris

That’s right….I’ve become a Design Show groupie…..attending the taping of different design shows as an audience member!!  Last month it was the Nate Berkus Show and this month it was the Steven and Chris design show….good Canadian boys!! 🙂  What can I say….I love my Design Shows!!

The audience consisted of various Design, Lifestyle and Mommy Bloggers..a great audience made up of all women except for 1 token male screaming and applauding for one of the cutest gay design couples in Canada!!

Check us all out at the taping of the show on October 19th, 2010

no images were found

That’s me where you see the purple arrow pointing!!  (Photo Credit)


Apparently Chris is not a DIYer (like me) so he stayed backstage while Steven showcased his DIY segment — How to create two beautiful and rich looking memento frames  — easy and inexpensive to create!  Here is the end result!!

Click here for instructions on completing this DIY project (Photo Credit)


Jenny McCarthy was their special guest — gorgeous and oh so skinny!!  She talked about her new book “Love, Lust & Faking It: The Naked Truth About Sex, Lies, and True Romance”.   Sounds like there are quite a few naughty bits in this book….so I MUST read it!!

Photo Credit


Chef Rodney Bowers made his infamous Pulled Pork on air….and let me tell you….it was delish.  How do I know it was delish?  Well, after the show, the producers put together a luncheon for all the bloggers with Steven and Chris.  That was a nice surprise.  Click here to get the recipe for Rodney’s Pulled Pork sandwich….look how good it looked!!

(Photo Credit)


Now of course, I can’t forget the token picture of I with Steven and Chris…the 3 of us look so glamorous together.

You can watch the Steven and Chris show on CBC at 2pm Monday to Friday!!


If you can’t get enough of Steven and Chris, NOW you can have them in your living room, on your ceiling, on your bed and even on your dining room table!!!!  Whaaaaat???  Get your mind out of the gutter…..I’m talking about their Steven and Chris furniture line, decorative accessories, lighting, bedding and now WINE!!!  Here are a few sneak peaks at everything Steven and Chris!!

All furniture available through Decor-Rest


Accessories available through Canfloyd Trading


Headboards available through Decor-Rest, Linens available at all Home Outfitters across Canada


Lighting through Artcraft Lighting


Time for a wine-fest!!  Steven and Chris now have wine available from Trend Wines.  TREND WINES are available at Reif Estate Winery in Niagara-on-the-Lake, over 100 LCBO’s across Ontario and at reifshop.com.


If your home is craving some glamour, then contact me online or in person!  I’d love to help!

Contest Time:  I have 4 tickets to give away to the Steven and Chris Show.  All you have to do is leave a comment & subscribe to my Glam Blog OR ReTweet this posting on Twitter OR Share it on Facebook.  Winner will be announced next Monday on Nov 1st!  Thanks for reading!


P.S.  My name wasn’t on the original Steven and Chris invite list that went out to the blogger attendees so I was a guest of  my friend Tamara from Wonder Moms.  That is why my blog isn’t on the blogger list outlined on their website.  Hopefully they add it on. 🙂