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My Top Decor Trends for this Holiday Season

Hi there! I know it’s only October but it’s time to start thinking about the Holiday season.  And to help prod you along, I have chosen my top decor trends for this 2016 holiday season.  Even one better, I have collaborated with the Toronto furniture store, Decorium  and chosen a few key furniture pieces and accessories that will help you bring these stunning trends into your home this season and into 2017.   How easy is that? Oh, and when you get to the end of this post, I will be announcing an exciting contest where you can win something! So let’s get started!

My Top Decor Trends for this Holiday Season

  1. Black is back!

Black may be a permanent feature in your closet, but now is the time to bring it into your home. I’m not saying for you to paint your dining room walls all black, although that would look utterly divine – but a few pieces, like a little black dress, will totally amp up the glam factor.  From lighting to key furniture pieces, black adds a bold statement to any room and is timeless and classic.

  1. Velvet

If you look at the necks of all the IT girls right now, you will notice they are all wearing black velvet chokers.  And for the holiday party season, I’ve seen velvet jackets, shoes and purses being all the rage.  This fabric option will add a beautiful sheen and luxurious look to any room, whether it’s on a sofa, dining chair or a gorgeous headboard in your bedroom.

  1. Blue Bliss

When I meet with clients for the first time and we talk about their colour preferences, Blue is always one of their top choices to use in their furnishings.  Thankfully, this classic colour continues to be popular in home decor.  What’s so wonderful about blue is that in any shade, it is a no-fail colour to incorporate into your home this holiday season and it looks so good mixed in with a neutral colour scheme and warm metals.  For example, if your sofa is a neutral colour than try adding blue occasional chairs into the mix and your will see how blue can liven up any room.

  1. Marble

The timeless beauty of marble is just not for kitchen countertops and flooring anymore.  Incorporating touches of marble into every day decor will continue to be on trend this holiday season.  So if your home is full of granite, have no fear because adding the elegant touch of marble is as easy as changing up your coffee table this season.

  1. Copper

Warm metals, such as gold, rose gold and brass continue to be popular in fashion accessories & totally on trend for home decor.  Incorporating the beauty of copper into the mix will award your home with A+ style.  And remember, it’s ok to mix your metals so if your home has a lot of silver and polished chrome, now is the time to adopt the warm metal trend……because it’s not going away any time soon.

Top Decor Trends for 2016 holiday season - Decorium

Products listed: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

These gorgeous pieces I’ve chosen are all available at Decorium, a family run business that is celebrating 30 wonderful years in Toronto.  It is your one stop shop where you will find beautiful furniture for every lifestyle.  Now while my taste tends to run towards more modern furniture, Decorium offers a vast selection of home furnishings & decor in all styles……all under one roof!

And remember when I told you at the beginning of this blog post that you can win something – well, Decorium is inviting my readers to participate in a contest where you have the chance to win a $1500 Decorium Gift Card. That should help get you started on revamping your home with my top decor picks for the holiday season.  All you have to do is click here and follow the instructions!

Good luck! xoxo



Giving the gift of sweet memories

This past Christmas I had a hard time trying to figure out what gift to give my father for Christmas.  If you have been reading my monthly Posterjack blog series from the beginning  of 2015 than you know that his cancer spread to his spine and he is now bedridden and sadly not doing very well.  At this point, material things do not matter to him but I still wanted to give him something that would bring some joy to him.  From his hospital bed in my parent’s living room all he can do is stare at the four walls around him.  Those walls are filled with family photographs which I know he looks at all the time when he is lucid.  So I decided to give my dad the gift of sweet memories when him and my mom were younger with the help of Posterjack.

I found these 2 photos of my parents.  This first one is when they were still engaged in 1959 and still living in Lisbon Portugal.  My dad always wore a suit and he looked so dapper.  Love that my mom is holding gloves like a young lady in her left hand.

Parents in Portugal (2)

And this is one from 1961….they were just newlyweds and new immigrants to Canada.  I believe this is High Park and they were having a picnic with some friends.  Love that my dad still wore a suit and my mom was wearing heels.  My mom kind of reminds me of Jackie O with her sunglasses.

mom & dad at park (2)

I tried to fix up these photos as best as I could as they are quite old and convert them into Posterjack Art.

I chose canvas for their first photo as it was in better shape and I chose the lucite block for the one of them in the park.  Both my parents cried when they opened up their gift of sweet memories.  I find that as you get older sentimental gifts are really the ones that matter, and I know that these 2 picture gifts were of the most value to them.   Below is how each picture turned out.

Mom & Dad in park 1961

I placed the lucite block on a candle holder to give it some height on an end table and we hung the canvas alongside the gallery wall of family photos.   That’s my older sister and I above their canvas art…..now that’s scary short hair I had.

Mom & Dad 1959 dating canvas art

I can’t make my father better but I can surround him with the love of his family always.

Glamorously yours xoxo





This post has been sponsored by Posterjack. All opinions expressed are my own naturally! xo

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year! I’m quite ready to say farewell to 2015.  My goal for 2016 is to celebrate each day. I am thankful for each and every day that I have with my family, friends, clients and business colleagues!  So on that note:

Save Water And Drink Champagne!!!!!

HappyNewYear 2015-2016

(Save Water Drink Champagne image from Fancy it Pretty)

Wishing you all health and happiness in 2016!

Glamorously yours xoxo


#LowesHolidayHomes: My Christmas Foyer Reveal

Christmas is literally around the corner and I am excited to show you my Christmas Foyer Reveal in partnership with Lowes Canada.  Just to recap, Lowes graciously asked me and a few other design bloggers to decorate a specific area of their home for Christmas and blog about it.  I chose my foyer as my #LowesHolidayHomes project.

Christmas Decorating Ideas for your Foyer by Decor by Christine

You can catch up on my previous two posts about decorating my foyer for Christmas here and here if you missed them.  Now let me show you what my foyer looked like last month before I started this project.  I can’t believe I forgot to take a picture of my staircase leading to the second floor but you can catch a glimpse of the banister where the half wall is that separates my living room (which is open to the foyer when you first walk in).

Decor by Christine - christmas foyer - before

I needed new wreaths this Christmas and found some beautiful ones at Lowes to greet my guests before they walked into my foyer.

Decor by Christine LowesHolidayHomes front door to foyer

When you walk into my foyer the first thing you see are my spectacular Nutcrackers!! Have I told you how much I love these two guys! 😉

Decor by Christine LowesHolidayHomes foyer entrance

Handsome boys!!

Decor by Christine LowesHolidayHomes large nutcrackers in foyer


I have always wanted a large Christmas tree to greet my guests at the door and with Lowes I was able to do this.  Since we have 10′ ft high ceilings on our main level I was able to get away with this beautiful life-like 9’ft pre-lit Balsam Fir artificial tree.  It is spectacular and definitely makes a dramatic statement when you first walk in and look to your left towards our living room.

Decor by Christine LowesHolidayHomes tree

Remember those cute birch tree planters I bought in the Winter Garden Area at Lowes….well, I dressed them up a bit with additional christmas decor picks I found at Lowes and voila…..they look fantastic on my half wall and on the mirrored chest in the living room that is open to my foyer.

Decor by Christine LowesHolidayHomes birch planter

I added some beautiful sugar pine cones and fresh mini swag from Lowes to each birch tree planter to dress it up.

Decor by Christine LowesHolidayHomes birch planters in foyer

At Lowes, I also purchased pre-lit garlands to add to my staircase banister as you walk upstairs.  I added white sparkly tulle to really glam up the staircase.  Love how it turned out.

Decor by Christine LowesHolidayHomes staircase


Decor by Christine LowesHolidayHomes garland

Last, but not least is my console table in the foyer.  I decorated it with thoughts of a winter wonderland….and a dash of red.

Decor by Christine LowesHolidayHomes foyer table


Decor by Christine LoweHolidayHomes foyer table

Can you believe that I bought these gold & silver sequined cushions at Lowes?  I know….who knew that Lowes was getting so stylish!  They are perfect for my entire decor scheme.

Decor by Christine LowesHolidayHomes cushion


This last picture pretty much sums up my Christmas foyer reveal.  I am really happy with it!

Decor by Christine LowesHolidayHomes foyer

Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!!!

Glamorously yours xoxo





This post has been sponsored by Lowes Canada.  All opinions expressed are my own naturally! xo

One Room Challenge: ManCave Garage Reveal

Hurray…….it’s finally time for my One Room Challenge ManCave Garage reveal.  But first let me clarify a few things first if you are new to the Decor by Christine website & blog:

  1. I am an interior decorator/designer and I normally do pretty & glamorous design projects. Yes, that means I do kitchen & bath renovations and  I decorate homes with beautiful furniture & accessories.  My clients are usually married women with busy lives & kids that need to revamp their home after years of having a beige & blah home.  This is what I do…..I infuse colour, pattern and style into their home…..and they are ecstatic afterwards!
  2. This is my first time participating in the One Room Challenge created by Linda from Calling It Home.  I hope to participate again in Spring 2016 where I can show you a room that really reflects what Decor by Christine is all about.
  3. I have never done a garage or mancave before.  In this case, my husband became my client and Garage Living carried out the renovation….but my husband & I created the vision of what we or should I say HE wanted to have.  Mancaves aren’t really “pretty” so this One Room Challenge is not the usual project you will see on the Calling It Home website full of pretty bedrooms, bathrooms, laundry rooms etc that all the wonderful participants all finished in a mere 6 weeks.  But damn……I am really proud of how this mancave garage turned out!  Oh, and my husband is currently on cloud 9.
  4. You can catch up on Weeks 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 here.
  5. Ok….enough rambling on……now let’s get going on the reveal!  But first…..a quick recap:

The Garage – Before

Do you remember what it looked like?  Here’s a view of the left side of the garage.

garage - interior

And this was the plan that Garage Living created for us after a meeting with them discussing my husband’s needs.


The Garage – After

A Full View of the ManCave Garage

As you can see, we got a full artwall happening here, cabinetry, an area to enjoy a coffee and lots of storage!

ORC full view of mancave garage - Decor by Christine

In this picture the Porsche is sitting on the car lift at ground level.

ORC full view of mancave garage 2 - Decor by Christine


The Art Wall

The art gallery on the left wall of the garage is the focal point of the mancave garage.  Here my husband has created  a story of pictures from his motorcycles rides – specifically his trip to Sturgis this past summer.  He also pays homage to the founders of Harley-Davidson with pictures of vintage bikes from the Harley-Davidson Museum.  And of course, his new baby is his Porsche Carrera he got this past spring.  So lots of pictures of Porsche and other beauties.

ORC Artwall 2 mancave - Decor by Christine

Miniature little bikes on a shelf:

ORC HD closeup of shelf - Decor by Christine

A gas tank he purchased from E-Bay that echos the large picture of gas tanks from every year that Harley Davidson has been in existence – 112 years old.

ORC HD old gas tank - mancave - Decor by Christine

Below is a vintage Porsche steering wheel from a 1993 911 we hung as art.  And right below it is a stunning metal art photo of his bike that I got made as a surprise from Posterjack.

ORC Artwall mancave garage - Decor by Christine

And we can’t forget about Sports — specifically baseball with the Toronto Blue Jays.  The large photo is made out of posterboard art also from Posterjack.

ORC baseball art wall - Decor by Christine

Who remembers when the Blue Jays won the world series for the first time…..That’s a classic picture.

ORC - baseball shelf - Decor by Christine

The Garage Cafe

To enjoy a lovely cup of freshly ground coffee, we have a lovely bistro table with truly unique bar stools made from replicated motorcycle seats.

ORC Bistro cafe - Decor by Christine

ORC bistro table styling - Decor by Christine

ORC Bistro mancave garage - Decor by Christine



We got lots of storage from Garage Living.  We love the butcher block countertop and stainless steel backsplash.  I had a lot of fun styling the counter top with some of my hubby’s fun accessories.

ORC Cabinetry mancave garage - Decor by Christine

The bar fridge was a little bit too small for the opening so we chose to put it at the side and replace that area with another bar stool (as we purchased 4 of them).

ORC counter styling in mancave - Decor by Christine

These old Harley-Davidson beer cans were purchased at Aberfoyle Antique Market.  Believe it or not, they are dated 1993 & 1998 and still have the beer inside the can.  Imagine cracking open that can right now –  Ewwwwwwwwwwwww!

ORC vintage HD beer cans - Decor by Christine

The full length cabinets allows us to hide our garbage & recycling bins so the mancave stays neat and clean smelling.

ORC recycling storage in garage - Decor by Christine

And there is alot of overhead storage for seasonal items.

ORC Upper storage in garage - Decor by Christine

The Car Lift

Adding in a car lift allowed us to store an extra vehicle in the garage…..and to watch the car rise is really quite awesome.  It’s like a fun elevator with no walls.  So I had to pose beside it of course.

ORC carlift in mancave garage - Decor by Christine

And last but now least…..we can’t forget whose garage this belongs to – Dad.  At least I’ll know where he’s at when I can’t find him.  🙂 Also I’m loving my newly painted black door and new stair railing.

ORC - dads garage - Decor by Christine


It’s been a crazy 6 weeks trying to get the mancave garage completed…..and wow, are we ever happy with it.  We don’t consider it a garage anymore…..it really is another room of the house.  And we are looking forward to having some friends over for a fresh cup of coffee at The Garage Cafe.

Hope you enjoyed my One Room Challenge, and don’t forget to head over to Calling It Home to see all the other beautifully designed rooms by all participants.  I want to thank Garage Living for the installation of our fabulous new mancave garage & Posterjack for creating some stunning artwork out of our photos for the gallery wall! xoxo

Glamorously yours xoxo


One Room Challenge – ManCave Garage – Week 2

Hi there,

Time for a Week 2 update on my One Room Challenge (ORC) where I will endeavor to transform my husband’s garage into a “mancave” garage in 6 short weeks.  Remember I am linking up to the One Room Challenge, along with a ton of other designers/bloggers challenging themselves to complete a room in 6 weeks.  Now many of you have been wondering why I chose a garage for my first ORC…..and it really came down to timing.  My husband and I had been discussing the garage transformation for the last month and had committed a budget to it.  So when my friends Vanessa & Christine challenged me to participate in this round of the ORC, the only room I could offer up was the  garage.  So not as glamorous as transforming a bedroom or bathroom but at least no one else is doing a garage.

Now let’s recap my Sean’s objectives for his mancave:

  1. Organization!  everything in its place (ie: tools) and the garage to be clutter-free
  2. Storage – lots of it for bikes, tools, seasonal decorations, my designer samples (ie: tiles, flooring etc) and all the recycling bins
  3. Maximize vertical space  for seasonal vehicles – we have an 18 ft ceiling in the garage so it makes sense as this under-utilized space
  4. Clean & odor-free garage – new flooring & storage will take care of this
  5. Add heater to moderate temperature in garage for seasonal vehicles
  6. Man-cave comfort (ie: fridge, counter space, TV) so he can watch sports while he is puttering around in the garage
  7. Create an art wall where he can display the pictures from all his motorcycle rides – pictures that I haven’t allowed in the house

We decided to hire a company called Garage Living, experts in converting ugly garages into masterpieces.


garage living & Decor by Christine


After meeting with them, they came back with some floor plans of our new garage taking into consideration our objectives for the mancave.  Below is a 3D floor plan they presented to us. Utilizing our high ceilings, a car lift will be added to store the summer car.  Underneath will be room for the motorcycle and Sean’s car.  On the other side is cabinetry that will house tools, recycling bins, my designer samples and a bar fridge.  My husband will have a TV or laptop on the countertop to watch sports while he putters around with his tools or his new coffee bean roaster. 🙂

ORC garage 3D floorplan 1 - Decor by Christine


There will also be additional storage overhead at the back and the front of the garage where we will store summer tires, seasonal items and whatever else goes up there. Bikes will be hung on the walls where the car lift is.  On the other side we will use that large wall to hang up my husband’s Harley-Davidson / Porsche pictures that he has taken on road trips.

ORC garage 3D topview - Decor by Christine

Below is a technical illustration of the floor plan that Garage Living provided to us — I always love giving clients a technical drawing of their floor plan….it looks so professional.

ORC - mancave garage - technical illustration - Decor by Christine

In reality the left side of the garage is for my SUV…but as I mentioned last week, it really is too big and I would barely be able to open my driver door to get out…..so this is where the mancave portion comes in.  Still debating whether I will add a table & chairs there or a sofa.  Hmmmmm, lots to think about still.

Ok, that’s it for this week.  Plans have been approved.  Next week we will be choosing the flooring, wall colour, cabinetry and back-splash….so come back for my ORC Week 3 update.

Click here to catch up on my ORC Week 1 blog post and click here to see what other rooms are being transformed from all the participants.

Glamorously yours, xoxo



One Room Challenge – ManCave Garage – Week One

Have you heard of the One Room Challenge? (#OneRoomChallenge or #ORC) 6-week blog series?  The One Room Challenge™, currently in its ninth season, is a biannual event every April and October hosted by Linda at Calling it Home Blog.  Each round, twenty designers are invited to take the challenge and transform a space — in just 6 short weeks. Every Wednesday, the designers document their process while sharing their sources and professional advice over the six weekly posts.  In addition to following along, everyone with a blog, is welcome to join in on the fun by linking their own room transformations up during the six weeks. This is where my blog comes in.  Each Thursday, I will be linking my transformation to this site.  For my first time I won’t be quite transforming your typical room like a bedroom or bathroom…..I’m going to transform our garage into a man-cave for my dearest husband.

One room challlenge participant

Can I transform a boring garage into something glamorous?  Damn straight I can!!  OK, well, maybe glamorous isn’t quite the word I would use to describe what my husband would like…but its not going to look like your typical garage.  I’m hoping that by the end of this transformation, our garage/man-cave will look something like this…..but even better!!!

bright-clean-garage inspiration

So why transform a garage?  My hubby and I had been discussing what to do with our garage and how to store his “toys” over the winter while still allowing our usual vehicles a place of warmth over the winter.  Actually, let me correct myself……only HIS car gets in the garage because my SUV is mammoth and won’t fit if I actually want to get out of it.  So really this is why the garage is becoming his man-cave…..all of his vehicles will be inside of it —  which includes his regular car, his summer car and his motorcycle.  Rough life he’s got!!

Below is a list of our, I mean his must-haves for the garage man-cave:

  1. Organization!  everything in its place (ie: tools) and the garage to be clutter-free
  2. Storage – lots of it for bikes, tools, seasonal decorations, my designer samples (ie: tiles, flooring etc) and all the recycling bins
  3. Maximize vertical space  for seasonal vehicles – we have an 18 ft ceiling in the garage so it makes sense us this under-utilized space
  4. Clean & odor-free garage – new flooring & storage will take care of this
  5. Add heater to moderate temperature in garage for seasonal vehicles
  6. Man-cave comfort (ie: fridge, counter space, TV) so he can watch sports while he is puttering around in the garage
  7. Create an art wall where he can display the pictures from all his motorcycle rides – pictures that I haven’t allowed in the house 😉

Here is what our garage looks like now from the outside and inside.  The exterior of our house with our double garage:

exterior of house

And here is the disorganized mess that is inside:

garage - before

Now we are on our way to transforming this garage into a man-cave garage….keep up with my weekly updates every Thursday for the next 5 weeks.  Sign up for my updates to the right of this blog post!

Glamorously yours xoxo




Using Pop-Art in a kids room

Fall means getting organized and making to-do lists of the decorating projects you want to complete this season – especially before Christmas.  One of the items on my decorating to-do list was hanging up artwork in both my daughters’ bedrooms.  But not just any artwork – I want artwork that is fun and personalized to their personalities.  When I showed them the concept of Pop-art , they got all excited and yelled YES!  What company does Pop-art the best with your own images?  Well, that would be Posterjack of course.  And I knew this would be my next #12PrintsProject blog post.

Pop-Art Example #1

My oldest daughter is 13 yrs old and is always playing around with different apps on her phone.  She had taken this really funky photo of her lips and had added some colour to it and it really did look like art when she was finished with it.  I told her to save that photo because I had an idea how to turn that “selfie“ into art through the special effect of Pop-art on canvas.  And voila, I think it turned out fabulous.

The following images were all taken on my iPhone, so excuse the quality or glare from the light coming through the windows. 

Decor by Christine - daughter bedroom - art wall

She is in French Immersion so I had purchased a few gold foil prints with french sayings and I think her tiny gallery wall frames her pop-art lip canvas print perfectly.

Gallery wall - kid bedroom - Decor by Christine

And here`s a close-up! I`m so pleased with the result and Mackenzie is very happy with her gallery wall.

Lips pop art canvas - Decor by Christine


Pop-Art Example #2

Now, my 8 yr old daughter is a competitive dancer and we thought it was high time that she have a dedicated spot in her room to showcase pictures of her dancing in various competitions alongside trophies & plaques she has won.  I chose a fun picture from her hip-hop routine last season and re-invented it into Pop-art.  It`s the focal point amongst photos of her dancing on stage and we left some space to hang more plaques as she wins them,

Decor by Christine - creating art wall in kids bedroom

I like how her dancer art wall is above her toy storage where she has begun showcasing her competitive trophies.  I also had to add her first tiny pair of tap shoes as a prop.

daughters bedroom mini artwall - Decor by Christine

A close-up of that adorable face!

Canvas pop art - kids room - Decor by Christine

It`s so easy to create your own version of pop-art.  Once you upload your photo onto Posterjack`s website and specify the size and format you want, under special effects choose pop-art and it will show you an example of how your image will look.  Easy-peasy.  What child doesn’t want to see their face created into personalized artwork.

And what an easy fall decorating project this could be for you.  Happy decorating!

Glamorously yours xoxo





This post has been sponsored by Posterjack.  All opinions expressed are my own naturally! xo






Glamour Friday: Hayden Panettiere’s Home

Happy Friday!  I kind of let my Glamour Friday series fall off my blogging schedule this year, but I am bringing it back for the fall.  YAY!  As I was “flipping” through Next Issue – yes, that is how I read/view all my magazines now — I downloaded the Fall issue of Domino Magazine and fell in love with Hayden Panettiere’s home in this issue.

Hayden is one of the stars of the soapy night-time drama called “Nashville.”  Since they film the bulk of the series in Nashville, she has recently purchased a new home with her new husband, world-champ boxer Wladimir Klitschko, and their baby daughter Kaya.

I love that despite having a young family, she wasn’t afraid to bring in tons of glamour through a mixture of different textures, pattern and colour — thanks of course to her Designer Benjamin Vandiver.  Now let`s take a peek into Hayden`s home.

Look at this foyer…..now this is the way to make a dramatic entrance.  Love those stools! Totally swoon-worthy and so glam!

Domino - Hayden panettiere foyer

Yup…..grey kitchens are still a hot trend.  I want those counter stools!

Domino - Hayden panettiere Kitchen

I`m seeing a lot of chocolate brown rooms right now.  A chocolate brown wall really makes a room look rich and glamorous.  Mix gold accents like the 2 matching etegeres, animal print and bold art — and you have a room that your guests will never want to leave.

Domino - Hayden panettiere LR

Look at this shelf in the study! Forget books — just add stacks of wood and WOW!!!  What a statement!

Domino - Hayden panettiere study

I am a huge fan of wallpaper – for myself and clients – and this metallic wallpaper is swoon-worthy in her dining room.  The juxtaposition of the traditional wood table keeps the room  from being over the top.  A good design lesson right there.

Domino - Hayden panettiere DR

Her bedroom is totally girly glam which I love.  However, I question the size of the bed.  From this angle, the bed looks like a queen, which I find hard to believe.  Her husband is a boxer, well over 6` ft tall, so you would think they would have a king sized bed.  How does he sleep comfortably?  Oh well, I love the headboard and I am coveting those pink lamps.

Domino - Hayden panettiere Master BR

Since the master bedroom is so girly, Hayden was sweet enough to create a vintage inspired music room above the garage where her husband can escape to play the drums as loudly as he wants.   Given that Hayden is a singer also, I can imagine her hanging out here as well. Oh and apparently the vintage-style sofa boasts arms that open into insulated beer coolers. Score!

Domino - Hayden panettiere Music Room

Happy Glamour Friday…..and have a super weekend!

Glamorously yours xoxo