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On My Radar: Canopy Beds

I’m kind of obsessed with getting a canopy bed right now. Do you know the history of the canopy bed? It’s really quite interesting.

A canopy bed is a decorative bed somewhat similar to a four-poster bed. A typical canopy bed usually features posts at each of the four corners extending four feet high or more above the mattress. Ornate or decorative fabric is often draped across the upper space between the posts and a solid swath of cloth may create a ceiling, or canopy directly over the bed.  Source

The canopy bed came into existence more for utilitarian means rather than for extravagance or decadence. Canopy beds with curtains that could completely enclose the bed were used by lords and noblemen in medieval Europe for warmth and privacy, as their attendants often slept in the same room. Until the 16th century, these beds, even those of the nobles, were fairly plain and understated. During this period, carved work on the headboard and posts became popular and more ornate canopy beds followed.  Source



Today canopy beds are used to infuse drama, glamour and create a statement in the bedroom. It also adds height and scale if that is lacking in your bedroom.  When my husband and I first got married, we had a very modern looking black canopy bed in our first home.  But alas, we sold it when we moved into our second home.  Now, I’m thinking a beautiful canopy bed in my youngest daughter’s bedroom would look super glam and allow her to grow out of a twin sized bed.  This would be my top choice for her canopy bed – available through Pottery Barn Teen – the Maison Canopy Bed.  If it came in a king size, I might even get one myself!


Here are a few more canopy beds on my radar — from sleek and modern to full out mirrored glamour!


Sources:  1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

So, are you into canopy beds as much as I am? Need to update your bedroom?  Give me a call, I would love to help.


Glamorously yours,



Canadian Living & Sexual Healing

Happy Friday!!  Great news: I’m quoted in the November issue of Canadian Living Magazine.  I was contacted way back in late spring to offer some tips on “sexing” up your bedroom, and I totally forgot about it until a neighbour mentioned seeing the article.  HA!


The article is called Sexual Healing and is written by freelance writer Rosemary Counter.  In the article I talk about how to set the scene in your bedroom with some helpful tips.  Below is a screenshot of the first page of the article.

photo (5)

There’s also other great advice in this article , along with other great topics inside the November issue, so hurry and pick it up!!  Enjoy!

Glamorously yours,

Christine xoxo

Love it or Hate It? Batman Inspired bedroom

I’m a huge fan of the Batman movie franchise and am really looking forward to TDKR when its released July 20th.  So when I came across this photo on Facebook, I couldn’t resist posting it on here.




So tell me, do you love it or hate it??  What do you think of the bat cave inspired walls?  What about the headboard? Hit the comment button and let me know!!

Have a fabulous weekend!

Glamorously yours,

Christine xoxo

Glamour Friday: Purple Passion

I love anything purple and when I saw this stunning purple bedroom designed by Annsley McAleer of Annsley Interiors, I was instantly hooked!


Everything about this room is a Glam Slam!  From the floral headboard, to its curvy sexy shape and the solid purple banding that give it that extra oomph!!  Love the fabric of the long bolster cushion with the hits of gold and orange.  And the beautiful gold-leaf chandelier is the perfect finishing touch….like long dangly earrings accessorizing the perfect outfit.



The ever-popular x-bench is a staple everyone should have in their home.  The rich details of the gold mirror above bring out the gold and orange in the fabric.  By painting the legs purple this traditional looking bench now has a glamorous edge to it.  I think it is absolutely perfect!


And then…..these chairs…Oh la la!!! I think I’ve died and gone to heaven!  I’ve been trying to find out the name of this style of chair so if you know what this chair is called please let me know.  Are they not stunning or what?  The purple stripe detailing and piping give it that glam chic look I love!!  And any mirrored furniture is definitely a friend of mine!

So what do you think?  Are you in love with this bedroom as much as I am?  Would you have these chairs in your home?  I know I would!!

If you are looking to glamorize your bedroom with some purple touches, then send me a message through email, Facebook or Twitter!  I would love to help!

Glamorously yours,

Christine xoxo

Glamour Friday: Wallpaper Obsessed!

Hi Everyone,

Hope you all had a fantastic March break last week.  As you know, I was down at Walt Disney World with my hubby and my two girls so this last week has been major catch up on some client projects that I am finishing up.

Today I was at Crown Wallpaper & Fabrics with a client looking at wallpaper for her powder room (one of the last rooms I am decorating for her) and so I couldn’t resist showing you some beautiful wallpapers that can make a huge difference in the look of your home!

I’m a bit biased towards Candice Olsen’s line of wallpapers since she adorns the walls of my dining room and my eldest daughter’s bedroom.  Now get ready for some wallpaper porn!!


This is the wallpaper my client chose for her powder room. It’s called Shadow Flowers and has the most amazing texture.  I can’t wait to show you the powder room once it if finished.image

Wallpaper are available in lovely neutral colours….where you go bold is with the pattern…but when it is tone on tone, a very glamorous, elegant look is achieved.  image


Or you can go wild with colour….and you know how much I love purple!!  Paired with neutral grey chairs, this living room truly becomes unforgettable!


So fabulous and what an easy way to create impact in your dining or living room!


Want to create oomph when your guests walk into your home?  Than wallpaper your foyer or entryway with dramatic wallpaper.



Of course, the bedroom is an obvious choice for wallpaper and you can go as subtle, glam or over – the-top as the pictures below show.





I’m a huge advocate of wallpapering a child’s room.  My only advice is do NOT go juvenile.  Your child is going to grow out of child-like designs…so keep that in mind when choosing the design. 

This wallpaper is very pretty with the little pink bunnies….but when the little girl becomes a teenager she just may get sick of those bunnies.


As you may recall from this previous post, I am updating both my daughters’ bedrooms. I chose Candice Olson’s Dark Pink Mini Daisy Spot (image below) for my daughter’s bedroom when she was 6 years old.  She is now turning 10 in a few months and this wallpaper will grow with her into her teens.  Her room is almost complete and I can’t wait to show it to you here.


If wallpaper still intimidates you, but you are dying to try it in a room in your home, then the powder room is the perfect place to start.  It’s a small room so the investment will be minimal, you’re not in there a lot (I hope) so you won’t get sick of it and your guests will enjoy the scenery while they use the amenities.




This is my powder room.  I wanted high impact with lots of glam!  And I wanted my guests to feel like they were being wrapped in black velvet every time they stepped into this room.  Almost 4 years later, and it is still one of my favourite rooms that I have decorated.


I’m also in the midst of redecorating my office and these photos definitely inspire me.


I’m thinking of using this pattern but in blue versus the pinky-red.  I will let you know what I decide.


Well,  I hope you stayed to the end of this very long post and I hope I was able to convince you to wallpaper at least one room in your home this year!  Let me know what you decide.

If you want to know how to decorate your home for 2012, then contact me online or via twitter…I’d love to help!

Glamorously yours,

Christine xoxo

What Are Your Decorating Projects for 2012?

Happy New Year Everyone!!  Now that we are almost one week into 2012 have you started to think about what you want to accomplish with your home decor this year?

Well, I definitely have! Besides finishing up a some client projects and continuing to write my What’s Trending column for Dabble Magazine, I have a few personal home decor projects that I have been putting off because 2011 was a busy year for me.

The 6 projects I want to start or complete are:

–  Converting my master bedroom retreat into a ‘glam cave’

– Purchasing a few furniture/accessories for the master bedroom to finish off the room

–  Revamping my home office a bit

– Finish decorating my 2 daughters’ bedrooms

– Converting my daughters’ playroom into a homework room

So here’s a sneak peak into some of the rooms and how they look right now:

This is my retreat that is right off of my master bedroom and it is boring with a capital B!!


Right now we only use it for watching TV some nights when the girls are in bed.  The only things that are staying is my leopard print chaise because it is oh so glam!  And my capize shell chandelier because it is stunning.  My husband doesn’t know it yet but his god-awful recliner is so outta there!!


The TV and the stand will stay of course – but those speakers and clutter on the floor are gone!!


When I’m done it will be a purple passion glam cave with a stunning desk and chair, lighting and dramatic wallpaper!!

Next room to revamp is the kids playroom on the second floor.  When we bought/built this home it had a nook on the second floor called the ‘homework room.’  But we made it into a small playroom for the girls to play in.


When I’m done with this room room it will have 2 side by side desks, an art wall one one side and a chalkboard wall on the other side with lots of shelves and storage.  I also found the cutest wallpaper for the main feature wall.  It’s going to look fabulous!


My oldest daughter’s room is another room that needs to be updated.  Her current colour scheme is black/white & pink which will stay the same.  When she’s a bit older I will paint out the pink walls.


Mackenzie is going to get a new double bed with a  headboard that I am designing for her.  And of course, new bedding.


This little table & chairs is going to the basement but the shelf will stay


That bare pink wall will be full of pictures – probably a gallery wall of her competing at horse shows since she is a budding equestrian.  Also her dresser will move to this wall and she will need a funky mirror on the wall.


Her black velvet chandelier is definitely staying.  When I purchased this glamorous piece it was because it was a piece that would grow with her – it’s not juvenile at all.


The Candice Olsen wallpaper called “Daisy” on the feature wall will remain.  I love this wallpaper so much, and again it is something that can grow with her into her teen years.  Her funky Homesense lamps will also stay!


The bookshelf will stay but I want to style the shelves and get rid of most of those stuffies.  I’m also planning on doing a DIY project above the shelf to hang all the ribbons she has won so far participating in the horse shows.  And of course her window seat will remain.


The last project I will highlight today is the bedroom of my youngest daughter Mya.


Over 2 years ago the crib above converted into the daybed below.  But now she to big for it and needs her own twin bed.  Which she will get when her sister gets a new double bed.  Now that’s what I call recycling!  Smile


Mya’s room decor is light pink with chocolate accents – which will stay the same except I’m going to add some orange accents through wallpaper and some accessories. Also her beautiful rose chandelier will remain….that piece will grow with her.


Because a twin bed will be coming into this room the layout will change.  That rocker will also be heading to the basement to donate.  (I have lots of fond (and not so fond) memories of nursing both babies in that rocker).IMG_5228

I’m going to keep this adorable bookshelf just change its location.  The shelf will also remain.


Her change table which became a dresser in the short-term will be donated and she will get a big girl’s dresser.  The armoire will go to the basement but I will keep it.  It’s a beautiful piece that I will eventually paint out and keep for one of the girls or use in our future cottage.


Mya’s room has a cathedral ceiling so she has great natural light coming from her 3 large windows – although with this dark picture you wouldn’t think so!!  I’m going to add some architectural detail to the other walls by adding paneled moulding and wallpapering inside the panels.  It should look amazing when its done..

Okay, that’s it for now.  I’m exhausted just looking at what I need to accomplish in the new few months.  My office will have to wait for another post.

So tell me, what decorating projects will you be working on in 2012?


Glamorously yours,

Christine xoxo

Glamour Friday: Creating a Glamorous Bedroom Retreat with mirrored furniture

As you know, I love all things GLAM – especially a glamorous bedroom.  And one of the easiest ways to create a glamorous bedroom is to add a piece of mirrored furniture into the room.

And it doesn’t have to be over the top.  This Master bedroom belongs to Nancy Corzine may be a bit much for you with all the mirrored furniture….but for me it is a total GLAM SLAM!!

Nancy also wrote a beautiful book called “Glamour at Home” – it’s on my coffee table at home.

This mirrored four-poster bed was inspired by the Chrysler Building.  Wow!!



Really, all you need is one piece of mirrored furniture to add some glam to your bedroom….and these pieces are easily accessible and affordable from West Elm

Parsons Mirror End Table

How about this mirrored end table  at $349.00

Parsons Mirror Console

This gorgeous console table ($549.00) also is going to end up in my client’s living room once I’m finished decorating the main floor of her house.

Faceted Mirror Side Table

This little stool or side table is stunning also….and so is the price at $199.00.

So as you can see, creating a glamorous bedroom is as easy as  saying “mirror, mirror, on the wall – who has the most glamorous room of all?” Flirt female

Hope you all have a glamorous weekend!!

If your home is craving some glamour, then contact me online or in person! I’d love to help!

Glamorously yours,

Christine xo

Decorate As You Dress!! My Summer White Toy Watch!


Wow……it’s certainly been a while since I posted a Decorate as you dress blog posting.  My sister was visiting from British Columbia so we spent some quality time together and I’ve been crazy busy with decorating projects for clients – which I can’t wait to share with you. 

But now let’s get to my most favourite fashion accessory of the moment:  my gorgeous white Toy Watch!!  It’s such a fun accessory and every time I look at that huge white face I just think of beautiful layers of white drapery billowing in the wind.


So when I saw this all white home in Style at Home Magazine designed by design editor Ann Marie Favot , it so reminded me of my Toy Watch!! 


(all photography by Stacey van Berkel-Haines)

So crisp and clean….like my watch!!


Love this vignette!! And the hit of colour through pretty flowers in a small vase!


What a pretty mudroom.


I’m so in love with all white kitchens…I can’t wait to reveal Lee Ann’s Kitchen reno to you all!!


How gorgeous is that hanging light fixture……a perfect example of mid-century modern lighting.


How glam is this bedroom???  Ohhh yes, it’s a GLAM SLAM!!!  This room almost makes me want to switch my bedroom over to an all-white colour scheme.


Love her creative use of IKEA chests placed together at different heights. What a lovely dressing/vanity area.

Hope my White Toy Watch inspired you as much as it inspired me!!

If your home is craving some all-white glamour, then contact me online or in person! I’d love to help!

Glamorously yours,

Christine xo

A Glam Slam Or a Total Sham? Cher’s Bedroom

Monday’s regular feature “Decorate As You Dress” will return next week.  Today I couldn’t resist sharing this bedroom with you and asking – Is it a total GLAM SLAM OR is it a total SHAM!??



Photo source

Now you certainly wouldn’t expect anything less from Cher – whatever she does always makes an impact….and so does this bedroom

Her bedroom was designed by Martyn Lawrence Bullard, designer to many celebrities.  For Cher, he added Moroccan flair to her bedroom through this majestic headboard from the early 18th century and carried this theme throughout the rest of the room’s furnishing and decorative accessories. 

So, is it a diva-worthy bedroom? You tell me…Glam Slam or Total Sham??

If your home is craving some glamour, then contact me online or in person! I’d love to help!

Glamorously yours,

Christine xo

Glamour Friday: A sexy & glamorous bedroom = GLAM SLAM!!

Happy Friday!! Thought I would show off a gorgeous cozy bedroom this week since it’s been a combination of snow and rain all this week.  Brrrrrrrr!!! Storm cloud

This beautiful bedroom is from the latest issue of Lonny Magazine.  “A bedroom should be all about comfort, sexiness and glamour” say the designers of this room…and I couldn’t agree more

I’m loving the grey grasscloth wallpaper that adds such a lovely warm sheen to the walls.  And then of course the focal point of the room is the very sexy and curvy custom made headboard with nail head detailing.  Now that is yummy!!

The glamorous silver lamps with  chocolate shades and the Greek- key custom night tables make this room a definite GLAM SLAM!!  What do you think?

If your home is craving some glamour, then contact me online or in person!  I’d love to help!

Glamorously yours,

Christine  xo

P.S.  Have a great weekend.  Don’t forget to put your clocks one hour ahead on Sunday AND please say a prayer for the victims and their families of the Tsunami in Japan.

Designer:  Pereira Associates   Photography by: Patrick Cline