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Creating a luxurious bathroom with DXV

Don`t we all have a dream or fantasy about soaking in a magnificent tub in our luxurious bathroom.    I know that I do….but my dream bathroom may look very different from yours. You may imagine something more modern and streamlined while I may fantasize about the look of classic glamour.  Either way, the luxury brand DXV will help you realize your ultimate luxury bathroom reality.  

The DXV flagship portfolio of luxury bath and kitchen products was launched in 2014 to celebrate the distinguished 140-plus-year heritage of American Standard by reimagining the most influential design movements during that time: Classic (1890-1920), Golden Era (1920-1950), Modern (1950-1990), and Contemporary (1990-Present).  

Luxury brand DXV and American Standard are divisions of LIXIL Americas, another one of this years BlogtourKBIS sponsors and their booth at this years Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) had me jumping up and down in excitement!  Since their inception in 2014, DXV created the DXV Design Panel consisting of 4 interior designers to share inspirations by using the high-style DXV collections.  This past year their Design Panel represented some iconic cities in their design inspiration: Charleston, Palm Springs and Miami.  

Which one of these bathroom designs fulfills your luxury bathroom fantasy?

“Southern Classic“ Charleston (1890 – 1920)

DXV_Susan_Vanity_high_res (533x800)

Susan M. Jamieson, ASID, recreated the “Southern Classic” city of Charleston, choosing architectural elements from this locale’s historic homes and marrying them with modern fixtures. Here, she placed the DXV Fitzgerald freestanding tub, with its clean design lines, directly beneath a more historically styled Palladian spiderweb window. DXV Pop under counter lavatories and Randall widespread faucets further complement this combination of classic and modern presentation.


DXV_Susan_Shower_high_res (569x800)


DXV_Susan_Tub_high_res (715x800)

A whimsical pop of green upholstery makes a bold graphic statement amongst the black-and white Georgian floor and grisaille wallpaper finishes this gorgeous bathroom. 

DXV_Susan_Toilet_high_res (379x800)

If you want to recreate this stunning bathroom, here are the DXV products you would need:

“Mid-Century Resort“ Palm Springs (1950-1990)

DXV_Pulp Design_Pulp_AD_high_res (533x800)

The DXV “Mid-Century Resort” bathroom designed by Beth Dotolo and Carolina V. Gentry combines Hollywood glamour with desert modernism for a leisurely trip through time. The angular lines of the DXV Seagram freestanding soaking tub made it a dynamic focal point for their vignette, perfectly capturing the essence of the bold, modern style that is Palm Springs.

I don`t know about you but I really want that gold duck! 🙂

DXV_Pulp Design_Pulp_Sink_high_res (670x800)

Dotolo and Gentry’s DXV “Mid-Century Resort” bathroom combines Hollywood glamour with desert modernism for a leisurely trip through time. They incorporated uniquely modern design elements and paired them with glamorous touches throughout their space.   Bright whites, bursts of colors and organic patterns are all set off by a few rich hits of quirky fun, setting the tone for a true sense of leisure that’s as timeless today as it was yesterday.

DXV_Pulp Design_Pulp_Shower2_high_res (300x800)


DXV_Pulp Design_Pulp_Toilet2_high_res (413x800)

Here`s what you need to recreate this luxurious bathroom in your own home:

Now all glam may not be your style and you might prefer a luxurious bathroom that is contemporary and modern with clean lines.  Good news: DXV has that for you too!

“Contemporary Beach“ Miami (1990 – present)

 Inspired by the present-day contemporary design movement in Miami, Genevieve Ghaleb created this DXV “Contemporary Beach” bathroom that highlights pure form, symmetry and precision. The room’s elements feature simple, clean lines and sensuous curves, including the exquisite Lyndon freestanding soaking tub.

DXV_Genevieve_Tub_high_res (800x533)

DXV_Genevieve_Sink_03_high_res (800x541)

When Genevieve designed this bathroom, she had created this room for a busy gentleman in need of intentional daily luxury. A lot of the elements feature simple, clean lines.  Add bold lighting and accessories and you`ve got a bathroom that is strong, sleek and sexy. 

DXV_Genevieve_Shower_high_res (533x800)

DXV_Genevieve_Toilet_high_res (533x800)

Listed below are the DXV products required to recreate this luxurious contemporary bathroom in your home

I don`t know about you but I am ready to redesign my master ensuite ASAP!  I hope I was able to inspire you also with all the luxurious DXV product and these fabulous bathroom vignettes!

Glamorously yours,


Highlighting the 5th Wall with Metrie

The 5th Wall?  What the heck are you talking about Christine, you may be asking yourself.  In designer speak, the 5th Wall pertains to the ceiling in your room.  And it is often a forgotten room element, but it’s a surface with so much design potential.  When your room is just not speaking to you, an excellent way to add interest and drama to the room is just by adding moulding and trim elements to your ceiling.   

While I was at the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) in Orlando Florida earlier this month on my second trip with BlogtourKBIS,  my jaw dropped when I entered the Metrie Booth, one of the sponsors for this years Blogtour.  There were 4 different vignettes that showcased the visual power that moulding and trim can add to your ceiling.  Get ready to start drooling……


Vignette 1: The Socialites Dressing Room

This one was my absolute favourite….a dressing room for a stylish socialite or a fashionista…..or a GlamaMama.  My motto is go bold or go home!  Why not highlight a gorgeous chandelier by adding crown moulding and wallpaper that makes a statement on the ceiling.

Photos from IBS 2016

In this vignette, Metrie’s Fashion Forward collection was used.  With a tongue-in-cheek nod to Art Deco style, this glamorous boudoir space is feminine with a distinctly bold edge. Vibrant pink accents pop against contrasting black and white hues, only to be accessorized, like in fashion, with classic hits of gold. 

Metrie_Product_19 (800x533)

Photos from IBS 2016


Photos from IBS 2016

Seriously… words!

Photos from IBS 2016


Vignette 2: The Weekender’s Retreat Foyer

If you’re drawn to sculptural curves and glamour, or you’re inspired by the classic forms of the Baroque and Empire periods, then you’ll love the French Curves Collection™ that was used in this vignette.

Metrie_Product_08 (505x800)

This chandelier is to die for but if it was just hanging from a plain white ceiling, it definitely would not have the oomph that it gets with this moulding and trim detail.  

Photos from IBS 2016


Invoking a masculine vibe

As feminine as the first 2 vignettes were, these last 2 ceilings definitely invoke a masculine vibe through the use of colour and lines in the mouldings.  Here in The Author’s Library, the Pretty Simple Collection was used.

Photos from IBS 2016

For the Wine Sommelier’s Wine Cellar vignette, the Very Square Collection was used.  If you’re drawn to strong, crisp lines and precise geometry, this collection is a great place to start.

Photos from IBS 2016


So are you are tired of a particular room in your home and not sure what to do?  If you have added colour to the walls and purchased new furniture and it still doesn’t seem enough.
Then maybe its time to make your home runway worthy with the latest interior finishing trends that will have you rethinking casings, baseboards and crown mouldings. 

Stay tuned for my next KBIS blog update! xo


My Top Decor Trends for this Holiday Season

Hi there! I know it’s only October but it’s time to start thinking about the Holiday season.  And to help prod you along, I have chosen my top decor trends for this 2016 holiday season.  Even one better, I have collaborated with the Toronto furniture store, Decorium  and chosen a few key furniture pieces and accessories that will help you bring these stunning trends into your home this season and into 2017.   How easy is that? Oh, and when you get to the end of this post, I will be announcing an exciting contest where you can win something! So let’s get started!

My Top Decor Trends for this Holiday Season

  1. Black is back!

Black may be a permanent feature in your closet, but now is the time to bring it into your home. I’m not saying for you to paint your dining room walls all black, although that would look utterly divine – but a few pieces, like a little black dress, will totally amp up the glam factor.  From lighting to key furniture pieces, black adds a bold statement to any room and is timeless and classic.

  1. Velvet

If you look at the necks of all the IT girls right now, you will notice they are all wearing black velvet chokers.  And for the holiday party season, I’ve seen velvet jackets, shoes and purses being all the rage.  This fabric option will add a beautiful sheen and luxurious look to any room, whether it’s on a sofa, dining chair or a gorgeous headboard in your bedroom.

  1. Blue Bliss

When I meet with clients for the first time and we talk about their colour preferences, Blue is always one of their top choices to use in their furnishings.  Thankfully, this classic colour continues to be popular in home decor.  What’s so wonderful about blue is that in any shade, it is a no-fail colour to incorporate into your home this holiday season and it looks so good mixed in with a neutral colour scheme and warm metals.  For example, if your sofa is a neutral colour than try adding blue occasional chairs into the mix and your will see how blue can liven up any room.

  1. Marble

The timeless beauty of marble is just not for kitchen countertops and flooring anymore.  Incorporating touches of marble into every day decor will continue to be on trend this holiday season.  So if your home is full of granite, have no fear because adding the elegant touch of marble is as easy as changing up your coffee table this season.

  1. Copper

Warm metals, such as gold, rose gold and brass continue to be popular in fashion accessories & totally on trend for home decor.  Incorporating the beauty of copper into the mix will award your home with A+ style.  And remember, it’s ok to mix your metals so if your home has a lot of silver and polished chrome, now is the time to adopt the warm metal trend……because it’s not going away any time soon.

Top Decor Trends for 2016 holiday season - Decorium

Products listed: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

These gorgeous pieces I’ve chosen are all available at Decorium, a family run business that is celebrating 30 wonderful years in Toronto.  It is your one stop shop where you will find beautiful furniture for every lifestyle.  Now while my taste tends to run towards more modern furniture, Decorium offers a vast selection of home furnishings & decor in all styles……all under one roof!

And remember when I told you at the beginning of this blog post that you can win something – well, Decorium is inviting my readers to participate in a contest where you have the chance to win a $1500 Decorium Gift Card. That should help get you started on revamping your home with my top decor picks for the holiday season.  All you have to do is click here and follow the instructions!

Good luck! xoxo



Giving the gift of sweet memories

This past Christmas I had a hard time trying to figure out what gift to give my father for Christmas.  If you have been reading my monthly Posterjack blog series from the beginning  of 2015 than you know that his cancer spread to his spine and he is now bedridden and sadly not doing very well.  At this point, material things do not matter to him but I still wanted to give him something that would bring some joy to him.  From his hospital bed in my parent’s living room all he can do is stare at the four walls around him.  Those walls are filled with family photographs which I know he looks at all the time when he is lucid.  So I decided to give my dad the gift of sweet memories when him and my mom were younger with the help of Posterjack.

I found these 2 photos of my parents.  This first one is when they were still engaged in 1959 and still living in Lisbon Portugal.  My dad always wore a suit and he looked so dapper.  Love that my mom is holding gloves like a young lady in her left hand.

Parents in Portugal (2)

And this is one from 1961….they were just newlyweds and new immigrants to Canada.  I believe this is High Park and they were having a picnic with some friends.  Love that my dad still wore a suit and my mom was wearing heels.  My mom kind of reminds me of Jackie O with her sunglasses.

mom & dad at park (2)

I tried to fix up these photos as best as I could as they are quite old and convert them into Posterjack Art.

I chose canvas for their first photo as it was in better shape and I chose the lucite block for the one of them in the park.  Both my parents cried when they opened up their gift of sweet memories.  I find that as you get older sentimental gifts are really the ones that matter, and I know that these 2 picture gifts were of the most value to them.   Below is how each picture turned out.

Mom & Dad in park 1961

I placed the lucite block on a candle holder to give it some height on an end table and we hung the canvas alongside the gallery wall of family photos.   That’s my older sister and I above their canvas art… that’s scary short hair I had.

Mom & Dad 1959 dating canvas art

I can’t make my father better but I can surround him with the love of his family always.

Glamorously yours xoxo





This post has been sponsored by Posterjack. All opinions expressed are my own naturally! xo

#LowesHolidayHomes: My Christmas Foyer Reveal

Christmas is literally around the corner and I am excited to show you my Christmas Foyer Reveal in partnership with Lowes Canada.  Just to recap, Lowes graciously asked me and a few other design bloggers to decorate a specific area of their home for Christmas and blog about it.  I chose my foyer as my #LowesHolidayHomes project.

Christmas Decorating Ideas for your Foyer by Decor by Christine

You can catch up on my previous two posts about decorating my foyer for Christmas here and here if you missed them.  Now let me show you what my foyer looked like last month before I started this project.  I can’t believe I forgot to take a picture of my staircase leading to the second floor but you can catch a glimpse of the banister where the half wall is that separates my living room (which is open to the foyer when you first walk in).

Decor by Christine - christmas foyer - before

I needed new wreaths this Christmas and found some beautiful ones at Lowes to greet my guests before they walked into my foyer.

Decor by Christine LowesHolidayHomes front door to foyer

When you walk into my foyer the first thing you see are my spectacular Nutcrackers!! Have I told you how much I love these two guys! 😉

Decor by Christine LowesHolidayHomes foyer entrance

Handsome boys!!

Decor by Christine LowesHolidayHomes large nutcrackers in foyer


I have always wanted a large Christmas tree to greet my guests at the door and with Lowes I was able to do this.  Since we have 10′ ft high ceilings on our main level I was able to get away with this beautiful life-like 9’ft pre-lit Balsam Fir artificial tree.  It is spectacular and definitely makes a dramatic statement when you first walk in and look to your left towards our living room.

Decor by Christine LowesHolidayHomes tree

Remember those cute birch tree planters I bought in the Winter Garden Area at Lowes….well, I dressed them up a bit with additional christmas decor picks I found at Lowes and voila…..they look fantastic on my half wall and on the mirrored chest in the living room that is open to my foyer.

Decor by Christine LowesHolidayHomes birch planter

I added some beautiful sugar pine cones and fresh mini swag from Lowes to each birch tree planter to dress it up.

Decor by Christine LowesHolidayHomes birch planters in foyer

At Lowes, I also purchased pre-lit garlands to add to my staircase banister as you walk upstairs.  I added white sparkly tulle to really glam up the staircase.  Love how it turned out.

Decor by Christine LowesHolidayHomes staircase


Decor by Christine LowesHolidayHomes garland

Last, but not least is my console table in the foyer.  I decorated it with thoughts of a winter wonderland….and a dash of red.

Decor by Christine LowesHolidayHomes foyer table


Decor by Christine LoweHolidayHomes foyer table

Can you believe that I bought these gold & silver sequined cushions at Lowes?  I know….who knew that Lowes was getting so stylish!  They are perfect for my entire decor scheme.

Decor by Christine LowesHolidayHomes cushion


This last picture pretty much sums up my Christmas foyer reveal.  I am really happy with it!

Decor by Christine LowesHolidayHomes foyer

Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!!!

Glamorously yours xoxo





This post has been sponsored by Lowes Canada.  All opinions expressed are my own naturally! xo

Decorating my foyer for the holidays with Lowes: My Inspiration

HI Everyone!

I was so excited when Lowes Canada contacted me to partner with them on decorating my foyer for the holidays.  So many times you are so exhausted after decorating the Christmas tree, the living/family room and the outdoors that the foyer to your house gets whatever is left over or just plain ignored.  Well, not this year!  This year my foyer is getting some major love from me and Lowes!

Colour-wise I wanted to stay neutral with my decor – sticking to golds, silvers and lots of white with fresh greenery and different textures like birch, tulle and faux fur.  I want to create a bit of a winter wonderland on my foyer table and greet guests with a beautiful large tree in the entrance.

When I went to visit one of Lowes newest concept stores in Burlington Ontario, I saw 2 things that helped drive my vision for the foyer.  This cute little Holiday Living White Sparkle Bark Tree

Holiday Living White Sparkle Bark Tree


And this fabulous 51″ Bronze Nutcracker.  As soon as I saw it, I knew him and his twin would have to be the main stars of the foyer.

bronze nutcracker

I created a Pinterest Board called My Holiday Foyer for #LowesHolidayHomes with some other inspirational images to drive my vision for decorating my foyer for the holidays.

my Lowes Pinterest Page

For my next blog post I will take you through my purchases and design scheme.  You can catch up with my instagram posts and the other design bloggers involved in this exciting initiative with Lowes using hashtag #LowesHolidayHomes.

Glamorously yours xoxo






This post has been sponsored by Lowes Canada.  All opinions expressed are my own naturally! xo

Using Pop-Art in a kids room

Fall means getting organized and making to-do lists of the decorating projects you want to complete this season – especially before Christmas.  One of the items on my decorating to-do list was hanging up artwork in both my daughters’ bedrooms.  But not just any artwork – I want artwork that is fun and personalized to their personalities.  When I showed them the concept of Pop-art , they got all excited and yelled YES!  What company does Pop-art the best with your own images?  Well, that would be Posterjack of course.  And I knew this would be my next #12PrintsProject blog post.

Pop-Art Example #1

My oldest daughter is 13 yrs old and is always playing around with different apps on her phone.  She had taken this really funky photo of her lips and had added some colour to it and it really did look like art when she was finished with it.  I told her to save that photo because I had an idea how to turn that “selfie“ into art through the special effect of Pop-art on canvas.  And voila, I think it turned out fabulous.

The following images were all taken on my iPhone, so excuse the quality or glare from the light coming through the windows. 

Decor by Christine - daughter bedroom - art wall

She is in French Immersion so I had purchased a few gold foil prints with french sayings and I think her tiny gallery wall frames her pop-art lip canvas print perfectly.

Gallery wall - kid bedroom - Decor by Christine

And here`s a close-up! I`m so pleased with the result and Mackenzie is very happy with her gallery wall.

Lips pop art canvas - Decor by Christine


Pop-Art Example #2

Now, my 8 yr old daughter is a competitive dancer and we thought it was high time that she have a dedicated spot in her room to showcase pictures of her dancing in various competitions alongside trophies & plaques she has won.  I chose a fun picture from her hip-hop routine last season and re-invented it into Pop-art.  It`s the focal point amongst photos of her dancing on stage and we left some space to hang more plaques as she wins them,

Decor by Christine - creating art wall in kids bedroom

I like how her dancer art wall is above her toy storage where she has begun showcasing her competitive trophies.  I also had to add her first tiny pair of tap shoes as a prop.

daughters bedroom mini artwall - Decor by Christine

A close-up of that adorable face!

Canvas pop art - kids room - Decor by Christine

It`s so easy to create your own version of pop-art.  Once you upload your photo onto Posterjack`s website and specify the size and format you want, under special effects choose pop-art and it will show you an example of how your image will look.  Easy-peasy.  What child doesn’t want to see their face created into personalized artwork.

And what an easy fall decorating project this could be for you.  Happy decorating!

Glamorously yours xoxo





This post has been sponsored by Posterjack.  All opinions expressed are my own naturally! xo






How to create an exterior art wall

Who said that art walls are only for rooms inside your house?  With summer in full swing, you are probably hanging outside in the backyard, at the cottage or in my case, at the Glamper!   I just created a fabulous exterior art wall with Posterjack.  Keep reading to find out how to create an exterior art wall.

At the glamper, I have an outside living room with a hard roof above that keeps us sheltered from the rain or hot sun.  I can sit outside comfortably in the shade with a glass of wine and still see the girls playing outside or wave to the neighbours.  The exterior wall of the camper is flat and plain white… was just screaming for some decoration.

How to create an exterior art wall: Peel & Stick Art

When I was on the Posterjack website looking for inspiration for my next monthly #12PrintsProject blog post, I saw their Peel & Stick art.   They can stick to concrete, glass, metal, wood, and pretty much any other smooth surface. What’s more, they can stick to ceilings, go around corners, wrap around posts, or just about anywhere else you can imagine.  Perfection!   Now I wouldn’t have to worry about framing artwork and figuring out how to hang the art without using nails.

I chose a variety of pictures I have taken with my iPhone — some of the girls playing on the water toys at Emerald Lake, in different sizes and even added a few special effects to some images.

How to create an exterior art wall:  The result!

This is how my exterior art wall turned out.

Camper to Glamper Outside Art Wall

Two chairs sit against the exterior wall of the camper and was the perfect spot for the art wall.  As you climb the stairs onto the deck it is the first thing you will see.

Art Wall on Glamper 2

I added a blue border around the peel and stick prints to mimic a frame and keep with my blue & white colour scheme theme in the outside living room.  Here’s a close-up of my exterior art wall.  I even included an adorable picture of the late great Marilyn Monroe having a nap on a wicker chair in our glamper.

Art Wall at Glamper

Hope you enjoyed my latest #12PrintsProject post on how to create an exterior art wall.  How would you use Posterjack’s Peel and Stick prints?

Enjoy the rest of your summer! xo





If you are curious to read about my partnership with Posterjack, you can catch up on my previous post:

Intro, January, February, March, April, and May

This post has been sponsored by Posterjack.  All opinions expressed are my own naturally! xo




How to Create a Gallery Wall in Your Family Room With One Simple Trick #12PrintsProject

Hi Everyone,

Today I want to talk to you about how to create a gallery wall in your family room with one simple trick.  Which I will get to, I promise!  But first, a bit of background.  The last few months my husband and I have been going through a mini renovation of our family room.  We added coffered ceilings, ripped out our old builder basic fireplace and replaced it with a mammoth fireplace and mantle that now does our large family room justice.


For my April Posterjack sponsored post I showed you a bit of that fireplace with the custom canvas artwork of our daughters in Hawaii placed above it.  You can see it and read it here.  However on both sides of the fireplace alongside brand new sconces was a blank wall — which was perfect for creating a gallery wall of art.  I knew I wanted to use photos from our Hawaiian family vacation for this gallery wall and my next #12PrintsProject Posterjack blog post. Getting organized was the first challenge: from choosing the actual photos to get printed, to choosing the frames, to choosing the size of the prints & frames.

Once I decided on the gold & white frames…..a mixture of IKEA Virserum & Ribba frames and the sizes of frames/photos I wanted to use, the next challenge was how to place these frames on the gallery wall.  This is where my little trick that I mentioned at the beginning of this post comes into play…..and its called craft paper.

Using craft paper I bought at Staples, I simple cut out the shape of the various sized picture frames I wanted to use on my gallery wall and started to create a bit of a puzzle on my wall.   Utilizing craft paper allows you to play around with the placement of the photos on the gallery wall without making a lot of nail hole mistakes. It also helps you to figure out where to place a portrait photo versus a landscape photo on the gallery wall.  This is what it looked like on one side of the fireplace gallery wall after I played around with my craft paper:

Creating a Gallery wall with Craft Paper - Decor by Christine

Because I like symmetry, I knew that the other side of the fireplace gallery wall would mimic this side.  So that was easy.  What wasn’t so easy was choosing which photos to get developed at Posterjack.  I wanted a variation of photos from our trip….not all colour or all black & white glossy prints.  What I love about Posterjack is when you have decided on the photo you want to use they give you the option of choosing different visual effects for your image, such as Black & White, Sepia Tone, Charcoal Sketch, Linocut, Solarize or Pop-Art.  Below is a snapshot of some of the photos I chose and how I used the special effects from Posterjack to create variety in my gallery wall.

Posterjack Visual Effects - Decor by Christine

So now its time to show you how my fabulous family room gallery wall turned out!  All with just a bit of craft paper and some visual effects from Posterjack!

Gallery Wall 2 - Decor by Christine - Copy


Familly Room Art Wall - Decor by Christine - Copy

Gallery Wall 5 - Decor by Christine

Yes… can imagine how pleased I am feeling right now.  The family room gallery wall is complete and looking stunning.  And the best thing?  We can just keep replacing the photos after each family trip!

Hope you enjoyed learning about my secret tip on creating the perfect gallery wall with Posterjack!  See you soon!






This post has been sponsored by Posterjack.  All opinions expressed are my own naturally! xo

My April Photo with Posterjack — #12PrintsProject

Hi Everyone,

When I started this one-year partnership / sponsorship with Posterjack  for #12PrintsProject in January, I never imagined in a million years how heartfelt and emotional these photo memories would turn out to be.  A few weeks ago I had all my April images ready to go for Posterjack when tragedy struck my family once again.

My sweet adorable Yorkie named Marilyn Monroe was struck by a car.  She was only 2 1/2 yrs old, so still a puppy and we absolutely loved her.  She was my baby —  a true member of our family.  (my eyes are filling up with tears as I write this).  After getting over this initial shock and deciding to get her remains cremated, we wanted to create a shrine – if that’s what you call it – in memory of our little Marilyn Monroe.  So I changed my April order to instead get some pictures of our yorkie.  And that is why this blog post is going out so late in the month.

One of Posterjack’s newest products is an Acrylic Block print — it’s a perfectly clear, thick one-inch piece of premium cast acrylic. It’s gorgeous!  And its perfect for smaller prints or close-ups — which is exactly what I wanted — a closeup of Marilyn’s cute face.   I also ordered a wood print of Marilyn’s face since this is also one of Posterjack’s specialty products and I wanted to see how it would turn out.  And I love it.

We just received her ashes earlier this week and now we have our lovely tribute or shrine dedicated to our sweet Marilyn in our family room.

Marilyn Yorkie shrine 1 (800x600).jpg

I think the acrylic block photo looks amazing beside her ashes and dog collar.  Here’s a wider shot of the shelf in our entertainment unit.  Now when we watch TV, we always see her sweet face.

Marilyn Yorkie shrine 2 (601x800).jpg

I haven’t figured out where I am going to hang my wood block photo of her yet, so I’ve been displaying it around the house.  Here it is on my foyer table beside some beautiful pink peonies:

Marilyn Yorkie wood pic (601x800).jpg

And then today I moved her into my office so I could look at her as I wrote this post:

Marilyn Yorkie wood pic 2 (601x800).jpg


The first-half of this year for me and my family has been stricken with tragedy and sadness mixed in with a roller coaster of emotional highs and lows.  I’m just so thankful to Posterjack for giving me the opportunity to immortalize the good times so that every time I look at these photos I feel happy.

Till next time,






This post has been sponsored by Posterjack.  All opinions expressed are my own naturally! xo