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One Room Challenge – ManCave Garage – Wk 4

This week’s update for my One Room Challenge ManCave Garage is all about creating a fabulous artwall (using Posterjack) and sourcing the furniture for the mancave.  Garage Living starts next week so I don’t have any garage progress pictures to show you — YET.  Last week’s post was all about the finishes for the garage so this week’s post is focused on decorating the mancave part of the garage.   This is the area that I’m talking about:

ORC garage 3D furniture floorplan - Decor by Christine

The decor theme is all about motorcycles, cars and sports — everything a typical man loves,  My first idea was to go with a very cool den-like vibe with a sofa, coffee table in black and white, accessories in stainless steel,  with pops of colour coming from the artwall.  I also fell in love with the checkerboard flag rug from IKEA.  This is what I envisioned.

Mancave garage furniture vision board

My husband loved the rug and the artwork I’m getting made from Posterjack but he had a slightly different vision.  Sean wanted to go more with a cafe/pub/bistro look.  So we kept the rug and started doing some research on Amazon.  And then we found these fabulous bar stools replicating motorcycle seats and that was it.   SOLD!  Here is the revised vision board for the mancave.

Mancave garage furniture vision board 1

I’m in love with these stools….they are so unique and fit in perfectly with our Sean’s mancave decor theme! The neon H-D clock is also quite adorable.

The artwall is going to consist of the 3 earlier themes I mentioned….Harley Davidson, Porsche and baseball – specifically the Toronto Blue Jays.  As a surprise (but not so much once he reads this post) for my husband I got a 24 x 38 sized canvas of his Porsche and a 18 x 24 image of the Blue jays ALCS  game 5 opening ceremonies (a picture he took) re-imagined in photo board for the artwall.  I also got something made at Posterjack of his motorcycle which will have to wait until next month’s reveal….but its going to look fab-u-lous!!!!!!

Intermingled with these pictures and other framed photos of his Harley & Porsche is going to be some vintage & one of a kind items he has purchased at auctions and on the internet.  Its going to be a gallery wall that all men will lovingly gaze at & drool over for hours.  I can’t wait to show you!!!!

That’s it for this week.  Don’t forget to check out what all my fellow #ORC participants are blogging about by going to Linda’s Calling it Home website!  And check out Posterjack’s website — you can save up to 50% on select sized canvas prints…now that’s a great deal!

See you back here next week!

Glamorously yours xoxo






This post has been sponsored by Posterjack.  All opinions expressed are my own naturally! xo


One Room Challenge – ManCave Garage – Week 3

Who knew there would be so many decisions to be made for my husband’s mancave garage transformation.  Yes folks, its time for another One Room Challenge Week 3 update!  And this week it was all about making decisions on the flooring, cabinetry, backsplash, countertop and wall colour – you would think we were renovating a kitchen.  But no, its our Mancave Garage!   So let’s get to it!

Here’s a quick reminder of the 3D floorplan that we approved last week:

ORC garage 3D floorplan - Decor by Christine

Now let’s get into the options:

Flooring Option

Garage Living, the company we chose to update our garage is known for their Rhino Polyaspartic Coating made specifically for garage concrete floors.  Without boring you with all the technical jargon or application process, basically the benefits of going with this type of flooring is 3-fold:

  • Its Dust free, odor free and easy-to-clean…..key when this is also a mancave
  • It’s Chemical and abrasion resistant — important for a garage that will house paint, chemicals etc.
  • And its pretty looking – which is important to me 😉

In addition, its guaranteed not to flake, peel or blister and as mentioned, is resistant against any car or household chemicals, including oil, grease, gas, paint, salt, mud, etc.  The coating is also UV stable ensuring a clear long-lasting shine that will not amber or blush overtime — so no fading.

So what we really needed to decide on was the colour we wanted to go with.  Garage Living has 15 colours to choose from.  We didn’t want to go too dark or so light that it ended up looking like a hospital room.  These were the final 4 options we decided on.  (Mind you….this picture does not do the samples justice…they appear a lot darker than they really are).

garage flooring Colour Options - Decor by Christine

We ended up choosing QuickSilver as it had lovely specks of light & dark grey with hits of white which coincided with our………

Wall Colour Options:

As part of the Garage Living installation they paint all the walls and ceiling whatever colour we want.  We chose to go light and bright so the mancave doesn’t feel like a dungeon….since Sean will be out there a lot – especially when he misbehaves….LOL! 🙂  We narrowed it down to Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace OC65 and White Diamond OC61

chantilly lace OC65 for mancave garage - Decor by Christine   White Diamon OC-61 for mancave garage - Decor by Christine

In the end we chose to go with Chantilly lace.  We liked the way it looked against the QuickSilver coloured flooring vs White Diamond which has grey undertones…something I wanted to avoid on the walls since there is quite a bit of grey in the flooring.


The sky is the limit for cabinetry selection especially if budget is not a consideration.  Garage Living’s modular cabinetry can be configured to meet your needs, space and budget.  All components are powder coated, welded steel construction with magnetic door latches, lockable tool drawers and large sports equipment lockers. We chose their Signature collection…..this is what the exterior of the cabinets & slats look like in the colour we chose.  The slats will be placed on the side of the garage where the car lift will be installed.  Here the bikes and any large tools can be hung.

ORC cabinetry colour option with slats - Decor by Christine

Countertop & Backsplash

For the countertop we had the choice of going with stainless steel for a real industrial look or maple butcher block that gave it a bit more of a laid back look.  In the end we chose to go with the maple butcher block because we found out that the stainless steel countertop easily scratched a lot and my husband intends on using the countertop quite a bit — especially when he is roasting his coffee beans (don’t ask…..this is another blog post).  The butcher block also looks a bit rustic.  To make up for not having a stainless steel countertop, Sean chose the stainless steel diamond plate backsplash.  So it was a nice compromise.  Below is an example of how our 2 choices will look together. BTW:  all these images I have shared all can be found on the garage living website.

ORC backsplach & countertop option - Decor by Christine

So now you know what I mean when I said I couldn’t believe all the decor decisions to be made to transition our garage into a fabulous mancave garage!  Here is a quick summary of the decor choices we made this week!

ORC Mancave Garage Final Decor Options - Decor by Christine

I’m starting to get real excited to see this mancave garage come to fruition….hope you are too!  If you want to see what the other participants are transforming in their one room challenge updates just click on this picture

One room challlenge participant

And if you are thinking about renovating your garage then click on the Garage Living logo to truly get inspired.

garage living & Decor by Christine

Glamorously yours xoxo


One Room Challenge – ManCave Garage – Week 2

Hi there,

Time for a Week 2 update on my One Room Challenge (ORC) where I will endeavor to transform my husband’s garage into a “mancave” garage in 6 short weeks.  Remember I am linking up to the One Room Challenge, along with a ton of other designers/bloggers challenging themselves to complete a room in 6 weeks.  Now many of you have been wondering why I chose a garage for my first ORC…..and it really came down to timing.  My husband and I had been discussing the garage transformation for the last month and had committed a budget to it.  So when my friends Vanessa & Christine challenged me to participate in this round of the ORC, the only room I could offer up was the  garage.  So not as glamorous as transforming a bedroom or bathroom but at least no one else is doing a garage.

Now let’s recap my Sean’s objectives for his mancave:

  1. Organization!  everything in its place (ie: tools) and the garage to be clutter-free
  2. Storage – lots of it for bikes, tools, seasonal decorations, my designer samples (ie: tiles, flooring etc) and all the recycling bins
  3. Maximize vertical space  for seasonal vehicles – we have an 18 ft ceiling in the garage so it makes sense as this under-utilized space
  4. Clean & odor-free garage – new flooring & storage will take care of this
  5. Add heater to moderate temperature in garage for seasonal vehicles
  6. Man-cave comfort (ie: fridge, counter space, TV) so he can watch sports while he is puttering around in the garage
  7. Create an art wall where he can display the pictures from all his motorcycle rides – pictures that I haven’t allowed in the house

We decided to hire a company called Garage Living, experts in converting ugly garages into masterpieces.


garage living & Decor by Christine


After meeting with them, they came back with some floor plans of our new garage taking into consideration our objectives for the mancave.  Below is a 3D floor plan they presented to us. Utilizing our high ceilings, a car lift will be added to store the summer car.  Underneath will be room for the motorcycle and Sean’s car.  On the other side is cabinetry that will house tools, recycling bins, my designer samples and a bar fridge.  My husband will have a TV or laptop on the countertop to watch sports while he putters around with his tools or his new coffee bean roaster. 🙂

ORC garage 3D floorplan 1 - Decor by Christine


There will also be additional storage overhead at the back and the front of the garage where we will store summer tires, seasonal items and whatever else goes up there. Bikes will be hung on the walls where the car lift is.  On the other side we will use that large wall to hang up my husband’s Harley-Davidson / Porsche pictures that he has taken on road trips.

ORC garage 3D topview - Decor by Christine

Below is a technical illustration of the floor plan that Garage Living provided to us — I always love giving clients a technical drawing of their floor plan….it looks so professional.

ORC - mancave garage - technical illustration - Decor by Christine

In reality the left side of the garage is for my SUV…but as I mentioned last week, it really is too big and I would barely be able to open my driver door to get out… this is where the mancave portion comes in.  Still debating whether I will add a table & chairs there or a sofa.  Hmmmmm, lots to think about still.

Ok, that’s it for this week.  Plans have been approved.  Next week we will be choosing the flooring, wall colour, cabinetry and back-splash….so come back for my ORC Week 3 update.

Click here to catch up on my ORC Week 1 blog post and click here to see what other rooms are being transformed from all the participants.

Glamorously yours, xoxo



On My Radar: Mad for Marble

Happy September.  Fall is in the air and on my radar is Marble.  I am currently going mad for marble – anything inspired by that clean pure look of marble.  It seems to be everywhere I look right now. From home decor, jewelry and cute personal accessories like clutches, phone covers and gasp, even wrapping paper — you too will go mad for marble.

I’ve selected some favourite marble items that I am going mad for this fall season. Hope you go mad for them to!

Mad for Marble - Decor by Christine


Click on the links below to shop these looks:

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. 8. 9. 10

Glamorously yours xoxo


April Showers…..

You know that old saying “April Showers bring May Flowers” — well I keep repeating that to myself on a daily basis to survive this gloomy rainy weather.  Which is pretty much what is happening outside on my side of the world.

So to cheer me/you up and make sure that all of us look fashionable while walking in the rain I’m posting some gorgeous umbrellas we should all have, including some beautiful umbrella stands to make your home look utterly fashionable too!

How cute is this houndstooth umbrella & matching hat from Zhush.

Houndstooth umbrella from Zhush

Love this black & white striped umbrella with a shot of my favourite pink from Kate Spade available through Indigo stores.

kate spade striped umbrella indigo

The iconic Zebra wallpaper from Scalamandre was translated into a very stylish umbrella which I love.  On a side note, my mouse pad is identical to this pattern. So chic!

scalamandre UMBRELLA2-001

These next 2 umbrellas are from a Toronto shop called RainDrops. I love the black bows on this one – she’s called Lolita….it is so very Chanel or even Kate Spade-like — two fashions designers I adore!

lolita_from RaindopsTO

How stunning is this one – dahlia inspired!

adult-pasotti-silver-dahlia-umbrella rainsdropsTO

This pretty Jonathan Adler umbrella just screams spring-time, doesn’t it?

adler umbrella

A few years ago when I was in Portugal I brought back this one-of-a-kind umbrella stand made from a cork tree.  I love it because no one else has anything like it.

Cork umbrella stand

And all pretty umbrellas need a special spot to stand upright when not being used.  Here are some of my favourite umbrella stands you may just need to get!

How glam is this one – love all that gold!!  It’s available from Overstock and so are the next two umbrella stands.



This blue & white porcelain style is so popular now….I would get this one in a heartbeat.


I like these vintage inspired umbrella stands — looks like something you would find at an antique market but its from Overstock…..oh and Overstock now ships to Canada! YAY!


Head on over to your local Urban Barn and add some personality to your front foyer with this cute owl umbrella stand.

owl stand from Urban Barn

Or what about this cute rainboot from Z Gallerie — yea….they ship to Canada now too! #fistpump


With all this chic and glamorous rain wear and accessories, I kind of don’t mind that’s it raining right now.  Well Kinda!!  Bring on the May Flowers please!!!  Have a super day!

Glamorously yours,







Can Laminate be Sexy?

A big resounding YES! to that question!

Not everyone has a big fat budget for a kitchen renovation, and lets face it, kitchen counter tops can a take a good chunk of that budget when you are looking at granite, marble or quartz. During my time at BlogtourVegas this past February, I got to meet another sponsor – the fine people at Formica, who specialize in kitchen countertops.

Below are 3 trends that totally revolutionize the way you will look at laminate countertops from here on in.

Trend 1:  Soft Stones Soft Stones feature subtle veining and lyrical movement down the length of the surface. The new Flow patterns ― 6699-46 Sand Flow and 6700-46 Lava Flow ― reflect this trend by featuring a fine granular sandstone design.

Lava Flow 2 (697x800)

Trend 2:  White Stones White Stones are commonly featured on kitchen islands, backsplashes and countertops and can be paired with other materials for a layered look. Two new laminate patterns address the White Stones trend: 6696-46 Carrara Bianco, an elegant white marble influenced by the popular 180fx® pattern Calacatta Marble, and 6697-46 Argento Romano, a gray-based neutral with taupe and beige accents that provides an alternative to pure white stone.

Argento Romano 1 (800x600) Luna Sail White FSS (600x800)

Trend 3:  Non-Traditional Materials As Millennials start to invest in kitchen and bath upgrades, they demonstrate individuality by experimenting with non-traditional materials such as wood, concrete and engineered stone.  The new Paloma series ― 6366-46 Paloma Dark Gray, 6729-46 Paloma Bisque and 6698-46 Paloma Polar ― provides clean, modern quartz-inspired looks ideal for any space.

Paloma Dark Grey 2 (600x800)

Black Walnut Timber 180fx with Ogee IdealEdge 1 (600x800)

Now look at these exotic granite patterns — Formica has totally captured the high-end look homeowners desire without sacrificing the maintenance-free and affordable nature of laminate.

Dolce Macchiato 180fx_ Bullnose IdealEdge 2 (800x531)

Magma Black 180fx 1 (800x600) River Gold 180fx 3 (800x600)

So I will ask you again…..can laminate be sexy?  I think you will now say YES!!

Glamorously yours,


This is a sponsored post

My love Affair with Nespresso VertuoLine

This is a sponsored post. 

I have a confession!  I’m addicted to coffee….actually more to lattes — and I’m not afraid to admit it. Yes I get grumpy and I get headaches if I don’t have at least one latte right away after getting the girls up in the morning.  Just ask my family…..they will painfully tell you.  But now I have started a new love affair with my brand new Nespresso VertuoLine machine and I constantly have a smile on my face each morning.

22x28 Nespresso Posters-4 (629x800)

But let me start from the beginning.  A couple of months ago I signed up to become a home blogger for the Home Outfitters  athome Network and left it at that.  Then late last month I was contacted to see if I wanted to do a product review for the new Nespresso Vertuoline coffee machine that had just launched in North America on March 7th.  Of course I said yes, as anything to do with coffee is right up my alley.  I headed over to my local Home Outfitters to learn all about the new Nespresso Vertuoline machine.  They had a beautiful kiosk set up with all the machines with the focus on the new Vertuoline coffee machine.  I was able to try their hazelnut coffee which was absolutely delicious in part because of the creamy froth that was created from the machine. I would have tried one of their espresso varieties for a latte but the store didn’t have any milk to froth.  And that’s when I started to panic.  I don’t froth…it’s too much work…it’s to many steps AND I don’t have a frother.  So how I am supposed to enjoy this new machine if I can’t have a latte every morning?  Relax they said, your new VertuoLine machine comes with a milk frother, the Aeroccino+ — you just pour the milk in and press the button.  It does all the work!  I almost did a happy dance in the store!!! Panic attack – OVER!

Aeroccino milk  frother

And the rest of the story is history!  I have been using the new Nespresso VertuoLine coffee machine every day for the last 2 weeks and I still love it the same as I did the first day I brought it home.  And just an aside…..I’ve been using the Tassimo coffee machine to make my lattes for the last 5 years approximately….so to just switch to another machine was a big step for me.

IMG_1345 (600x800)

Now the one caveat with this machine is that you can only order your coffee online from the Nespresso website as it is not available at retail.  However, It’s not really a chore once you set up your profile  that automatically makes you a member of their club.  I have now ordered my coffee supply twice and the coffee capsules are delivered in 2 business days upon receipt of your order.  So just keep track of your stock and you shouldn’t ever run out.  Plus, you get a sampler box of all their coffees and espressos available – from very intense & bold to mild or decaffineated flavours when you purchase the machine… you can try out all the different flavours before you purchase.  A ten pack of espresso capsules costs me $7.50 and I’m using fresh milk for each latte.

IMG_1351 (600x800)

Look at that amazing froth — called coffee crema — the VertuoLine machine makes with your coffee…..its so creamy, you almost don’t need any milk.  But you know me, I’m addicted to my new frother!  Also, since I like to keep my kitchen counters organized I ordered their convenient countertop VertuoLine column dispenser so I can keep my espresso capsules close at hand!

Vertuoline_Column_mediaMain (444x540)

Your love affair with the new Nespresso VertuoLine won’t come cheap….but who wants cheap anyway…..especially when it comes to a great cup of coffee or latte.  It costs $350.00 but that includes the frother (retailed at $99.00).

For your viewing pleasure, I’ve attached the latest television commercial for Nespresso VertuoLine starring Penelope Cruz – who also seems to be having a love affair with this coffee machine.

In retrospect, when it comes to my morning latte and my coffee machine (oh, and my husband) I appreciate monogamy… let’s just say my love affair with my Nespresso VertuoLine will not be fleeting! 🙂

Glamorously yours,




I received a free Nespresso VertuoLine coffee machine from Home Outfitters  in exchange for writing a review on the blog.  Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.

2014 is Year of the Horse

Chinese New Year:  2014 is Year of the Horse

Happy Chinese New Year!!  January 31st officially starts the Year of the Horse.

This is what you can expect for Year of the Horse:

Welcome to the Year of the Horse, a very special sign in its own right. The Horse has a connection with Tai Yang (Chinese for sun) as well as Yang, or male energy, one of the two primal forces of the universe. Of the five elements, Wood is the most favorable for the Horse, and 2014 is also a Wood year. This is good for luck in general. So go ahead and take chances. The time is right. However, the Year of the Horse emphasizes thinking things through before you take action — no leaping before you look. This year, there are plenty of areas that hold great opportunities, including (but not limited to) travel, the great outdoors, fitness and your social life.

Generally, that sounds pretty promising.  I happen to be born in the year of the Horse, so although its my year, apparently it will be filled with ups and downs.   Oh well, every year is full of highs and lows.  I definitely have some travel coming up –  Las Vegas next week and Florida in March. I guess we all just have to be a bit cautious…no jumping off the cliff unless you know there is a safe place to land this year.  If you don’t know what animal you are — Tiger, Pig, Rat, etc in Chinese astrology then click here to discover what this year holds for your animal sign.

And of course, the new year wouldn’t be complete without a new Polyvore set in honour of the Year of the Horse!!  Enjoy!

Year of the Horse - 2014

Moooi lamp $5,725 –

Friedman white wall art

Horse home decor $125 –

MSGM pink tee

Plum Bow blue tufted sofa

Glamorously yours,

Christine xoxo

Canadiana Style…….eh!

On this special long weekend as we honour Canada, I started to think about what represents Canada in interior design and what are those iconic symbols that automatically screams CANADA to tourists.

Pinterest is my favourite place to look up images and so I created a Pinterest board aptly called “Canadiana Style…..Eh! Here are some of my favourites that showcase what a beautiful nation we live in!







What Canada is famous for (some are a bit tongue in cheek):











These cookies say it all!


Happy Birthday Canada!!!


Glamorously Canadian,
Christine xoxo

Shop till You Drop: I love a great summer sale!

The weather is oh so hot right now in the Greater Toronto area… if you are inside cooling off , why not keep busy with one of my favourite past-times — and SHOP!  I have 2 great deals to share with you today….sales you do not want to miss.

The first sale is from one of my favourite online stores called Mod Pieces.  Lia Fagan from Mod Pieces creates custom lamps and now toss cushions in the most fabulous colours and patterns.  I first met Lia when she custom created a vintage lamp with that stunning chevron lampshade for my second appearance on Cityline talking about Chevron as a hot trend in home decor.  Here’s a walk down memory lane:

Her annual sale starts this Friday (June 28th)  for the Canada Day long weekend.  So don’t waste any time and click here on Friday


Her new line of toss cushions look amazing and so fashionable.  A perfect way to add some fun into your home decor. I definitely think I will be picking some up for a client….or maybe just for myself! 😉

And don’t forget to put in the coupon code to save 25%…use “OHCanada”

Now my next favourite deal is from DNA 11 –DNA 11 pioneered the application of genetic science in the creation of truly personalized unique custom art. You can create custom art with your own DNA, your lips and fingerprint portraits.  Want to make a statement – decorate your walls with a piece that is literally a part of you or your family.  I’m actually waiting for my lip canvas art to be delivered to me.  I will definitely show it to you once it is hung up in my Glam Cave.


I wanted to share this offer with you as they mentioned in their email that it is for fans and friends of DNA 11, but hurry because this awesome deal also ends July 1st.  When you spend just $100, you will actually get a $250 DNA 11 gift voucher for any piece you so desire.  How fabulous is that?

Save 60% Spend $100 and receive $250!


That’s all for now!  Shop lots and have a wonderful Canada Day long weekend!!

Glamorously yours,

Christine xoxo