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When is a toilet not just a toilet?

Hey Blog Friends, I’ve back from BlogTourVegas and fully recovered….it took a while as you may have noticed.  And something else you may have noticed is my brand new shiny website & blog! I will take you on a tour at another date.  Now I want to take you into the world of #blogtourvegas and one of its sponsors that helped bring this tour to fruition.  Oh, and if you stick around till the end, there`s a great giveaway worth $1700.00!!!

So…..What do you use first thing in the morning and last at night? If you guessed your bathroom toilet – you are correct!  For the amount of time we spend on that porcelain throne, you`d think we`d spend a bit more time thinking about the perfect toilet.

And I found the perfect toilet for me while at the Kitchen & Bath Show (KBIS).  It`s called the NEOREST 750H by TOTO.  It`s so new, that it won`t be available to the pubic until later this year, so you are all getting a sneak peek at this very high-tech toilet.

The Neorest 700H series is engineered to provide the user with an unrivaled level of comfort. The ewater+ technology keeps the bowl clean and hygienic, — yes, the toilet bowl is self-cleaning! Fist-pump!  While the Wonderwave Spray and warm-air dryer keep you feeling refreshed AND clean.  It’s basically having a toilet & bidet all in one!  I love this!

Without getting too technical, here are some more of the functional & luxurious features that come with the NeoRest.

  • Cyclone® siphon jet flushing system, ultra-high efficiency (1.0GPF/3.8LPF and 0.8GPF/3.0LPF)
  • SanaGloss® ceramic glaze – SanaGloss glaze reduces debris, and mold from sticking to ceramic surfaces, leading to fewer chemicals and less water in cleaning
  • Skirted design
  • Gentle, aerated water spray with accommodating oscillating and pulsating features
  • Comfort spray settings with adjustable volume and temperature
  • Automatic Open and Close Lid
  • ewater+ technology
  • Hands-Free Automatic Flush
  • Convenient remote control
  • Heated seat with temperature control
  • Programmable energy saver system
  • Built-in air purifying system
  • Night light
  • Universal height
  • ADA compliant
  • 12″ rough-in
  • Meets WaterSense efficiency and performance standards

So now, let’s get to the Giveaway!  You have a chance at winning a TOTO Washlet S350e valued at US$1700.00.  What is a Washlet? TOTO’s Washlet is a remarkable toilet seat that’s easily installed on virtually any toilet. It uses pure, clean water – and a lot of innovative technology – to make you cleaner and more refreshed than you ever felt after a bathroom break.   I love that this can be installed on any toilet!  This is a fabulous giveaway…so please click HERE   to enter for a chance to win it!!  You have until 11:59PM March 8th, 2014 to enter!

Best of Luck!!!

Glamorously yours,






 Photo credits from TOTO & my Iphone.




By the time you read this post tomorrow I will be on a plane heading to Las Vegas as part of #BlogTourVegas with Modenus!  And believe it or not, I am a Las Vegas virgin…..I have never been, and so I am really excited about seeing what everyone is talking about.  However, this trip is not about hitting up the casinos….it’s all about discovering all the fabulous Kitchen & Bath Design Trends that will be shown at the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS).  And a few cocktails here and there!

All of the attendees for #BlogtourVegas 2014 will be staying at the super sexy Cosmopolitan Hotel.  My husband has stayed there and he says it is fabulous and you can almost see the entire Vegas strip from its location!  I’m thinking cocktails by the pool is a for-sure thing!!

I am there from Feb 2 – 6th and it is a jam-packed itinerary.  And to kick it off we will be participating in the first ever Modenus Talks — A series of talks and fun challenges around subjects like business of design, design trends, technology in design and design that makes a difference.  I am looking forward t hearing and learning from other design experts during this interactive afternoon of talking.

We will of course be meeting with all the wonderful sponsors of #BlogTourVegas and getting a sneak peek into whats new within the kitchen and bath industry.

Here’s just a sneak peek at some of the fabulous products from a few of the sponsors:

From BLANCO – cutting edge sinks & faucets

From Formica who make laminate counter tops.  Who knew that laminate could look this sexy – WOW!

TOTO  has luxury bathroom fixtures and fittings

These are just a few of the many sponsors I will be blogging about in the next couple of weeks.  Oh and did I mention that there would be a lot of cocktail parties to attend.  Can’t go to Vegas and NOT have a cocktail or two.  😆

I’m sure my feet will be killing  me by Thursday when I arrive back home but it will have been all worth it….I can predict that right now.  So stay tuned for some short & sweet blog posts in the next few days highlighting what I’ve seen so far in pictures!!   And follow me on instagram where you can see my #blogtourvegas pics in real time!!

See you soon!!

Glamorously yours,

Christine xoxo

My 2014 Mantra

Hello my dearest Blog Friends,

Today, January 7th marks the beginning of 2014 for me, Decor by Christine and this blog.  Prior to this, I was still in holiday mode with the girls.  It should have started yesterday but I wasn’t feeling well, so today it is!  Apparently yesterday, January 6th or the first day back at work after the holidays is the most depressing day of the year….so maybe that’s why I wasn’t feeling well.  Well, we can’t have any of that anymore, can we?  So without further ado, let’s jump into what I call my mantras for 2014.

I don’t do resolutions — because I always break them or never keep them.  But a mantra — see definition below — is something I can almost beat my own drum to.  Does that make sense?

Definition of the word Mantra

1. (in Hinduism and Buddhism) a sacred word or formula repeated as an incantation.

2. any often repeated word, formula, or stock phrase; slogan.

Also, within the blogosphere, many bloggers have come up with a word for 2014 or even a song.  I’ve never done this so I decided this year I will.  So drum roll please……..

My one word for 2014 is


(I can’t find the source for this….but it was pinned from Pinterest)

I found that in 2013, I always had the best intentions of doing this or that.  For example, putting together an  Operations Manual for Decor by Christine which has been on the back-burner for over 6 months; or updating the Portfolio section on my website — because Houzz just became so convenient for viewing it; and last, personal home decor projects that I  have been talking about for a year and have not yet completed — soooo frustrating!  And so not good! This year, it’s all about ACTION!!  The poster above says it perfectly!!


The song I chose – for right now….because I can guarantee it will change throughout 2014 –  is ROAR by Katy Perry.  Love the lyrics and what they stand for.  My one-person design company, Decor by Christine (DbC) is turning 5 this month….and I have been very lucky with all that I have accomplished these last 5 years – basically doing it all by my lonesome and working with some amazing clients and design colleagues.  But this year I must come out roaring and take DbC to the next level…and that includes this little old blog I affectionately call The Glam Blog.

Last week, I was reading one of my favourite new blogs called The Glitter Guide and saw this great post on 2014 resolutions that I just had to share with you.  However because I dislike the word resolutions…..we will call them 2014 mantras instead.

I can’t even say I have one favourite out of these 12 mantras….each one is equally important to me.  What I love about this list is that it really echos some of the changes I want for 2014.  And of course, there is glitter involved also! 😆

Here’s another mantra that I hope will resonate with you as much as it did with me – also from The Glitter Guide blog.

I think fear really holds me back sometimes from doing things – whether its fear from making a mistake, looking like an idiot, afraid I can’t do it or think only people younger than me can do it — I really need to just get over it….and take ACTION!

And the last mantra I want to share with you really hit home with me, probably because it links back to being fearful.  This industry — whether its being an interior designer or a design blogger can be fiercely competitive, and sometimes you cannot help comparing yourself to others.  Well that has to stop!  And that’s why the words below bring a tear to my eye as I write this.  (I have to thank Jen from Rambling Reno Blog for sharing this on her blog.)

I may not have thousands of followers on this blog — I’m lucky if I write twice a week — and that’s probably not going to change, or have clients with a million dollar budget — although I will continue to work towards that goal — I do have a wonderful close circle of family and friends who keep me same and love me as I am.  So I will start to be better than I was yesterday….for me!!!

OMG!!  I’ve hit almost 700 words…yikes.  If you lasted to this point….I thank you with all my heart.  I have some exciting things happening in the 1st quarter of 2014 that I can’t wait to share with you.  But tell me… you have a mantra, word or song for 2014 that resonates with you?  I would love to hear all about it…so leave me a comment — I always respond back!!

Thanks for sticking with me.  Cheers to 2014 — Out with the old — in with the NEW!!

Glamorously yours in action,

Christine xoxo

Designers Dream Weekend

Happy Friday dear Blog Friends,

There are lots of exciting things happening this weekend for me.  Tomorrow I am headed to Blogpodium Canada’s Conference for Design and Lifestyle Bloggers.  It is a series of ongoing conferences and small workshops designed to connect people together, encourage collaboration and sharing, and of course, have a great time.  I love seeing old blogger friends that I don’t get to see very often, and of course meeting new ones!

Besides meeting up with some amazing design and lifestyle bloggers, Sarah Richardson is the Keynote speaker tomorrow.

Her new show launched yesterday on HGTV Canada — its called Real Potential and airs Thursday nights.  Sarah is also launching a new fabric line with Kravet — one  of the fabric suppliers I use with my clients.  Below is clip from her new show.


 Then on Sunday I am on stage at the Ideal Home Show in Hamilton.  I will speaking at 3pm on my top 3 Fall/Winter Decorating Trends.

Also from noon until 2:30 I will be at the Free Pro-Advice Pavillion.  At the Free Pro Advice Pavilion, you will have one on one session with professionals in the field of interior design, real estate, and organizational designer and home contractors. You can bring in your pictures, fabrics, inspiration boards and napkin drawings and you will leave with priceless ideas and sketches from the pros.  So if you have a design dilemna, then pop on by and hopefully one of us design pros can help you out.

And one last thing,  I wanted to announce the winner of the PosterJack giveaway that I blogged about on Easy Dorm Room Art Ideas.  The Winning comment was from Sheila Zeller.  Congratulations Sheila — I will email you the promo code to use on their website.

So what plans do you have for the weekend?  Maybe I will see you at Blogpodium or the Ideal Home Show!!  Have a super weekend!

Glamorously yours,

Christine xoxo

Christine’s Rewind: Life thru Instagram

I must be losing time because I can’t believe the month of May is behind us and we are now in the 1st week of June.  Thankfully there is Instagram to help me remeber what happened in the previous month.  So let’s recap some of the fun that happened in my world of design in the month of May:

One of my most favourite home furnishings store, West Elm invited me to their Toronto store in Liberty Village for a summer preview of their furnishings & home decor.  I absolutely loved all the watermelon pink that was prevalent throughout their store — it’s such a refreshing summer colour.  I also fell in love with their gorgeous blue Seascape Vases — must get me 3 or 5 of these before they are sold out!

 I am obsessed with that Montauk Nest Chair — it’s the perfect chair to  curl up & read a book outdoors in the sun!  These are just a few of the Instagram photos I took….there is so much more instore…so you must go in and check it out yourselves.  There is also a West Elm in Vancouver and one is opening soon in Montreal, Quebec.  Fantastique!!

Then I was invited to a DIY101 event hosted by the lovely people over at Home Depot Canada and Blogger extroadinaire Jennifer Flores from Rambling Reno.  There are many things I am good at and many things I am not good at — and 2 of those things is gardening and working with hand tools.  Normally I just yell my husband’s name and ask him to plant the flowers or screw a nail in the wall.  So I was super excited to get my hands dirty at this DIY seminar.

Look at me in action using that drill gun to drill a hole in the planter.  I know what you are thinking…..she’s so lame.  But I super excited after I got my hands on that cordless drill and drilled a hole without killing myself.  And look:  I planted a tiny herb garden.  It’s outside on my patio as I write this blog post…..and it is still alive!!  I just may get into this gardening stuff….speak to me in a month…and we’ll see! 😆

After that there was no stopping me.  I had to try every tool possible.  I used the Rigid Impact driver to drive home those nails and it felt really good…..then I carefully used the Ryobi Cordless nail gun to gracefully nail that trim onto the faux wall — I want one of these for myself — so handy for so many different DIY projects.  But I was really excited to use the Ryobi 10″ Compound Mitre Saw — I foresee a lot of frames in the future being built.  Oh and look, I didn’t even saw off my hand!  One quick tip:  Always be sure to wear safety glasses to protect your eyes from flying debris!  So now, all I have to say to my Handy Man husband is “You’re FIRED!!!”  😆 😛

On a personal level my hubby and I went to go see the Rolling Stones in concert.  I have never seen Mick in action and he did not disapoint.  After 50 years together, they can still compete with the bands from today.

This is how I know time is flying by too quickly for my liking.  My youngest daughter, Mya turned 6 years old!!  I can still remember the day she was born like it was yesterday.  She had a birthday party up at our summer home at Emerald Lake and a Glamour Girl birthday party with her friends from school.  She loves dress up and is a total fashionista!

And to end the month, Mya had her year-end Dance recital for Pre-primary Ballet and Jazz.  She’s loves wearing make-up and had a thrill choosing the perfect shade of pink lipstick to wear.  If I let her, she would wear make-up everyday 😮   Oh well, I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree — is that the saying?

 Anyway, these were some of the key events through Instagram that happened in May…….oh, besides signing on a new client and getting professional photos taken of another client project — but that’s for another blog post.  Hope you are all doing great as well and let’s keep our fingers crossed that the month of June will be sunny & hot with little rain.  Until next time…stay glamorous!!

Glamorously Yours,

Christine xoxo

Christine’s Rewind: 2012 Flashback

Happy New Year!!!  Hope you had a fabulous holiday.  I had a busy few weeks celebrating the holidays with my family and finishing up some personal home projects.  But now that the girls are back to school, it is time to get back to work for me!!

But first, I thought I would take a quick and fun 2012 rewind to see how Decor by Christine got to 2013.  So please bear with me and join in the fun as I recap some highlights from each month!


The IDS comes to town every January and once again my gang of interior designers and design blogger friends all got together at the Gala event.  I will be attending this years IDS at the end of the month!


Kimberley Seldon launched her Business of Design website.  Her first conference which I will be attending is also at the end of the month.

Fullscreen capture 25012012 100632 PM

And I finished a client’s dining room.  New fireplace, lighting and reupholstered chairs. 

This was the dining room before:


And this was the after!  Huge difference, don’t you think?



I was totally honoured when Urban Barn invited me to design a chair for Urban Barn’s Custom Chairity Competition . 


Unfortunately my chair didn’t win BUT it did come in 2nd place for most favourite chair  When it was auctioned off, my chair raised approximately $500.00 for the Jays Care Foundation. I still wonder who purchased my chair and where they are using it!



Dabble Magazine turned ONE! And I continued to write the What’s Trending column for this awesome online magazine.




The family and I headed to Disney World over March Break.  Now that we are proud members of the Disney Vacation Club, we will be visiting a different Disney Resort around the world each year.


The custom furniture  and area rug I designed for a client (the same client as the dining room above) got delivered.  You’ll notice that the coffee table is missing since my client couldn’t decide on what she wanted in there. 


Home Depot launched their latest DreamBook and had a “Match the Look” contest to promote it.  Home Depot invited 6 Canadian Design Bloggers (including me) to choose one of their favourite looks or finds from the interactive DreamBook online.


You had to choose which of these products was my favourite look.  My choice was the marble Carrera for backsplash and counter tops.

Fullscreen capture 30032012 121317 PM-001


This month I attended an event at Bo Concepts furniture store for the launch of a new line of furniture by Karim Rashid, where I got to meet him and crooner Matt Dusk. Yes, I know I am a bit of a social butterfly but I do enjoy attending these kind of events!IMG_0660


My budding equestrian won some ribbons at a local riding show!!


And the built-ins I designed for a client got installed!  I’m very proud of these designs and how they turned out.

The office:


Master Bedroom


And their daughter’s bedroom:  the handles hadn’t been installed when I took this picture.


For this same client, I also designed this mirror with a floating console table for her tiny foyer.

Here’s the mirror:


And now with the floating table/drawer.  It was painted in a high gloss black with crystal knobs…very chic!



I also participated at the media challenge for The Canadian Breast Care Foundation’s annual Yard Sale for the Cure.  I try to get involved in as much charity events as I can throughout the year.




May was a jam-packed month! My youngest sweetie made me this creative piece of artwork for Mother’s Day.


And she turned 5 years old!!


I went to NYC for Blogfest 2012 with my design BFF Vanessa Francis and got to meet a ton of other design bloggers from North America and some design superstars!

Here’s a bunch of us with Thom Felicia!  He was an absolute doll.We called it the Thom Felicia sandwich!


And here with Margaret Russell, the EIC of Architectural Digest!!

me with Margaret Russell

Another Dabble / What’s Trending issue came out!

Spring issue - florals

Then I ended the month taking my oldest to see One Direction in concert at the Molson Amphitheatre as an early birthday gift!  My ears were killing me by the end of the night with all the screaming and crying!!



One of the big design projects I worked on all year was starting to wind down.  In this image, the custom drapes for the dining room had just been installed.  Excuse the IPhone picture…..I will be getting professional pictures of this project taken in the next month.  I haven’t really shown any pictures of this project except for the entertainment unit I designed. The colour scheme is blue and green which is carried throughout the entire main floor.  Can’t wait to show you the final reveal.


And another issue of Dabble Mag / What’s Trending went live!

Fullscreen capture 05062012 113032 AM


This month I spent a lot of time up at Emerald Lake enjoying the summer with my family.  However, I did finally got to styling the same client’s family room with her new entertainment unit.  Here it is just installed.


And now fully accessorized!!


This is also her new chair from Crate & Barrel.  In the family room we decided to add some hits of orange to the blue and green colour scheme.  As you can see from some of my pictures I got really addicted to Instagram this year. 


And here’s her new custom ottoman nicely styled!


Oh, and we also finished her powder room in this fantastic teal wallpaper!!




I spent most of August at Emerald Lake at the Glamper finishing up the Bunkie!  I will be revealing the interior in the spring as soon as the new camping season begins.

Here it is getting built:


And painted!!!  It’s like my own little dollhouse!


And another Dabble Mag / What’s Trending issue came out!

What's Trending - Ombre


This month I finally got back on Cityline for Dabble Day talking about fall trends in home decor!


Here we are after the show finished taping: Tracy Moore and the guest experts!


And I finally finished my dressing table area in my master bedroom.  I posted these pictures onto Pinterest, and I can’t believe how many people have repined my dressing table pics onto their inspiration boards!

photo (4)


October was a crazy month because I basically got a new baby —  with four legs!  Here is sweet adorable Marilyn Monroe who became part of our family!

photo (11)

And I got Project Pink & Orange moving along.  Wait till you see what it looks like now! Final reveal coming in a future blog post this month.

photo (7)

And another issue of Dabble Mag / What’s Trending went live online!

What's Trending Yellow & Grey


In the November issue of Canadian Living I was quoted for an article.  The article was called Sexual Healing and written by freelance writer Rosemary Counter.  In the article I talked about how to set the scene in your bedroom with some helpful tips.  Below is a screenshot of the first page of the article.


photo (5)


Exciting things happened to end off the year!  I got hired as a freelance production designer for a new HGTV show by the Property Brothers called Buying & Selling.  In Canada, the show will air on the W Network.  I can hardly wait for the episode to air so I can finally talk about the renovation and show you pictures. So stay tuned!


And last but not least, the last issue of 2012 for Dabble Magazine came out and I wrote about gorgeous glamorous gold in What’s Trending!  I love writing for this wonderful magazine and look forward to contributing to it in 2013.

Gold column

Whew! Are you still with me?  If you are I commend you for sticking with me as I took this quick rewind tour of my 2012 adventure in home decor…along with some peaks into my personal life.

I really hope you stick with me for another fabulous year with Decor by Christine and my new adventures in 2013!!

Glamorously yours,

Christine xoxo

Glamour Friday: Offices of Ana Antunes

I just discovered a fabulously glamorous new blog through pinning madly away on Pinterest.  The blog is called Home Styling and is written by Ana Antunes AND she is from Portugal….so naturally I was drawn to her as I am also Portuguese.

She runs a production company with her husband and is the Host of a Decorating Show in Portugal.  I fell in love with the pictures of her office on her website and had to share them with you.

Below is the reception and waiting area.  Love the black and white colour scheme….so chic and glam!

The next image is of her office.  It is stunning.  I’m a sucker for a good looking office with lots of glamour, especially since I am currently wanting to switch mine up.

Don’t you love the pink & white striped walls?

This is where her assistants work:

And the showroom.  My goal is to have a similar looking showroom in the next 12 months.

All in all I think Ana’s office is a definite Glam Slam in my opinion. It’s fresh, with clean lines and very chic!!!  What do you think?

Next week I have some exciting news to share with you!!  Stay tuned.  Have a fabulous weekend! 

Glamorously yours,

Christine xoxo

BlogFest 2012 – Here I come!!


Tomorrow I leave for NYC to attend BlogFest 2012, the second annual New York City design event hosted by Kravet Inc. that brings together editors from top design and lifestyle magazines, great brands and A-list industry designers and celebrities.

Below are just some of the celebrity designers and influencers I will hopefully meet and get a picture with!! Winking smile

Thom Filicia, Designer

Margaret Russell, EIC of Architectural Digest

And I will be checking out the ICFF Show and the Kips Bay Show House — two key design events that happen in May each year in NYC that I have never attended!

It’s going to be a jam packed 4 days of networking, social events and meeting a ton of design bloggers I admire but haven’t met in real life.  So it should be lots of fun.

I promise to blog all about it upon my return next week!!

Ciao for now!!

Glamorously yours,

Christine xoxo

Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation’s Yard Sale for the Cure Media Challenge

Today I am participating at the media challenge for The Canadian Breast Care Foundation’s annual Yard Sale for the Cure which will take place across Canada on May 26th.  My team, The Designers will be competing against four other teams comprised of traditional media, ‘mommy’ bloggers, Re/Max agents and more to create the best yard sale display!! So it promises to be quite a fun, but very competitive evening!! Winking smile

The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation Yard Sale for the Cure is a series of yard sales that take place on the last Saturday every May in local communities across Canada in support of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. Every dollar raised through Yard Sale for the Cure goes towards breast cancer research, health promotion, advocacy, education and awareness programs.


Nervous about organizing your own yard sale at this year’s event? Below are some top tips from seasoned yardsalers, our favourite how-to articles and our own hands-on experiences to give you the know-how (and confidence) you need to host your most successful yard sale yet!

(list provided by Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation)

1. Make it official

It sounds simple, but the first step is to commit to the idea of hosting a sale. Why? Your determination to make your sale a success will come with a little commitment. Once you register your sale, you can set up your own fundraising page, create a new team, or join an existing one. This makes it easy to share information about your sale and accept financial donations to put towards your total proceeds.


2. Rally the troops

Holding a sale is a lot of fun, but it’s even better when you have someone to do it with. See if your friends and neighbours are interested in hosting sales and ask local businesses to chip in. Its good advertising and you could dream up some fun activities with their help. For example, you can get a local salon to do mini manicures for $5 each, or have a local butcher host a barbeque at your event!

3. Location, location, location

Decide where you want to host your sale. Do you need a permit to host your sale there? Do you need tables or tenting? Where will you put your signs? Think about where everything will go and how you can make it as easy as possible for your shoppers. If you have a big group, consider using the main street or a nearby park. The more sales in one area, the more shoppers will come!


4. Get organized

Start collecting items for your sale. Ask your friends and family if they have anything to contribute. You’ll be surprised at what they’re holding onto and more often than not, they’ll jump at the chance to get rid of it! Organize your sale items by category and pack them into clearly marked boxes. Avoid seller’s regret by doing this a few weeks early – if you don’t go looking for it chances are you won’t miss it.

5. Name your price

People are more comfortable negotiating when they have a starting point so clearly price each item. Use painter’s tape for small items and a sheet of paper for larger items like furniture. A great way to price items is by group, for example, “All CDs $1” or “All items on this table are $.50 each”. Remember, Yard Sale for the Cure™ is a charity sale so don’t undervalue items, but also take care not to overprice them – you don’t want to discourage potential buyers. Here are some tips to help you along:

Clothing – Ask for 5% to 10% of its original value. If the garment is designer or trendy and in pristine condition, feel free to price it a little higher.

Shoes – Ask for 10% to 15% of its original value. Leave out any ratty old shoes, they will reflect poorly on your sale even if all your other items are in great condition.

Electronics – Ask for up to 50% of its original value, depending on how relevant the technology still is. Make sure it works and keep an extension cord on hand for buyers to test it out.

Sporting goods – Ask for 20% to 30% of its original value, depending on condition and age.


6. Spread the word

Tell everyone that you’ll be hosting a Yard Sale for the Cure™ on May 26. Put posters up, mention it on Facebook and Twitter, blog about it, call the local radio station, or use Kijiji and craigslist to advertise your sale. Make sure you mention where it is, what type of items and activities you have, and most importantly, when it starts. Many avid yardsalers will arrive as early as 5am to pick out the best items so be fair to others and stick to your start time!

Want your sale to be featured on our website? Email a description of your sale including any special items to

7. Give shoppers a reason to stay

The more you have to offer, the more time people will spend at your sale so be creative. Ask the local pet groomer to run a mobile pet wash for $10 per animal, get a fast-talking friend to run a live auction, or get local musicians to play. If you have kids, get them to do a soccer ball kick at $1 per shot with trinket prizes, let them host their own section of your sale, or encourage them to run a snack stand.

8. Don’t forget the change

A day or two before your sale pick up some rolls of coins from the bank. The more change you have the better – you’ll be surprised how fast it goes! Make sure you have some CBCF donation forms on hand so if someone makes a cash or cheque donation, we get all the information we need to issue them a tax receipt. At the end of the day, simply send in the completed donation forms and donations and we’ll take it from there. Please note that buyers are not eligible to receive a tax receipt.


9. Get down to business

On sale day, greet shoppers with a quick hello or a smile. Be visible and available for questions, but don’t hover. If a buyer asks you for a better deal, remind them that this is a charity yard sale and their money is going towards a great cause. Don’t feel pressured to drop prices early in the day because the items that you have then are the cream of the crop! If you plan on dropping prices later on in the day, keep it a secret or people might hold off for a better deal.

10. Clean up and celebrate

When the day is done, it’s time to figure out what to do with the items that didn’t sell. Don’t want to hang onto them? Arrange for another charity to come pick it up, or drop it off at a local shelter. If you live in a busy neighbourhood consider putting what’s left in a “Free” box outside your home where people can see it. Or pack it in and save what’s left for next year’s sale!

Whatever you do don’t forget to reward yourself for a job well done. And what better way to celebrate than a potluck with all the people who helped make you day such a huge success?

Tomorrow I will post some pictures from this media event!!  Have a super day!!

Glamorously yours,

Christine xoxo





Picture Sources:



Home Depot’s DreamBook & Match the Look Contest!!!


Happy Friday Everyone,

Home Depot launched their latest DreamBook this past week and is having a “Match the Look” contest to promote it.  Home Depot invited 6 Canadian Design Bloggers (including me) to choose one of their favourite looks or finds from the interactive DreamBook online.


And all YOU have to do is guess which look I chose and you could win a $200 gift card to buy all the fabulous spring & summer home decor products they have featured in the DreamBook.



You will need to enter the contest through Facebook using Facebook Connect.  Once you are there you can tag the look that you think I chose. Below is what the page will look like when you click on it.


Fullscreen capture 30032012 121317 PM-001

Oh look, there I am……click here and tag one of these fabulous finds that you think I chose on this page!!!image

And just a little hint:  it may not be as obvious as you think! Tee Hee!  So my lovely glamorous readers, how well do you think you know me????

Here are some more great images from The Home Depot DreamBook!  It definitely is designed to inspire!!






You have till next Friday to “Match the look” to me and hopefully win a $200 gift card.  Then it will be onto another design blogger’s pick for the next 5 weeks.

So please enter this fun, interactive contest!!  Hope you win!!!  And don’t forget to come back here and let me know what you tagged as my pick!!!

Have a fabulous weekend!!

Glamorously yours,

Christine xoxo