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One Room Challenge: ManCave Garage – Wk 5

Hey there,

Things finally started to happen this week with my One Room Challenge Mancave Garage.  Incase this is your first time reading this blog, my husband & I are transforming our 2-car garage with the help of Garage Living as part of Calling It Home’s 6-week One Room Challenge.  We chose our garage as the room to transform because my husband was tired of the disorganization, lack of space for 3-4 vehicles and lack of proper storage.  So after 4 weeks of showing you before pictures, the layout, our vision board, and Garage Living’s products, we finally started to see the mancave garage take shape in week 5.

When the storage pod showed up last week we knew there was no going back.  Time to purge, throw out and basically sort through 7 years of stuff in the garage.  But we….or should I say my hubby did it!  So proud of him!! 🙂

So as a reminder, this is what the garage looked like last week:

garage - before

Last weekend the purge happened!  The only time we saw it look so naked was when we moved in over 7 years ago.

Empty Garage for ORC mancave - Decor by Christine

Then on Monday, the painter showed up to paint the entire garage a lovely shade of Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore.  It’s a bit ironic when you think about it — such a feminine sounding paint colour for a mancave garage….but wow, it really does look light and bright….exactly what we wanted.

Painted Gargage ORC mancave - Decor by Christine

Now it’s not 100% finished as we moved some our central vacuum unit and some electrical and plumbing fixtures so the painter will be coming back this week for some touch-ups and to paint the door black that leads into the mudroom from the garage.

The next day, Garage Living came in to install the new flooring with their Floortex Coating system.  It’s a 5-step process that is completed in one day.


In the collage below you can see them working on step 1 – the diamond grind surface, what the decorative flakes look like loose, then applying the pigmented adhesive base coat, then the flakes on the stairs.  They carry the Floortex coating right up the wall where the concrete ends and the drywall begins in most typical garages.

Floortex Coating ORC mancave garage - Decor by Christine

After a full 24 hours of drying, the Garage Living team came in to begin installing the car lift that will basically transform our 2 car garage into a 3-car garage.  And then came the cabinetry.  For some reason I misunderstood my husband on his colour selection, so you will see in my Week 3 update I show a lighter grey coloured cabinet.  But in fact, the cabinetry is a dark charcoal grey.  Which is gorgeous….so I am not complaining.  And I wasn’t too sure how the maple butcher block countertop was going to look but as you can see from these install pictures, it looks fabulous.  And I love the contrast of the butcher block against the darker coloured cabinetry and the stainless steel diamond back backsplash. <3  And I haven`t even mentioned all the additional overhead storage we will have – a perfect use of vertical space.

Car Lift - Cabinets in ORC Garage - Decor by Christine

Now as I mentioned in my week 4 update we  I mean, my husband is creating an art wall with images & artifact of cars, motorcycles and baseball.  On the other side where the car lift has been placed is where we added slats for additional hanging storage, such as bikes and seasonal items.  I’m quite happy how it looks — so neat & tidy.  We can even use the lift as an elevator (when the car isn`t on it of course) to take down the bikes or whatever else is hung high on the slats.Storage Slats in ORC garage - Decor by Christine

In the bottom 2 pictures of the collage above, you can also see 1) how big the top of the car lift is, and 2) how much better the walls look now that trim has been added.   Little details like trim & mouldings can make all the difference in a home AND a garage.  The painter has some work ahead of him as you can see with the little sticky notes my husband left for him.

So in the final week of my One Room Challenge, we have to hang a lot of pictures, install furniture and accessories, style and then photograph. OMG, I have no idea if it will all get done with our crazy work schedules and extra-curricular activities….but I am so looking forward to showing you the final reveal. But I will share with you the nickname we have for the mancave garage….we call it “The Garage Cafe.“  And it will all make sense at the end of this week. 🙂

Until then, catch up on the other fabulous ORC transformations taking place with the other esteemed participants by clicking on the photo below.  And then click on the Garage Living logo to get inspired by beautifully transformed garages.

One room challlenge participant


garage living & Decor by Christine


Glamorously yours xoxo


Decorate As You Dress with Butterflies

Happy Tuesday! It seems like a good day for a Decorate as you Dress blog post. And today is Decorate as you dress with Butterflies!

I’m a wallpaper junkie and when a client asks me how they can update one of their rooms I always recommend wallpaper as an option. As I search the internet for decorating inspiration, I’ve noticed a lot of rooms with pretty butterfly wallpaper. And then when I was checking out the latest Fashion arrivals on the ChicWish website I saw this fabulous butterfly skirt…and voila my Decorate as you Dress with butterflies post came to life.

Decorate as you dress with butterflies - Decor by Christine

That adorable Beauty of Nature skirt is from ChicWish and its currently on sale. This fabulous wallpaper is called Birds & Butterflies by F. Schumacher & Co.

I think this Butterfly wallpaper would look lovely in a child or teenager’s bedroom as shown below.


Even a small dining area works well with this paper.
This fabulous feminine laundry room has been everywhere on the internet from Pinterest to Instagram….and this is one way to make a statement in your laundry room.  Who wouldn’t want to fold clothes in this pretty room.
See how easy it is to decorate as you dress.  If you need to infuse some of your own personal style into your home, but are having difficulty putting it all together, than please contact me for a consultation.
Glamorously yours, xoxo

#UrbanBarnOakville Holiday Style Session

Happy Weekend everyone

With Christmas almost right around the corner, I can imagine that you are running around like crazy, decorating your house and shopping for gifts.  That’s my life right now, so I know how you are feeling!

photo sign 1

But do you think you could sneak away for 1 hour on Sunday, December 7th and head over to the new Urban Barn Oakville store.  I am hosting a Holiday Themed Style Session at the new location, and I am very excited about it!  Join me for fun holiday trends and tips on festive decorating.

photo 2

Here are the details:

Oakville Urban Barn New Store

Location: 201 Hays Boulevard (northwest corner of Trafalger Rd & Dundas Street)

Date: Sunday, December 7, 2014

Time: 10:00 – 11:00am

photo 1

And once the style session is finished, you can shop for more decorations because there is a  BOGO happening at the store – buy one get one free on Ornaments!  And when I take you through some of Urban Barn’s Holiday Themed trees, you will definitely want to stock up on fun and fancy ornaments!

I really hope to see you there on Sunday at 10am….so grab a coffee and head over to Urban Barn! xoxo







How to get Creative with your Elf on the Shelf!

Happy December!  This month is when our household goes into full-on Christmas mode frenzy!  And December 1st is when Crystal, our Elf on the Shelf makes her official Christmas appearance.

This is how Crystal appeared this morning to the delight of my two daughters.

Im back 2014 (800x600)

Excuse the messy counter but it was early morning school rush when I took the photo this morning!

Last year was our first Christmas with an Elf on the Shelf and I went crazy trying to be creative as to where she would appear in the morning for the girls.  Here are some of Crystal’s adventures at our house last Christmas.

Elf on the shelf collage 1a (800x800)

As you can see, Crystal loved to hang out with my daughter’s toys!

Elf on the shelf collage 2a (800x800)

She also had a knack of appearing with our Christmas decorations and ornaments…..oh and once, she got into my pearls on my dressing table.  Crystal is definitely a diva elf! 😉

Elf on the shelf Collage 3a (800x800)

I will probably repeat a few of these ideas this month, but I definitely want some more creative adventures for Crystal to get into….and of course, amuse my daughters throughout December.  So I created a Pinterest board called Elf on the Shelf Ideas, and I definitely want to use some  of these clever ideas.  You can find the individual pictures with the link/sources on my board.  There are so many wonderful creative ideas out there!  I really can’t wait!!  I’m just a big kid when it comes to Christmas and all the excitement! 🙂

Elf on the Shelf ideas collage (559x800)

So, have you started getting ready for the holidays? Do you have an elf on the shelf for your family?  If so, please share some of your creative ideas as to how your Elf shows up every morning!

Glamorously yours,



On My Radar: Canopy Beds

I’m kind of obsessed with getting a canopy bed right now. Do you know the history of the canopy bed? It’s really quite interesting.

A canopy bed is a decorative bed somewhat similar to a four-poster bed. A typical canopy bed usually features posts at each of the four corners extending four feet high or more above the mattress. Ornate or decorative fabric is often draped across the upper space between the posts and a solid swath of cloth may create a ceiling, or canopy directly over the bed.  Source

The canopy bed came into existence more for utilitarian means rather than for extravagance or decadence. Canopy beds with curtains that could completely enclose the bed were used by lords and noblemen in medieval Europe for warmth and privacy, as their attendants often slept in the same room. Until the 16th century, these beds, even those of the nobles, were fairly plain and understated. During this period, carved work on the headboard and posts became popular and more ornate canopy beds followed.  Source



Today canopy beds are used to infuse drama, glamour and create a statement in the bedroom. It also adds height and scale if that is lacking in your bedroom.  When my husband and I first got married, we had a very modern looking black canopy bed in our first home.  But alas, we sold it when we moved into our second home.  Now, I’m thinking a beautiful canopy bed in my youngest daughter’s bedroom would look super glam and allow her to grow out of a twin sized bed.  This would be my top choice for her canopy bed – available through Pottery Barn Teen – the Maison Canopy Bed.  If it came in a king size, I might even get one myself!


Here are a few more canopy beds on my radar — from sleek and modern to full out mirrored glamour!


Sources:  1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

So, are you into canopy beds as much as I am? Need to update your bedroom?  Give me a call, I would love to help.


Glamorously yours,



April Showers…..

You know that old saying “April Showers bring May Flowers” — well I keep repeating that to myself on a daily basis to survive this gloomy rainy weather.  Which is pretty much what is happening outside on my side of the world.

So to cheer me/you up and make sure that all of us look fashionable while walking in the rain I’m posting some gorgeous umbrellas we should all have, including some beautiful umbrella stands to make your home look utterly fashionable too!

How cute is this houndstooth umbrella & matching hat from Zhush.

Houndstooth umbrella from Zhush

Love this black & white striped umbrella with a shot of my favourite pink from Kate Spade available through Indigo stores.

kate spade striped umbrella indigo

The iconic Zebra wallpaper from Scalamandre was translated into a very stylish umbrella which I love.  On a side note, my mouse pad is identical to this pattern. So chic!

scalamandre UMBRELLA2-001

These next 2 umbrellas are from a Toronto shop called RainDrops. I love the black bows on this one – she’s called Lolita….it is so very Chanel or even Kate Spade-like — two fashions designers I adore!

lolita_from RaindopsTO

How stunning is this one – dahlia inspired!

adult-pasotti-silver-dahlia-umbrella rainsdropsTO

This pretty Jonathan Adler umbrella just screams spring-time, doesn’t it?

adler umbrella

A few years ago when I was in Portugal I brought back this one-of-a-kind umbrella stand made from a cork tree.  I love it because no one else has anything like it.

Cork umbrella stand

And all pretty umbrellas need a special spot to stand upright when not being used.  Here are some of my favourite umbrella stands you may just need to get!

How glam is this one – love all that gold!!  It’s available from Overstock and so are the next two umbrella stands.



This blue & white porcelain style is so popular now….I would get this one in a heartbeat.


I like these vintage inspired umbrella stands — looks like something you would find at an antique market but its from Overstock…..oh and Overstock now ships to Canada! YAY!


Head on over to your local Urban Barn and add some personality to your front foyer with this cute owl umbrella stand.

owl stand from Urban Barn

Or what about this cute rainboot from Z Gallerie — yea….they ship to Canada now too! #fistpump


With all this chic and glamorous rain wear and accessories, I kind of don’t mind that’s it raining right now.  Well Kinda!!  Bring on the May Flowers please!!!  Have a super day!

Glamorously yours,







Can Laminate be Sexy?

A big resounding YES! to that question!

Not everyone has a big fat budget for a kitchen renovation, and lets face it, kitchen counter tops can a take a good chunk of that budget when you are looking at granite, marble or quartz. During my time at BlogtourVegas this past February, I got to meet another sponsor – the fine people at Formica, who specialize in kitchen countertops.

Below are 3 trends that totally revolutionize the way you will look at laminate countertops from here on in.

Trend 1:  Soft Stones Soft Stones feature subtle veining and lyrical movement down the length of the surface. The new Flow patterns ― 6699-46 Sand Flow and 6700-46 Lava Flow ― reflect this trend by featuring a fine granular sandstone design.

Lava Flow 2 (697x800)

Trend 2:  White Stones White Stones are commonly featured on kitchen islands, backsplashes and countertops and can be paired with other materials for a layered look. Two new laminate patterns address the White Stones trend: 6696-46 Carrara Bianco, an elegant white marble influenced by the popular 180fx® pattern Calacatta Marble, and 6697-46 Argento Romano, a gray-based neutral with taupe and beige accents that provides an alternative to pure white stone.

Argento Romano 1 (800x600) Luna Sail White FSS (600x800)

Trend 3:  Non-Traditional Materials As Millennials start to invest in kitchen and bath upgrades, they demonstrate individuality by experimenting with non-traditional materials such as wood, concrete and engineered stone.  The new Paloma series ― 6366-46 Paloma Dark Gray, 6729-46 Paloma Bisque and 6698-46 Paloma Polar ― provides clean, modern quartz-inspired looks ideal for any space.

Paloma Dark Grey 2 (600x800)

Black Walnut Timber 180fx with Ogee IdealEdge 1 (600x800)

Now look at these exotic granite patterns — Formica has totally captured the high-end look homeowners desire without sacrificing the maintenance-free and affordable nature of laminate.

Dolce Macchiato 180fx_ Bullnose IdealEdge 2 (800x531)

Magma Black 180fx 1 (800x600) River Gold 180fx 3 (800x600)

So I will ask you again…..can laminate be sexy?  I think you will now say YES!!

Glamorously yours,


This is a sponsored post

Easy Dorm Room Art Ideas

Hi Everyone,

As you can see, I’m still in the Back to school mode.  Did you live in a dorm room while attending college or university?  I lived at home during my undergrad years, but did move to the US to complete my MBA studies.  There I lived in a tiny second floor apartment in a house owned by a 90 year old lovely lady.  Sadly, she didn’t want us to put up any artwork so there wouldn’t be any holes in the walls.  And I’m assuming that most dormitories are the same……that is why I wish PosterJack existed in my university days because they have some creative ways to hang personal art.

So if you’re looking for dorm room décor or gifts for kids about to go off to college or just for yourself, has 5 unique photo art ideas to bring a piece of home to school.

1.  Art Shelf — Create an art shelf with Framed Photos and Photoboards of everyone back at home.

2.  Add personality without the paint — Create a great accent wall in a dorm room with a large Peel & Stick Poster.  Peel & Sticks are safe to use on any surface (won’t mark the walls) and are re-stickable up to 200 times.  I absolutely love this idea and would have used these in my old flat.


3.  Canvas Collage — Send your son/daughter to school with a collage of your favourite family memories on a Canvas Print. PosterJack’s Collage Designer make it easy to create one.

4.  Photo Clothesline — Decorate your dorm room from one end to another with string, clothes pins and your favourite Fine Art Prints. Also such a fun creative way to display art….and so easy to change it up!


5.  Corkboard Gallery Wall — Create a gallery wall that’s easy to change up as your create new memories.  Simply layer different sizes of Posters and Fine Art Prints on top of a corkboard.  What student doesn’t own a cork board….so easy!


Ordering dorm room décor from Posterjack is as easy as 1,2,3!

 1. Upload your photo

 2. Select your product and size

 3. Posterjack delivers right to your door.

AND……to get you started, PosterJack has generously offered a $50 plus free shipping voucher code to one of my loyal readers.  Here is how you can win! 

Leave a comment on this blog post

Like my Facebook Page, or follow me on Instagram, Pinterest and/or Twitter — then leave me a comment and let me know what you did.

Follow PosterJack on their Facebook Page and on Twitter — then leave me a comment letting me know what you did.

The more comments you leave, the better chance you have at winning this great prize!!! 🙂

I will let the winner know via email to provide you with the voucher code to use.

This contest expires on September 15th on the Glam Blog…..but the winner will have till October 31, 2013 to order their PosterJack art.

Good Luck!!!!

Glamorously yours,

Christine xoxo

Note: I was not compensated for this post.  I just happen to be a fan of this Canadian company.

Shop till You Drop: I love a great summer sale!

The weather is oh so hot right now in the Greater Toronto area… if you are inside cooling off , why not keep busy with one of my favourite past-times — and SHOP!  I have 2 great deals to share with you today….sales you do not want to miss.

The first sale is from one of my favourite online stores called Mod Pieces.  Lia Fagan from Mod Pieces creates custom lamps and now toss cushions in the most fabulous colours and patterns.  I first met Lia when she custom created a vintage lamp with that stunning chevron lampshade for my second appearance on Cityline talking about Chevron as a hot trend in home decor.  Here’s a walk down memory lane:

Her annual sale starts this Friday (June 28th)  for the Canada Day long weekend.  So don’t waste any time and click here on Friday


Her new line of toss cushions look amazing and so fashionable.  A perfect way to add some fun into your home decor. I definitely think I will be picking some up for a client….or maybe just for myself! 😉

And don’t forget to put in the coupon code to save 25%…use “OHCanada”

Now my next favourite deal is from DNA 11 –DNA 11 pioneered the application of genetic science in the creation of truly personalized unique custom art. You can create custom art with your own DNA, your lips and fingerprint portraits.  Want to make a statement – decorate your walls with a piece that is literally a part of you or your family.  I’m actually waiting for my lip canvas art to be delivered to me.  I will definitely show it to you once it is hung up in my Glam Cave.


I wanted to share this offer with you as they mentioned in their email that it is for fans and friends of DNA 11, but hurry because this awesome deal also ends July 1st.  When you spend just $100, you will actually get a $250 DNA 11 gift voucher for any piece you so desire.  How fabulous is that?

Save 60% Spend $100 and receive $250!


That’s all for now!  Shop lots and have a wonderful Canada Day long weekend!!

Glamorously yours,

Christine xoxo


Decorate As You Dress: Sassy Stripes!

I love wearing stripes.  And as you can see, so do my two sweet daughters. Thick stripes, tiny stripes….we love stripes.  Summer, winter…stripes are perfect for any season.


And the same goes for stripes in home decor.  Let me inspire you with some beautiful images of rooms bursting with stripes!

Check out my Sassy Stripes  Board on Pinterest to see all original sources.

I’m really loving striped walls:


Easily add drama to your home by putting stripes in an entrance way!  Wow!

Black and white stripes in the foyer.

Stripes can also be fun – like these pink & white stripes in this girly dressing area.

Love the pink & white candy striped wall! Also, fun use of the Martini Side Table as a stool and the Parsons Metal desk is fab - both from @west elm.

Stripes are also great placed horizontally in rooms.

striped wall

Sarah Richardson Design, lovely stripes.

Sunny nursery

Stripes are fabulous in a nursery….whether it’s a small feature wall OR the ceiling!!  What a fabulous, fun nursery.

J Crew's Jenna Lyon's covetable nursery has a yellow and white striped ceiling.

Painted stripes on walls can be easily repainted when you have had enough of stripes.  However, if you really love stripes then you may want to commit to a gorgeous piece of furniture or accent piece.

Home-Styling: Paris and Maison et Objet * Paris e a Maison e Objet

Love that couch

stripey couch


Living room with stripe accents

sassy striped chair

So the next time you are in your closet, and you pull out that cute tiny striped clutch bag, expand your horizons! 


If you need assistance in taking the plunge and adding sassy stripes into your home decor, than give me a call or email me here for help!

Glamorously yours,

Christine xoxo