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#BlogTourVegas Sponsors

Hey Blog Friends,

The month of February just flew by and unfortunately I really haven’t had a chance to introduce you to ALL the incredible Modenus BlogtourVegas Sponsors I met while in Las Vegas last month.  Those pesky design clients just keep getting in the way of blogging — just kidding…..really I’m kidding ;-)!  However, I do promise to share all the wonderful products and companies I was introduced to during my incredible time with the team of #BlogTourVegas after March Break.

In the meantime, my latest What’s Trending column in the current Dabble Magazine issue has highlights of some of the trends and pretty new products that I saw coming out of the Kitchen & Bath Show  (KBIS) in kitchen and bathroom design with a few of the #BlogtourVegas sponsors.

What's Trending - KBIS

I’m off on a Disney Cruise with the family for March break. (yippee!!)  So upon my return, I will share with you more information about the following companies:

PoggenenPohl, Blanco, Top Knobs, Wood Mode, Formica, Deckton by Cosentino, Mr. Steam, Walker Zanger and last, but not least, SubZero-Wolf.

Hope you all have a wonderful March Break — in Canada it officially starts March 10th and I can’t wait to get away from all this snow!

Glamorously yours,





When is a toilet not just a toilet?

Hey Blog Friends, I’ve back from BlogTourVegas and fully recovered….it took a while as you may have noticed.  And something else you may have noticed is my brand new shiny website & blog! I will take you on a tour at another date.  Now I want to take you into the world of #blogtourvegas and one of its sponsors that helped bring this tour to fruition.  Oh, and if you stick around till the end, there`s a great giveaway worth $1700.00!!!

So…..What do you use first thing in the morning and last at night? If you guessed your bathroom toilet – you are correct!  For the amount of time we spend on that porcelain throne, you`d think we`d spend a bit more time thinking about the perfect toilet.

And I found the perfect toilet for me while at the Kitchen & Bath Show (KBIS).  It`s called the NEOREST 750H by TOTO.  It`s so new, that it won`t be available to the pubic until later this year, so you are all getting a sneak peek at this very high-tech toilet.

The Neorest 700H series is engineered to provide the user with an unrivaled level of comfort. The ewater+ technology keeps the bowl clean and hygienic, — yes, the toilet bowl is self-cleaning! Fist-pump!  While the Wonderwave Spray and warm-air dryer keep you feeling refreshed AND clean.  It’s basically having a toilet & bidet all in one!  I love this!

Without getting too technical, here are some more of the functional & luxurious features that come with the NeoRest.

  • Cyclone® siphon jet flushing system, ultra-high efficiency (1.0GPF/3.8LPF and 0.8GPF/3.0LPF)
  • SanaGloss® ceramic glaze – SanaGloss glaze reduces debris, and mold from sticking to ceramic surfaces, leading to fewer chemicals and less water in cleaning
  • Skirted design
  • Gentle, aerated water spray with accommodating oscillating and pulsating features
  • Comfort spray settings with adjustable volume and temperature
  • Automatic Open and Close Lid
  • ewater+ technology
  • Hands-Free Automatic Flush
  • Convenient remote control
  • Heated seat with temperature control
  • Programmable energy saver system
  • Built-in air purifying system
  • Night light
  • Universal height
  • ADA compliant
  • 12″ rough-in
  • Meets WaterSense efficiency and performance standards

So now, let’s get to the Giveaway!  You have a chance at winning a TOTO Washlet S350e valued at US$1700.00.  What is a Washlet? TOTO’s Washlet is a remarkable toilet seat that’s easily installed on virtually any toilet. It uses pure, clean water – and a lot of innovative technology – to make you cleaner and more refreshed than you ever felt after a bathroom break.   I love that this can be installed on any toilet!  This is a fabulous giveaway…so please click HERE   to enter for a chance to win it!!  You have until 11:59PM March 8th, 2014 to enter!

Best of Luck!!!

Glamorously yours,






 Photo credits from TOTO & my Iphone.



Decorate as You Dress! Mint Green Obsession!

Hi Everyone,

Lately I have been obsessed with mint green in both fashion and home decor.  To the point where I just got my nails painted in this lovely hue!

I also started a board on Pinterest highlighting everything I love in fashion and home decor in Mint Green.  You can follow my board here if you have an account.

In the meantime, here are some glorious images of this fresh colour to inspire you to add some mint green to your closet or home decor this spring!!


The current issue of House Beautiful is all about green!! Love that stunning chair!



The fashion runways for spring 2012 also showed a lot of mint green.  However, this colour has been popular for many years now as seen in the gorgeous Haute Couture gown by Elie Saab  from her spring 2010 collection.  So there really is no need to be fearful of adding this colour into your closet or a few toss cushions!!

Now let’s look at some interior design highlighting mint green in all its glory!!


source unknown – via Pinterest

Gorgeous mint green walls!!






Room design by Nick Olsen

How about a mint green kitchen??



If that is too much for you, then how about some mint green pieces for the room:  Like this vintage green fridge by SMEG! FUN!



A simple green chair can also make quite the impact!



I’m loving how fun this mint green vintage tub looks in this bathroom!



How about a quick DIY: Grab some mint green paint and freshen up your bookshelf for spring! (don’t you love how the shelves were styled also!)



I absolutely adore the look of this room.  Imagine a sea-side cottage and you’ve got this gorgeous room.  I love the mint green grass cloth wallpaper and accessories.  Red heart!!





Here’s a sneak peak into my family room.  The wall colour is called Sea Haze / BM 2137-50 and depending on the light it can look like sea foam.  I really love this colour by Benjamin Moore because it changes to so many colours throughout the day!  Highly recommend it!!


And last but not least, I couldn’t resist including these vision boards I found on Pinterest – they basically say it all!!  I love Mint Green!!





So are you obsessed with Mint Green now….I hope so, because you will be seeing a lot of it this spring!!  Have a great day!!

Glamorously yours,

Christine xoxo

Glamour Friday: Big Brother 13 House Revealed

Are you one of those people who readily admit to watching Big Brother each summer or are you too embarrassed to admit it?  I’m the former and have been watching Big Brother since the first season.  Yea, I know….I’m hanging my head a bit sheepishly…but hey, it makes for great mindless entertainment! (insert irritating Rachel laugh here!)

So besides irritating houseguests and good strategic game, I do look forward to seeing how the producers change up the house decor each year.

This year the theme of the house is Venice Beach complete with fortune tellers, skateboards, graffiti and lots of bright bold colours. If you didn’t watch the first episode last night, here’s a peek into the house.

The kitchen:  I love the butcher block countertop mixed in with a stainless steel countertop in the breakfast bar area. You can see surfboards sticking out of the walls high above the sliding door.  And of course the large round dining table where many meals and  nominations will take place.  Note the bikes…very Venice beach….now we just need a board walk!

The layout of the kitchen hasn't changed since the previous season, but there are a few new features to point out: Butcher-block counters replace last year's blue Formica ones; a window (you can actually see out of and into the backyard) is next to the fridge; and 17 (not that we're counting!) surfboards protrude from the wall above the sliding glass doors.CBS/Sonja Flemming - Tuesday, June, 28, 2011, 12:28 AM


And of course, the BB13 living room where 2 guests to be nominated for eviction each week will sit.  They definitely brought the outside into the inside this season – note the outdoor furniture!

Big Brother 13 house – living room

I’m loving the colours of the lounge or parlour room (as CBS calls it).  A bold colour combination of purple and black and the checkerboard floors.  The large daybed will be perfect for strategizing against other players.  Oh, and the fortune teller is in the bottom left corner – very spooky!


Co-ed bathroom have never been my thing.  Just thinking of all those prying eyes on you makes me want to gag.  But I love the colour scheme and the flooring.

The HOH bedroom has a circular bed this year…very glam!!!  And I continue to adore the pairing of turquoise blue and orange in anything!!  I see a lot of West Elm and Crate And Barrel with smidges of Jonathan Adler’s ceramic animals in here.

Love the trellis-style wallpaper in the HOH bathroom – it’s much more striking in blue then it is in the brown in the photo above.  And I want that elephant!!

Wow…every time I look at this bedroom on the main floor I begin craving ice cream and dancing to Katy Perry’s hit song ‘California Girls’  — not surprising that it has been nicknamed the Katy Perry bedroom!

This other bedroom featuring 3 twin beds with stunning bent brushed steel was inspired by architect Frank Gehry.  Amazing…I love it!

The outside lounge area has gorgeous pops of colour – so vibrant and full of energy – perfect for dissing another housemate!  And it looks like they brought the inside furniture outside in this case.

The Venice Beach inspired graffiti wall. 

Big Brother 13 House

All pictures courtesy of CBS/Sonja Flemming


So what do you think of the BB13’s House decor this year?  Will you be watching?

If your home is craving some glamour, then contact me online or in person! I’d love to help!

Glamorously yours,

Christine xo

Glamour Friday: Creating a Glamorous Bedroom Retreat with mirrored furniture

As you know, I love all things GLAM – especially a glamorous bedroom.  And one of the easiest ways to create a glamorous bedroom is to add a piece of mirrored furniture into the room.

And it doesn’t have to be over the top.  This Master bedroom belongs to Nancy Corzine may be a bit much for you with all the mirrored furniture….but for me it is a total GLAM SLAM!!

Nancy also wrote a beautiful book called “Glamour at Home” – it’s on my coffee table at home.

This mirrored four-poster bed was inspired by the Chrysler Building.  Wow!!



Really, all you need is one piece of mirrored furniture to add some glam to your bedroom….and these pieces are easily accessible and affordable from West Elm

Parsons Mirror End Table

How about this mirrored end table  at $349.00

Parsons Mirror Console

This gorgeous console table ($549.00) also is going to end up in my client’s living room once I’m finished decorating the main floor of her house.

Faceted Mirror Side Table

This little stool or side table is stunning also….and so is the price at $199.00.

So as you can see, creating a glamorous bedroom is as easy as  saying “mirror, mirror, on the wall – who has the most glamorous room of all?” Flirt female

Hope you all have a glamorous weekend!!

If your home is craving some glamour, then contact me online or in person! I’d love to help!

Glamorously yours,

Christine xo

Glamour Friday: Bathroom Bling!!

If you know me pretty well, than you know how much I love my bling!! Whether it’s a huge cocktail ring on my finger or a sparkly chandelier, everyone needs some bling in their life!!

Well how about a whole lotta bling  in the bathroom – like this Swarovski crystal studded toilet!!  Jemal Wright is the designer who describes this as “the epitome of bathroom couture”.  And it’s only priced at a mere $75,000.00!! Surprised smile

Seriously who buys this stuff??  But apparently there IS a market for over-the-top luxurious items like this blinged out toilet. I am totally into the glam factor in my home….but would I take it this far – hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm???


Don’t think you will find this one at your local Home Depot!! 

You must check out Jemal’s website to see other luxurious toilets he has designed.   So what do you think:  Total Glam Slam OR Total Sham!!

If your bathroom is craving some glamour, then contact me online or in person! I’d love to help!

Glamorously yours,

Christine xo

Glamour Friday: Girly Modern with Melanie Coddington

I absolutely adore the girly design style of Melanie Coddington from Coddington Design.  She has been named one of House Beautiful’s young interior designers to watch.

She describes her style as approachable, clean, classic and feminine….Girly modern!!  Love her style!!  It’s also very Glam!

So let’s take a look at some of Melanie’s rooms:

Photographer: Joe Fletcher

This living room is a girly modern showcase of Swedish and French antiques, America mid-century and flea market finds paired with modern items and art. The colour combination of blue and brown will never go out of style and that beaded wallpaper is to die for!!   This room is a definite GLAM SLAM!

Ok….who wouldn’t want this master ensuite in their house…..this bathroom is a major swoon-fest!!  Oh la la!!  The detail of the onyx and laser cut tile mimic an area rug and draw your eye to that fabulous free-standing tub.  The faucet coming out of that piece of marble shaped like a headboard is a masterpiece and so very creative.  The grey and creamy gold colour palette also adds to the glam factor in this room!

Photographer: Matthew Millman

The double sinks are on the opposite wall of the tub area…very smart thinking.  Add built-ins with a TV unit and original art and this is one glamorous bathroom!!

So what do you think?  Is Melanie Coddington worthy of another Glamour Friday post in the future…..I definitely think so!!

If your home is craving some glamour, then contact me online or in person! I’d love to help!

Glamorously yours,

Christine xo

Decorate As You Dress — My Coral Coach Purse!!

Happy Monday!!  Hope you all had a super weekend now that Spring weather has finally arrived.  Today I’m launching a new feature on The Glam Blog…’s called “Decorate As You Dress.”

It’s really quite simple….every Monday I will feature an article of clothing or accessory that I own and then talk about how I would decorate a room inspired by it’s colour, shape or texture.  And voila…you have ‘Decorate as You Dress!!”

The first “Decorate as You Dress” post is all about my brand new Coral Coach purse I purchased over March break.


Isn’t it a gorgeous, fresh colour…’s so punchy and look how fabulous it looks with leopard print.  Coral/orange and anything leopard print is a definite GLAM SLAM!!


And look how glorious it looks matched with a Victoria Ghost Chair by Philippe Starck for Kartell.

Now this is how I would decorate a room  based on my coral Coach purse!!

living rooms - woven blinds striped rugs coral upholstery floral print drapes  courtesy of house of turquoise. Aqua blue accents with coral/orange

Photo Source:  House of Turquoise

If you love coral, why not go for slip-covered comfy chairs and drapery in a coral & white print offset by turquoise blue.  Now that’s a fantastic colour combination!!

living rooms - blue floral drapes turquoise blue lamp orange turquoise blue pillow tan walls white table  Tobi Fairley  blue & coral living room

Room Designed by Tobi Fairley

Here`s the same colour combination n a room designed by Tobi Fairley.  Love the hits of coral in the ottoman and sofa cushions…and of course, we can`t forget about the orange book on the end table!!

bathrooms - coral white natural wood  WSH   bright cheery bathroom

Photo source:  DecorPad, WSH Decor

How about shots of coral on the walls and and flooring through wallpaper and and a great patterned rug….this bathroom leaves me in a happy mood  — it`s a happy room!!

bedrooms - burlap headboard bed nailhead trim tan lamps tan Moroccan tables nightstands orange pink persimmon duvet pillows  Phoebe Howard.

Photo source;  Decorpad, Design by Phoebe Howard

One of the quickest ways to update your home for spring is to add a jolt of colour, like this coral bedding to this bedroom.

dens/libraries/offices - Arabesque Rug-Coral taupe gray walls modern chic polished nickel bookshelves towers glass-top desk linen roman shades orange ribbon trim

Photo source; Decorpad,  Design by Studio Ten 25


I adore this office with its orange arabesque rug, glass-top desk, and natural linen roman shades with orange ribbon trim.  So very chic.  And what about the living room below.  Greys and corals are magnificent together.  The artwork and area rug are both absolutely beautiful and give this room so much personality.

Design by Studio Ten 25


Well, I hope you enjoyed my first “Decorate As You Dress“ post…and I hope my coral coach purse has inspired you to add some lovely coral accents into your home this spring!!

Now if you want to join in on the fun, then you too can be featured in a Decorate as you Dress weekly post.  Just send me a photo of something you love in your closet and (if you are brave)pictures of similar inspired decor OR I will find the decor inspiration for you and blog about it and you in the upcoming weeks.

Have a fabulously glamorous week!!

Christine xoxo

If your home is craving some glamour, then contact me online or in person!  I’d love to help!

Glamour Friday: Creating the Perfect Tablescape

One of the things that I most love as an interior decorator is creating tablescapes or vignettes for my clients whether it’s for their foyer, living room or bedroom. (FYI: I will be using the terms vignette & tablescapes interchangeably throughout this blog posting). Vignettes tell a little story about the person who lives there – whether it’s where they have travelled, hobbies they love, their favourite flower or book or just a personal item they love dearly.

However, creating a tablescape does not give you free rein to display all the knick knacks you’ve collected throughout the years at different weddings you may have attended.  As with everything in life….there are rules…well maybe “rules” is too harsh a word…so let’s use “guidelines’ in creating the “perfect” tablescape or vignette.

According to one of my favourite designers, David Jimenez, the king of tablescapes – he suggests the following:

1) Layer and lean framed photographs against the wall.

2) Keep your palette simple–black and white with one hit of color.

3) A tray makes everything richer.

4) Use a vase with a strong silhouette.

As a rule of thumb, these are the items that I like to use when creating a vignette or story for my clients: fresh flowers, books, a tray and a few ( 3 max) decorative items/accessories that mean something to the client.

So to give you an idea of what the “perfect” tablescape should look like…. feast your eyes on these vignettes created by some of my favourite interior designers David Jimenez, Jeffrey Bilhuber, and Miles Redd.

David Jimenez is not only dreamily handsome but he has a gorgeous house to boot. Look at the amazing tablescapes he created in almost every room in his house.


Love that huge tray on the ottoman…it helps keep all items self-contained and neat!!



Your bedside table shouldn’t be ignored either…trays keep everything neat and within reach!



Don’t count out your bathroom or dressing room for creating a beautiful vignette as the ones above!


This last picture totally summarizes David Jimenez’s guidelines for creating the perfect tablescape!!

And now let’s see Jeffrey Bilhuber’s gorgeous tablescapes – I’ve got one of his books “Defining Luxury” in a tablescape inside my own home.

clip_image016[4] clip_image018[4]

Please tell me you are noticing a common theme here — Fresh flowers, stacked books AND NO knick knacks!!!

clip_image019[4] clip_image021[4]

Whether your home is ultra glamorous or farmhouse chic….the same guidelines apply!!!

These next 2 tablescapes are from Miles Redd who creates stunning and oh-so glam interior designs. Below are 2 of my favourite tablescapes: so simple, yet very impactful!

clip_image023[4] clip_image025[4]

And last but not least here is one of my all time favourite foyer tablescapes that I have mimicked in my own home….and yes, it’s by the one and only Kimberley Seldon!! It just screams pure luxury and glamour to me every time I see this picture!!


Well, I think I have hammered home what the perfect tablescape looks like! If I could, I would give you all a quiz right now on what items create the “perfect” tablescape…but since I can’t…here is your homework assignment: using the guidelines discussed…create your own tablescape/vignette/story and then post it in the comment section for all of us to see!!!

Good luck!! xoxo

If your home is craving some glamour, then contact me online or in person!  I’d love to help!

Glamorously yours,

Christine  xo